Lineage 2: Revolution by Netmarble, is the latest MMORPG that recently released in many countries across the globe. Yes, there are a LOT of players that are already “nice n juiced up” because release dates varied from country to country.

Here’s a collection of tips and tricks for all you beginners out there just getting started!! Yes, the game can be overwhelming because there’s so much content (pushing 1.4 GB)!! The idea here is to quickly get you going so you can handle the rest with little difficulty. All of this is based on you getting the game running without a hitch.

IF you do end up having a problem, you can find a lot of info on the Bluestacks Support website.

Lineage 2 Revolution Settings Info

You can also use the Help Desk if you’re in the game. On a side note, you can tell this is played in Bluestacks by looking at the bottom left corner of the above screen shot.

Game Mechanics:

When you’re first starting out, you’ll have to get used to the controls. IF you’ve never played an MMORPG with a control set like this, don’t worry because it’s not difficult. In this case, you have the “Bluestacks advantage”!! It means that you can play with your PC mouse and/or keyboard. The advantage is which one you’re more comfortable using; you now have that option unlike while playing on a mobile device. The other advantage while playing on Bluestacks, is the increased combat speed. Once you get nice and comfy with the controls, you’ll get faster in moving and attacking. You can see the main controls in the screen shot below. Your attacks/skills are in the lower right, your movement controls are in the lower left.

Control Key-Mapping

Bluestacks allows you to map keys pretty much any way you like. There’s a default already set up when you get started. You can change that default and/or add in more keys. The default movement control is set to “ASWD” (left, right, up and down in that order). So if you’re pressing A + W at the same time you get a diagonal movement. It’s the same with the other directions too!! You’d use the Skills section of the menu for registering your skills in the appropriate slots when they become available.

You’ll see the NPCs (Non-Playing Characters) all over the place. IF you’re close enough, you can click the chat bubble icon to talk to the NPC. Otherwise, you can typically click the Main Quest to get at it.

You can refer to the Bluestacks Blog on Lineage 2 Revolution Game Mechanics, to get a detailed view of the mechanics of the game.

The Main Screen

Lineage 2 Revolution Main Screen

From Left to Right:

The PK modes and your level, your HP/MP, clan buffs (if any) and your Combat Power (CP) are in the top left. It shows the PK mode adjustments when you click on your level. You have the Notices, Main Menu, Inventory, Shop, Character Switch, Quests, Completed Quests, Mailbox, and Map in the upper right. On the left side are the Quests lists. Click on any of them to either get to the NPC or open the appropriate window. The bottom middle is the chat window. The settings are all around it and the keyboard to chat with is in the top middle. Click the chat window to bring up a large chat window on the right side of your screen.

To the bottom right of the chat window is the auto attack control. You’ll have to set that to full auto (blue color), semi-auto (gold color), or turned off (gray color) depending on the situation you’re in.

The Main Menu

Lineage 2 Revolution Main Menu

Here, you can get at the various Settings and other aspects of the game as you unlock them. So do pay attention to the sections as you unlock them. Each section is labeled so they’re not hard to find or figure out!! Each part of the game that unlocks has a tutorial. Even if you skipped it, you can still find out about it in the Guide section. Check the first screen shot above.

Lag problems:

You’re not going to get far IF your actions are seconds apart!! The typical lags come from 2 sources. The main being your PC not up to handling the full output of Lineage 2: Revolution played in Bluestacks. The second cause is typically your connection in which case, that’s your problem!! For those having lag problems, you can try these Game Settings first.

Lineage 2 Revolution Settings Image 1

Lineage 2 Revolution Settings Image 2

Lineage 2 Revolution Settings Image 3

With these settings, 89% of the lag vanished even on a PC without an external video card. Heavy MMORPG games such as these may lag and/or slow in general, hence it is advisable to turn the settings down for optimal game performance.

Sounds are too loud:

You can use the Device Settings to adjust in-game volumes.

Lineage 2 Revolution Device Settings

Does the game have the Chicken Pox?!!

No, all those little red dots you see all over the place are indicators to let you know IF you have something to collect, set, or a quest to deal with. So yes, check those red dots every so often for those purposes.

Great! Now, how about the tips and tricks?!!


The best 2 options are quests and hunting in the fields. The trick is to do the quests more for the completion bonuses. Eventually, the Daily, Monthly, and etc. quests will unlock. Do as many as you can each day.  Open field hunting IS mostly intended for just that. The better bet is to use open field hunting when you want to be AFK. You won’t get as much EXP gains from the field mobs when you reach certain levels (a 3 level difference is noticeable). You can’t get to higher level areas until you unlock them via the main quests.

While open field hunting, here’s your better bet for the Battle Settings. Set the auto attack controls to full.

Lineage 2 Revolution Settings Battle Image 1

Lineage 2 Revolution Settings Battle Image 2

Lineage 2 Revolution Settings Battle Image 3

The first options are for the pots. You can leave the first slider. The second and third can be adjusted as shown so you won’t tear through all your HP/MP pots in a heartbeat. The No Limit battle radius allows you to go all over the current map you’re in. The Auto Loot can be increased as you get to higher areas. The last three checkboxes are to TRY TO help keep you alive and fighting!!

Eventually, you’ll end up with potions to increase your EXP gains. The main recommendation is to KEEP AT LEAST 1 for higher leveling purposes. The duration of these pots isn’t too lengthy!! So you should be using them while questing/normal play and not for open field hunting (AFK).

Spending Early in the Game

Your best bet is to spend VERY SELECTIVELY while you’re at the lower levels and building up (mostly intended for Free Players but even Spenders shouldn’t go too hog wild). That way you still have something to spend later in the game. This goes for ALL spending. It doesn’t matter if you’re spending skill points, Adena, or anything else. It seems like a great idea to crank up your CP as much as possible and as soon as possible, right? It would be as long as you can keep up with the costs later in the game!!

The one thing you should spend a LITTLE BIT extra on at the early stages is your inventory space. With this, your AFK hunting can last longer. From there, only upgrade things mostly to prevent your pots from being guzzled!!

The Arena

It shouldn’t take too long before you open up the Arena.

Lineage 2 Revolution Arena Image

As you can see, the above screenshot SHOWS a 6 win streak. That’s only because it was taken before I completed all 5 rounds for the day!! Look at your opponents list on the right. Click the Refresh button IF you can’t find a suitable opponent. When you’re first starting out, you’d want to advance up the ranks as quick as you can (better bonuses). So look at the CP for each opponent. Their level won’t matter AS much at this point (starting levels). For the quicker rank increases, click the Start button for the opponents which have at least 1,000 CP below yours. Anything at a similar or higher CP to yours and you’ll have problems or you might just lose.

During Arena PVP, turn OFF the auto attack control. It won’t help you much anyway!!

The Clans

As soon as it unlocks, do yourself a favor and join a clan. Don’t try to start one of your own until you get much higher in level. There’re so many clans currently available anyway so it should be pretty easy to join. Again, do NOT go hog wild with the spending upon joining a clan. Yes, you should donate (spend), but easy off the gas pedal while you’re at the lower levels!! Use the Clan Store and other parts of the clan section to gain. For example, the Clan Buffs you can buy.

What’s the best character to start with?

It doesn’t matter. You’re just starting out so only personal preference is your choice. It’s a matter of do you want something up close and personal (melee type) or a long ranged bomber (ranged type) character?

In combination, all things mentioned in this guide should get you up in levels in no time. Ultimately, it’s a matter of how much time you spend in the game each day.