CP is a very important factor in Lineage 2 Revolution. It essentially explains to other players how powerful you are and helps you to take down more powerful monsters.

Your CP is a score separate from your main level, so whilst higher CP and higher levels do go hand in hand, there are methods available to increase your CP past what those with the same level as you would deem ‘average’.

Why be average when you can excel, right?

We’ve taken a look at all of the best ways to increase your CP in Lineage 2 Revolution below.

Level Up

Before we get into the CP guide, it’s important to note that maxing your level can be one of the quickest ways to boost your CP further. Your CP will grow over time just by playing to level up.

Eventually, though, your level will start to speed up ahead and your CP will be left behind in the dust. If you open your character tab, you’ll be able to see your CP, as well as the standard CP for your level. If it’s below average, you may need to take a break from leveling and go do some of the other activities to get more CP.

Work On Achievements

If you visit the ‘challenges’ tab in the menu, you’ll see the option to view your achievements. Completing enough achievements will boost your achievement level and your character will get a boost in attack, health, and CP.

Lineage 2 Revolution Achievements

You’ll often unlock achievements simply by playing the game and completing other activities, but if you run out of activities to do for the day, you can always open up the achievement tab and see which achievements are the closest to being completed.

Play Arena

The Arena mode can be a great way to earn more CP. In fact, you can boost your CP even if you lose in the arena.

Lineage 2 Revolution CP Stats Arena 1

As you play Arena battles, you’ll be given honor points. As you earn more honor points, your honor rank will go up.

Earning a new honor rank will boost your CP massively.

Lineage 2 Revolution CP Stats Arena 2

Like we mentioned before, you even gain honor points for losing battles. You can, however, increase your chance of winning by looking for matchups in the arena UI that have less CP than you.

You only have a certain number of arena fights per day before you must wait 10 hours or spend red diamonds to unlock more fights.

Upgrade Your Passive Skills

Don’t forget to upgrade your passive skills! Upgrading your passives will boost your CP even further and also increase your survivability in fights.

Many players focus on upgrading their active abilities to the point where their next active ability upgrade will take a thousand times more SP than a passive skill upgrade because they’ve neglected their passive skills so much.

Upgrade Your Gear

Upgrading your gear with the Forge is incredibly important for increasing your CP and boosting the stats of your weapons and armor.

Lineage 2 Revolution CP Stats Forge 1

Not many people are aware of how the gear upgrade system works in the forge so we’ll explain it below.

Every item has a grade from C to SR. (The grades are C, B, A, S, R, SR)

Every item also has its own level up to level 30.

To increase an item’s level, you must combine your existing item with items in your inventory. You first tap on the item you’d like to improve, then tap on the items you’d like to combine.

Combining items in the forge costs Adena and you’ll also lose the items you’ve combined into the item you’d like to improve. Unfortunately, this is the only major way to reliably boost your CP and gear level.

Thankfully, you’ll pick up plenty of junk gear as you play Lineage 2: Revolution.

Once an item’s level hits level 30, it can be combined into another level 30 of the same rank and the improved weapon will upgrade to the next grade. As an example, two level 30 C grade items will turn into a grade B item.

You can combine all weapons with other weapons and all armor pieces with other armor pieces. You cannot, however, combine weapons with armor.

Lineage 2 Revolution CP Stats Forge 2

To get started with upgrading your gear, you must first start building level 30 items of your current grade. Let’s say you start at grade C on all of your items. Once you have enough level 30 items of your the C grade, you can turn them into level 1 B grade items. You can then increase this process until you have enough level 30 B grade items to turn them into a level 1 A grade and so on.

You’ll need to repeat this process throughout Lineage 2: Revolution – it’s one of the best ways to improve your CP.

Using Upgrade Stones

Upgrade Stones are a method to boost your items to the next grade quicker. Getting hold of upgrade stones isn’t as easy as getting hold of junk items, so when you do get them, you’ll want to use them judiciously.

We have explained more about how all of this works in our comprehensive Forge guide for Lineage 2 Revolution.

Build Up Your Adena

If you’ve read through the section above, you’ve probably figured out by now that having lots of Adena is going to be important to upgrade your CP further.

You’ll gain Adena over time, but if you want to earn it quickly, the best things to try are the Adena dungeons and the Elite dungeons. You can also earn a considerable amount of Adena simply by farming monsters.

You can read more about dungeons and related game strategy in detail in the Bluestacks Lineage 2 Revolution Dungeon Guide. 


Runes are another feature in Lineage 2 Revolution that can be upgraded over time to get permanent increases to your stats and CP.

Whenever you get runes, you should visit the runes page and tap to imprint them to your rune page. As your rune page increases in power, the chance to successfully upgrade it decreases.

Lineage 2 Revolution CP Stats Runes

Eventually, upgrading your rune page can become very difficult and very expensive. Fortunately, by that point, you’ll already have upgraded your runes enough to have had a huge spike in CP.

If you ever run out of runes, you can buy more from the shop, or you can earn them by clearing floors in the Tower of Insolence. You can also gain runes by hunting monsters in the wild.

You can refer to the Bluestacks Lineage 2 Revolution Dungeon Guide to understand the Tower of Insolence better.


Thanks for taking the time to read our guide on how to increase your CP in Lineage 2: Revolution. Make sure to stop by again for more guides like this in the future.