This Guide is Second in the Bluestacks Series of Fast Leveling- Up Guides for Lineage 2: Revolution. Hope you had fun reading the First One and found some useful tips in there.

Now that you have reached Level 15, it won’t take long to figure out that a lot more of the Lineage 2: Revolution content will unlock between the Levels of 15 and 31. Especially at Level 31 when the Class Quest becomes available. No matter the character setup you choose, any gamer would want to get to that Class Quest as quickly as possible. But the question that remains is: “How to get from level 15 to level 31 as quickly as possible”?!! Here’s a guide to do exactly that.

Lineage 2 Revolution Main Screen

We know that the above screen shot shows a Level 32 Shillen Elder!! While using the info provided here, the level increased during the Class Quest!! As it turns out, other quests were completed at the same time so the EXP gains just keep coming!! The fun part is that the info provided here can apply to any character setup.

Spending and Leveling

Your leveling and spending will go hand in hand and get out of hand ONLY IF you let it. The part to remember is that you’re still early in the game. So spending heavily isn’t the best idea. This holds especially true for free players. The way around this involves some testing. What you do is simply find a “happy medium” between the things that are available to you and your Combat Power (CP). A “happy medium” is the point where you can kill mobs (within a certain level range) with 4 normal hits or less. You’ll be very tempted to spend like crazy to increase your CP even at the early levels. Try not to do that! It’s not worth it at the early levels and you might have a somewhat harder time gaining resources later in the game.

Yes, upgrade your equipment in the forge to handle things, loot as much as possible, and do the typical bonus/rewards collecting. Just don’t go hog wild with spending until you start gaining S rank equipment. The other area to spend on is your inventory space. You’d want your AFK hunting to last as long as possible. That’s going to be pointless if you run out of inventory space!! Your EXP gains are included with this hunting too most of the time.

Eventually, the Daily Quests and Weekly Quests will open up. There is an option to spend on these quests to instantly complete them. Do so VERY selectively.

Lineage 2 Revolution Daily Quests

Lineage 2 Revolution Weekly Quests

Reward Count

This is a part of the Quests List which allows you to pay for quests that you didn’t or can’t complete for whatever reason.

Lineage 2 Revolution Reward Count

As you can see, you can spend Adena or Red Gems. For this, your best bet is to decide if it’s really worth it. As showing in the above screen shot, the EXP gains are pretty decent for that level. But that Adena might not always be so easy to regain. Base it first on how much Adena you have and then IF you really want those EXP gains.

How does a Clan help me level up?

It may seem very tempting to start your own clan early in the game. Don’t! The recommendation is to just join an existing clan. You can make one later in the game IF you want to. The trick to it is that you have a lot of benefits coming from the clan, if you join a good one! It is not just about the clan quests for gaining valuable items and/or resources. You have a collection of options in there to really help you out.

The Feast

How about “something for nothing” (mostly)?!! There’s an option for clan members to conduct a Feast. Once it starts, any clan member inside the Clan Hall at the time automatically gains EXP per second. All you had to do was stand there while the Feast was going on and you’ll gain EXP. Literally that’s it!! Just remember NOT to use an Einhasad’s Blessing during a Feast. The bigger the Feast, the better the EXP gains will be per second.

The Clan Shop

The fun part about the Clan Shop is that you can buy items in there which result in a quest being completed. For example, some quests require that you gain upgrading materials of some type. There’s a good chance you can find the item in the Clan Shop. So, the quest gets completed and you gain the EXP bonus from it. You spend Clan Coins in the Clan Shop. They’re gained by donating other items and completing Clan quests.

Clan Buffs

While you’re solo, you’d want as many boosts as possible. The Clan Shop allows you to buy boosts for many of your character’s stats. Faster killing speed ALWAYS amounts to faster EXP gains. That’s exactly what those boosts are for.

Again, if you are not able to join a Clan, do not worry. You can create your own and enjoy all these benefits for the most powerful one of your many characters, by using Bluestacks Multi-instance. Find out more about the feature in the previous Bluestacks Guide for Lineage 2: Revolution (Refer to Point 4: Bluestacks Multi-instance).

We are currently working on a Detailed Guide to walk you through this process, keep following the Bluestacks Blog for updates on that!

The Recess Reward

You can find this by clicking on the Main Menu and going to the Event section. It’s a bonus for either being AFK in a town or being offline (when you, your hardware, and the game are resting for the night). The longer either situation lasts, the bigger the reward will be. For leveling purposes, just leave it on the first reward option and you’re all set. When you go to collect it, the recommendation is to use the standard collection. Only use the double collection option for Red Gems IF you’re absolutely sure you have Red Gems to spare. All in all, even the standard collection of this reward can get pretty big!!


