Many MMORPG fans were impressed back when the first trailer for Lineage 2: Revolution dropped and for good reason, the game looked phenomenal. Much to the joy of fans, the actual game delivers on the promises made by the trailer in a satisfying way. The layered release schedule made some dedicated fans feel left out but it was important to activate servers and maintain their stability. Netmarble has made a fully loaded MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), which is no small feat, especially when you consider the sheer number of different Android devices out there. If you are new to the game, this mechanics overview will help you ease into the game and make some good decisions right from the outset.

Basic Info

Lineage 2 Revolution is a semi-open world game with some really spacey levels. All the levels are filled with quests, quest givers, and ample opportunities to engage in spectacular combat. It is an MMO game, so there will be a great focus on clans and co-op play. However, if you want to venture into the world of Aden solo, you can do so as well, although it can be a bit lonely and certainly hard. The RPG part of the MMORPG is also in full effect here.

 Layout and UI

Lineage 2 Revolution Layout and UI

The game is displayed in landscape mode, with an abundance of UI elements displayed on the screen, this is the only way Netmarble could have made the game possible to play. Right off the bat, you will notice an astounding amount of buttons, toggles and UI elements on the screen. One of the best things about the UI is the abundance of information available to the player. From enemy health bars to other player’s names and from hit numbers to live chat, everything is displayed. You will also notice a battery indicator on the bottom left corner of the screen, it is a nifty little addition that will surely come in handy when no charger is around.

Lineage 2 Revolution Layout and UI Image 2

The game presents a top-down, slightly angled view of your character. It is not completely 3rd Person but follows the general ARPG (Action Role Playing Game like Diablo) principle. The character is always in the middle of the screen and you don’t have to control the camera manually, which is good because your hands will be busy pressing around 6 buttons on the right side of the screen.

Lineage 2 Revolution Layout and UI Image 3

While the layout can be a bit intimidating, it is not different than other games from the genre and after a while, you will become accustomed to it. The developers have given ample UI options in the settings menu that allow you some flexibility in terms of UI customization. For example, we recommend making the chat box a little smaller, to give you a better look at the action.

 Races and Classes

Lineage 2 Revolution Races and Classes

There are four different races in the game, all with their own unique abilities and progression paths. There are three classes too, that further refine how you play your character.

To understand strengths of the various classes and tips on how to choose the best class, you can read the Bluestacks Guide for Top 5 Classes to play Lineage 2 Revolution here.

 Combat and Controls

Combat depends on what race, class, and weapon you are currently using. For example, if you have a sword equipped, you will be getting up close and personal with the enemies and you’ll snipe them if you have a bow equipped. Abilities do not change in accordance with the equipped weapons though, however, there are restrictions in place for different abilities, some can only be used when you have a certain weapon equipped. You can have up to 5 different abilities mapped on the screen for easy access.

Lineage 2 Revolution Combat and Controls

Controls are fairly easy, the left side has a virtual joystick for movement. The right side houses the main attack button which is a little bigger and the five ability buttons. Bluestacks makes it easier to play on a keyboard by offering a default key-mapping for all key moves in the game. However, you can just as easily customize the key-mapping for a smoother experience. Having the luxury of actual physical buttons allow you to be more precise in combat and never miss-tap an ability.


Lineage 2 Revolution Gameplay Image 1

This is a classic MMORPG so you’ll find pretty much everything from interesting quests to raids on this game. After the initial tutorial quests, you’ll have the option of joining a clan and enjoying the cooperative gameplay. Just like standard video game tradition, you’ll fight across multiple levels and defeat different enemies. The controls are responsive, the quest line is easy to understand and the effects are surprisingly beautiful. The game also offers timed social events that you can join in at your will. The players have to defeat a monster by banding together, of course, the reward is well worth the teamwork.

Lineage 2 Revolution Gameplay Image 2

One of the biggest features of the game is the ability to autoplay quests. This may be an odd feature for a lot of people but if you are going to level up your character, there will come a time when you would simply leave the game to do the job for you. And after the automatic farming, you can easily join your clan to defeat harder and bigger enemies. There is also a tower mode that tasks the player to clear floor after floor in order to gain better rewards. The levels become increasingly harder and the loot bigger as you progress. Thankfully Lineage 2: Revolution offers the recommended combat power right when you are about to start, so you don’t have to try out harder floors and face certain doom.

If you are new to the game, you might want to read through the Lineage 2 Revolution Beginner Guide created, especially for Bluestacks players.


Lineage 2 Revolution Online Image 1

As this is an MMO game, there is a large emphasis on joining a clan and rising up the ranks. Characters that are level 10 and above can join or create their own clan. Joining the clan is simple and easy, all you need to do is select the public clan and request to join, and some clans may have level restrictions as well. Creating your own clan will cost you 50,000 gold coins, so if you are low on gold, simply join a clan to start having online fun. Joining a clan offers unique rewards as well.

Lineage 2 Revolution Online Image 2

Then there are dungeons that open up as you level up in the game. The basic one will be easy, and you can attempt it once a day. There are also raids that you can take part in.

Lineage 2 Revolution Online Image 3

There is also a PVP (Player Vs Player) mode where you can try out your skills and luck in a one on one arena. This is a fun way to gauge how well you are doing in the game.

Equipment and Currencies

Lineage 2 Revolution Equipment Image 1

As this is an RPG game, there is loot to be collected, armor to be worn and new weapons to be found. There are separate slots for legs, torso, head, weapon, accessories etc. and all play an important part in your progression.

Lineage 2 Revolution Equipment Image 2

The main thing you’ll be caring about it your Combat Power. This is basically a number that tells you how effective you will be in the game. This increases as you level up when you equip a better weapon or level up the weapon itself.

Lineage 2 Revolution Equipment Image 3

Speaking of equipment, there are a ton of different things to consider. The equipment comes in 6 different ranges, from the poorest C class to the best SR class. You can upgrade and level up the weapons in the forge, this also uses up materials and some gold.

Lineage 2 Revolution Equipment Image 4

There are 3 different types of currencies used in Lineage 2: Revolution; One is the standard gold called Adena, then there are two different kinds of diamonds and the last one is called SP, used to upgrade the skills of your character. There are also friendship points that you can accumulate by performing social interactions. The shop offers a good range of IAPs (In-App Purchases) as well, however, you will never be forced to spend money on the game.

Lineage 2 Revolution Equipment Image 5

The game also offers ‘lootboxes’ that can be purchased using diamonds. If you pre-registered for the game, you will get a couple of hundred pink diamonds for free. The free diamonds will be around 1400, just enough to purchase a large equipment chest that comes with 11 items. A point to be noted here is that you won’t be able to transfer the items to another character, so only use it on the character you really like.

Final Word

Lineage 2: Revolution is an epic game that runs really well on Bluestacks. We are certain that You and Bluestacks will make an indomitable team, making short work of all the enemies with ease. It is a game that deserves to be in your Bluestacks library.