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Lineage 2 Revolution: Make the Most of Your Elite Dungeon Hot Time

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Now that the level cap has been raised to 400, it can take a lot of patience and dedication to get to the point where you can experience end-game content in Lineage 2: Revolution. Not that the journey there isn’t fun in and of itself, of course, but for those looking to stay relevant when a new patch hits, EXP farming is paramount. One way to hasten your progress is by using the BlueStacks Combo Key, but in this article, we’ll focus on elite dungeons.

Lineage2 Revolution: Make the Most of Your Elite Dungeon Hot Time

Regardless of your current level, elite dungeons make up the bulk of your character’s autoplay for EXP. Most importantly, for 30 minutes each day, the Elite Dungeon Hot Time allows you to kill things for 8 times more experience and 4 times more loot. This might not seem as relevant for newbies that benefit from plenty of EXP from quests, but it is tremendously important for those trudging through those high-end levels.

So what can you do to make the most of these 30 minutes? Where should you go, what should you bring with you, and how should you use your abilities? These are the questions we answer below.

Choosing Where to Farm

Before anything else, you have to choose the best Elite Dungeon for your level. Most players wonder whether they should farm higher level mobs for more EXP or lower level mobs for faster kills. To answer this question, consider that the game works in increments of 5. In other words, if you kill a mob that is either 5 levels above or below your character’s level, you can obtain the maximum amount of EXP per second.

Lineage2 Revolution: Make the Most of Your Elite Dungeon Hot Time

If, on the other hand, you farm mobs that are more than 5 levels lower than you, your EXP gain decreases by a considerable 20% or more. Trying to kill mobs that are 5 levels higher than you is not much better either, with an EXP increase of about 3% that is not worth the extra time spent per kill.

As their name suggests, elite dungeons are slightly more perilous than normal areas, which brings up the next question: do you farm alone or with a group? Basically, if you are geared properly and can defeat at least a part of the dungeon on your own, there is no reason to look for other players. In fact, it’s preferable that you spend your hot time on your own because otherwise you end up sharing your EXP and loot with 2-4 other people.

Pre-Dungeon Preparation

Once you’ve decided where to go, you can plan your 30 minutes of hot time more effectively. Take gear, for example. Since you’ll be farming an elite dungeon with elite grade mobs, an elite weapon will give you significantly more damage compared to other types. In fact, you stand to lose a lot of EXP if you bring a PvP weapon instead, because these sets offer particularly low augmentation.

Lineage2 Revolution: Make the Most of Your Elite Dungeon Hot Time

At the same time, depending on the dungeon you’ve chosen, you might encounter magical or dragon monsters, which come with unique grades of their own. If most of the mobs you intend to kill fall in either of these two grades, consider bringing a magical or dragon weapon instead for the added damage.

Next up are consumables. Obviously, you’ll need enough health and mana pots to keep your character going, but by far the most useful thing to bring is a good amount of soulshots. These items increase the strength of both your auto-attacks and abilities by a lot, which can help you kill more mobs over the given period of time. Each attack can use up to 3 soulshots depending on your weapon grade, so bring many: 1,000 at least.

Lineage2 Revolution: Make the Most of Your Elite Dungeon Hot Time

Right before you enter the elite dungeon, you want to buff your character to help them achieve their maximum potential. Basically, throw everything at them – the whole kitchen sink. Perhaps the easiest thing to do is to make good use of your clan buffs. Access the right tab on your clan menu and use clan coins to buy all possible 1-hour improvements.

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Lineage2 Revolution: Make the Most of Your Elite Dungeon Hot Time

If you don’t make enough clan coins per day, you should prioritize the best offensive buffs in the detriment of defensive ones. Choose attack, crit damage, and crit rate first, then consider accuracy and speed, and only get HP, evasion, defense, and mana points if you can afford them. Since you’ll be farming mobs of more or less your own level, you should have no difficulty surviving even without the latter.

Making the Most of Your Hot Time

Your character is equipped with all the goodies and you’re ready to wreak havoc on piles of unsuspecting mobs. But how do you go about it?

First, make sure you tweak your autoplay settings a bit. Tick the 10m autoplay distance, take all of your offensive skills off auto (though you can keep healing abilities on), and put your auto HP and MP pots on 50-70% and 30-50%, respectively. Although you’ll be using some features of autoplay throughout the Hot Time, you should control your character manually if you want to make the most of it.

Lineage2 Revolution: Make the Most of Your Elite Dungeon Hot Time

Why? Because without your intervention, your toon will cast their most powerful spells in the silliest of situations. A mob on 10% HP in the corner? Boom! Your character will hit it with a Meteor AoE Ultimate. Noice… but not really effective. You, on the other hand, can be a bit more tactical.

Let the autoplay feature help your character attack surrounding mobs to get their attention and gather them in groups of 4 or more. Then, once they’re all close together, turn on your soulshots and unleash a round of your abilities to cull them down. While your cooldowns tick, put together another group of enemies and repeat. Let the character do the autoattacking and use your offensive abilities manually for maximum efficiency.

Lineage2 Revolution: Make the Most of Your Elite Dungeon Hot Time

You’ll spend most of your time with lowly mobs, but, if possible, you should head up to where the boss usually spawns and wait for it there. Bosses give a lot of EXP when killed, but the downside is that they also take a long time to kill. You don’t want to waste 20% of your Hot Time on one opponent and, luckily, you don’t have to.

Lineage2 Revolution: Make the Most of Your Elite Dungeon Hot Time

When the boss spawns, click the pause button for your Hot Time buff. Take the boss down to minimal HP, then cancel the pause, and enjoy the boost. Once the boss is down, quickly turn back to your favorite mobs and continue farming. By the time you’re done with the dungeon, you’ll have gained a good deal of EXP and some nice gear to boot.

Lineage2 Revolution: Make the Most of Your Elite Dungeon Hot Time

That’s it – 30 intense minutes of peak efficiency EXP farming! Wipe the sweat of your brow and pat yourself on the back. You’ve earned it. Your stash of Adena can’t keep up with how fast your character is leveling? No problem. We’ve also put together a guide to the fastest ways to get more money in Lineage 2: Revolution. Check it out.

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