You have a variety of dungeons to help you get from level 15 to 31 pretty quickly.

Tower of Insolence

Lineage 2 Revolution Tower of Insolence

This one has an Auto Complete feature which will automatically win each floor for you up to your highest completed floor. So get as high as you can each day (it’s based on your CP), and then click the Auto Complete. The best bet is to click the Auto Complete just before you exit Lineage 2: Revolution for the day.

Elite Dungeon

The EXP gains in here are pretty nice. Not only does it make for a very good grinding and hunting area, but in a party, your EXP gains can really skyrocket. It doesn’t stop there!! There are quests available for each Elite Dungeon as well which have EXP gains as rewards upon completion.

Why does this list only have 2 dungeons listed? Because this guide covers levels 15 to 31!! Other dungeons require a higher level. But even at just these 2, you have potential for gaining a lot of EXP.

For a more detailed game strategy for playing different kinds of dungeons, you can refer to the Bluestacks Lineage 2: Revolution Dungeon Guide.

The Party

Why would you even consider being in a party?

Lineage 2 Revolution Party Screen 1

Now imagine those boosts being gained while grinding in an Elite Dungeon!!


NOTE: There’s a difference between level type grinding and hunt type grinding. For level grinding, you better get specific about where you do so. Going AFK should NOT be considered for level grinding. You WILL have to move on eventually. You also have to be specific about where to hunt grind but the level range is a little bigger so you have more space to hunt in. Level grinding is boosted by an Einhasad’s Blessing while in the open fields. You shouldn’t use an Einhasad’s Blessing for hunt grinding. You really don’t want to level for hunt grinding because there’s a reduction in the loot gains determined by the level gap.

Grinding is simply killing mobs over and over. Whichever mobs you are able to get to, that’s the idea. Grinding also makes for good hunting. The problem is that it can be boring to do!! So, Lineage 2: Revolution comes complete with a handy dandy Auto Combat system. Its options include Full Auto (blue), Semi Auto (gold), and Manual (grey). Full Auto is the typical choice for “set it and forget it”. Use the Game Options to adjust the use of HP and MP pots so you won’t guzzle them while AFK or any grinding.

Find more details about the HP and MP Settings in the Bluestacks Lineage 2 Revolution Beginner Guide.

So where can I grind?

Your first option is to grind according to quest requirements. Once the quest(s) are complete, you’ll gain the EXP bonus associated with the quest(s). Your next option is determined by your level. Take a look at the in-game map and click the Monsters button in the upper right.

Lineage 2 Revolution Map

You’ll see the boss type mobs highlighted in a light blue color. Usually, those spots with bosses have “campers”. So that’s not always a good target area. But if you scroll down, you’ll see the regular mobs and their levels. What you want for the best EXP gains are mobs within 2 levels below your current level up to mobs that won’t make you guzzle HP/MP pots. Depending on your CP and equipment, you might be able to go after mobs at a much higher level than yours.

However, you also don’t want to go after mobs that are at a much higher level than yours, because it might take more hits to kill one of them. Again, the faster you kill something, the faster you’ll gain EXP. It won’t matter which way you try to look at that. The “upgrading things” mentioned in the Spending section comes in handy here!!

Another option for a grinding spot is the Elite Dungeon. This one happens to be a very good option especially if you’re in a party!! Again, refer to the Party section above. Even in a 2 person party, leveling won’t take long!! The Einhasad’s Blessing won’t help you in an Elite Dungeon.


These are other players that are helping you to level. Your best bet is to be your own booster. But this depends on you having more than 1 account. Bluestacks has the Multi Instance feature so you can run 2 or more copies of Lineage 2: Revolution at the same time. It’s one instance for each account including the main instance.

L2R Bluestacks-Multi-Instance

It also depends on your other account having a high level character already made. In the case that you can’t run a Multi Instance setup, your only other option is to get friends in game. Make sure they’re of much higher level than you. Clan members would also be willing to help you out. Don’t be afraid to ask!!

Please refer to the Bluestacks Multi-Instance Guide to understand more about the feature and how to enable it on Bluestacks.

How does a booster work?

You simply party with one or more characters of a much higher level than yours. Basically, you can just stand around. But it’s usually better if you didn’t. The player(s) with the higher level character(s) will start to grind the area. The area is as mentioned in the Grinding section above for the target mobs. From there, you’ll be gaining a lot of EXP very quickly. The much higher level players would most likely be able to 1-hit kill the mobs in your lower level area easily. Again, remember, faster kills means faster gains.

