For First Time MMORPG players, Lineage 2: Revolution can be a bit intimidating given that there are a lot of factors to take into consideration for the best character customization and leveling up efficiently.

To ease your way into the game, Bluestacks has come up with a Series of Guides to help players level up faster in the game.  These guides would include some Bluestacks specific tricks and tweaks to help Bluestacks players get an edge over Non-Bluestacks players.

This is the First One in the Series of Leveling up Guides for Lineage 2: Revolution.

This guide will help you make a smooth start with the game and understand tactics to Level up faster through the initial few levels, to get to the more interesting higher levels sooner.

After the game has downloaded the required files, you’re directed to a cut scene which you can skip and a tutorial after that in which you play a Human Warrior, Valdir, and get familiarized with the controls and general mechanics of the game. The tutorial is followed by another cut scene.

If you are a First-time player and/or the kind of player who wants to understand the storyline of the game, you could go through the first few tutorials. You may however choose to start skipping those tutorials later to speed things up.

Your true adventure begins when the game asks you to choose a character. Now, by default in a particular server, you can create up to 4 characters. For beginners, it is recommended to stick with 1 character only till the time they are familiarized with the game. Your first character will also be the only one that gets a head-start in terms of equipment.

You get to chose from 4 races; Human, Elf, Dark Elf and Dwarf. Each race has its own pros and cons. For example, the Human race is well balanced and has adaptive capabilities but will be weak against the Dwarf race as it has a lot of HP and Defence. Elves have a lot of Evasion and Magic casting abilities, while the Dark Elves deal the most damage with a high Critical rate.

Lineage 2 Revolution Human Class
Lineage 2 Revolution Human Class
Lineage 2 Revolution Elf Class
Lineage 2 Revolution Elf Class
Lineage 2 Revolution Dark Elf Class
Lineage 2 Revolution Dark Elf Class
Lineage 2 Revolution Dwarf Class
Lineage 2 Revolution Dwarf Class

For a detailed guide on the different Lineage 2 Classes, you can refer to the Bluestacks article on the Current Top 5 Lineage 2 Revolution Classes to play.

When the game starts, you’ll be prompted to tap on the left side of the screen where your quests are. For beginners, there will only be the option of main quests and leveling up by completing these is quite easy in Lineage 2: Revolution.

One of many great things about this game is that a player can auto-quest quite easily. You can skip the dialogues for a faster quest completion or not if you’re interested in the storyline. On BlueStacks, just press Q to initiate a Quest And C to Accept Quest/Claim Rewards, speeding up your Quest Initiation and Completion Rate manifold.

The game awards you with a Starter Pack, which may decide how quickly or slowly you advance in the game. While it is full of lots of good stuff, the most important is a Gem Box with 1200 Red Diamonds. DO NOT try to save these diamonds for later, and go to the Shop instantly to redeem a 12 High Grade Equipment Box at a convenient price of 1,200 Red Diamonds. Quite evidently, this pack was meant to be spent this way. Depending on the loot you pull, your game can be much easier and faster, or slow.

The equipment in Lineage 2: Revolution are of 6 qualities, being C, B, A, S, R and SR (in increasing order of grade), along with a Blue Background to denote a rare weapon. In theory, an SR weapon with a blue background is the best kind of weapon that you can get in the starting of the game. If you do not get a good weapon (As armor and boots etc offer only mediocre boosts) with the 1,200 Gem Pack, you can consider Rerolling till you get one. A good weapon would mean that you one shot everything in your path, reducing the time it takes to clear quests, or fight bosses. A good weapon can also be kept to level up when you hit Level 31 and decide to change your Class to a more specialized one, as you will need a great weapon to keep up with the best enemies (monster and players alike) at higher levels. Remember to collect your 1 High Grade free equipment from the shop which resets in every 24 hours and the Free Equipment Box which resets every 3 hours and has a limit of 3 per day.

Lineage 2 has a polished PvP Arena, and everyone loves spending time there. However, to unlock the Arena, you need to get your character to Level 14.

Lineage 2 Revolution Free Equipment

Lineage 2 Revolution High Grade Equipment

After you get your first set of loot, here’s how to get to Level 14 in the quickest way possible:

  • RPGs are based on one key element, which is grind, basically meaning killing the same set of endlessly respawning monsters, over and over again, while also completing quests to gain experience and money to level up.
  • You will receive a special potion which increases your “exp gain” by 100%. You can use that if you want to speed things up. It’s Yellow in color, and can be accessed by pressing ‘Y’ on BlueStacks. Here’s what it looks like:

Lineage 2 Revolution XP Potion

Remember that the potion also has different grade and gives different advantages depending on grade.

  • Monsters in the region (currently East Talking Island) keep on popping up. Being a low level player, you won’t be able to defeat it. Just spectate the other players killing the monster, do land an attack on it to gain some experience. These monsters are the Silverhorn, Urca, Queen Sylop etc. Make sure you gauge the distance between you and them, as you will have to abandon any quest you are on and go to their spawn location, just to find that someone has already destroyed them. If they’re too far away, carry on doing whatever you were doing.
  • Keep the battles on “Auto” mode for minimum chances of missing an attack.
  • Following the story exclusively will net you much more XP than just hunting monsters, so till you hit a higher level, stick to the main Quest exclusively.
  • Remember to level up your equipment too, which will increase your stats and will help in clearing the monsters more quickly. Always use the equipment of lower grade to level up the equipment of higher grade.

Here’s wishing you good luck with the game and hoping that you have a great time. Once you have reached Level 14, you would want to go through the Bluestacks Leveling Guide for Levels 15-31.