Again, even though, or if, you’re using Auto Combat, you don’t want to AFK while level grinding with a booster. For the most part, you don’t want to AFK in a leveling party in general. If that booster moves trying to get YOU a better spot to level in if you were AFK, you wouldn’t know about it and you’d be left behind. When the mobs in the area become around 3 levels below your current level, the EXP gains will really slow down.


Quests are your main source of EXP gains right from the beginning. So don’t just bail on “what brought you to the dance”!! There’re a wide variety of quests from the start and more quest options become available as you level. You’ll see a lot of it unlocking between levels 15 to 31. So here’s some info about each quest setup.

Daily Quests

As the name implies, you have a set of 12 of these each day. You can choose which quests you want to try OR you can try to get a better quest option and reward by refreshing the list.

Lineage 2 Revolution Daily Quests

Only use the Free Refresh button (up to 3 times freely) when there’re no quests which you can complete. Completion is done via actually doing the quest, paying for completion, or waiting for the quest timer to run out. Since the aim of this guide is to level quickly, running out of the quest timer is not a good choice!! Re-read the Spending and Leveling section above before you decide to spend to complete a quest.

Now it’s only a matter of which quests to go after. The rank is NOT overly important. It first depends on which ones you can complete without spending. There are many quest types here. Some Daily Quests also include you gaining certain items. Again, the Clan Shop can come in very handy!! Do note that you can hunt for the items in question too!!

You’ll also have some quests which require you to kill a certain number of mobs and some which require you to reach a certain number of hits in a combo. This is where your grinding comes in again. There are some quests which require you to upgrade your items somehow. Enhance an item, level up an item 3 to 5 times, or some type of an upgrade. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t spend heavily early in the game. You might miss an easy chance for an EXP gain. If you have to level an item, you can do so to the same or however many items as you see fit. Even upgrading C ranked items would do and they’d be less expensive!!

Weekly Quests

It’s a similar idea to the Daily quests but you have up to 15 per day. Once again the grinding comes into play. The fun part is that you can mix these quests in with the Daily quests at the same time. Once they are done, you can collect the EXP rewards from both. Mostly the Weekly Quests will be of the killing mobs type.

Lineage 2 Revolution Weekly Quests

Sub Quests

These are a set of quests you gain from using a quest scroll. The scrolls are given to you as part of the rewards of some type and/or are looted during hunting/grinding.

Lineage 2 Revolution Sub Quests

You can also buy some if you have extra Adena, Friend Points, or Red Gems to spend.

Lineage 2 Revolution Shop Scroll

You can also craft them in the Workshop. So if you have the required amount of C ranked Sub Quest scrolls, you can craft them into a B ranked Sub Quest Scroll. It continues to S ranked Sub Quest Scrolls. With a little math, you’d realize that the B ranked scrolls should be your starting point for completing these quests. So hanging onto your C ranked scrolls for crafting is the recommendation.

Clan Quests

The clan you’re in offers a couple of different quest types. Your EXP gains are not direct, like with other quests. For example, an Individual Clan Quest gives you the rewards but you’ll notice there’s no EXP gain in that reward. The EXP gain comes from any and all mob killing and in the form of Clan Coins. Use the Clan Coins to buy the Clan Buffs for faster killing speeds.

The Main Quests

These are with you from the very start. So why are they mentioned at the very end of the guide?!! It’s because if you do some fast leveling by other means first, you can go back and quickly blaze through the Main Quests with little to no difficulty. Again with the killing speed!! The result is that you gain and then go back to gain some more.

The recommendation is to not get too high in levels before going back to the Main Quests. This is to try to prevent you from having to potentially run clear across several maps just to get to the NPC you need!! Many of these quests are pretty easy to begin with and the EXP gains from them can stack up quickly.

To speed this up a bit, you can keep clicking the Skip button for the quest dialogs. This only applies to those who don’t really care about the storyline. If you do care about that, go ahead and enjoy the storyline. Either way is fine but skipping is faster!!

So which method is the fastest to level from 15 to 31?

There is no one method for that and there never was!! That’s why Lineage 2: Revolution is so large. It’s so you won’t have to stick with only one method which could turn horribly boring. In a game where you’re gaining from various game aspects, the “long boring grind” found in many other games simply isn’t there. It is a combination of all things listed here which will prove to be the fastest leveling method. Any of these can be done at any time and many of these work in conjunction with each other.

Please note that while the above guide has been created with Levels 15-31 in mind, the tactics outlined above can very easily be applied to scenarios in higher levels as well.