Note: This game is currently not compatible with BlueStacks.

Lineage W has some of the most complicated mechanics among all mobile MMORPGs because it tries to stay true to the PC version of these games. The game getting jam-packed with so many features and interfaces is actually a good thing, but can be difficult to understand, especially for new players, because they get bombarded with a ton of options that they don’t know what to do with. This is why we’ve prepared some tips and tricks that might help players become better at the game.

The best part about Lineage W is that players can play whatever way they want. The main story may seem like it forces you to follow a linear path, but there’s an option to break away from it at an early stage, even if it emphasizes that following this questline is the most optimal way to get ahead. In these tips and tricks, we’ll help you get the best start that you possibly can by avoiding the mistakes that players who have played the game before made and regretted immediately after.

Don’t Play On Recommended Servers!

Recommended servers are probably the biggest trap in Lineage W. The problem with recommended servers is that they are over-flooded with players wanting to try out the game as well, to the point that intolerable queues form when you attempt to log in. If you’re a new player, you’ll instantly be turned off towards playing this game because the queues can literally take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours with enough player saturation. That amount of time could be spent actually playing the game, which some people can only do when they have free time.

Tips & Tricks To Help You Play Lineage W

When starting out, skip the recommended servers and choose from the large pool that the game offers you. Yes, recommended servers have the best population if you want active content, but there are servers that are tagged as “busy” that don’t have particularly long queue timers. Look for a busy server that doesn’t have a queue timer by trying to log into each and every one of them. Don’t bother with non-busy servers because you won’t get the best quality content from those; they don’t have as many players.

Buy a Ton of Potions

Potions are one of those things in MMORPGs that aren’t usually useful when you have tons of other things to keep you alive like healing spells and food. Some monsters don’t even pack that much of a punch to damage you. However, Lineage W can force you to rely on consuming an absurd amount of potions because the HP regen system in the game is too slow to be relied on. If you leave your character on auto-play, you’ll likely come back to it dead, regardless of its overleveled status in that zone.

Tips & Tricks To Help You Play Lineage W

Players don’t often like spending their Adena (gold) on useless transactions, but potions surely aren’t useless. It’s a good idea to keep about 100-200 potions in your inventory so that you won’t die immediately whenever you’re doing a quest or simply want to farm materials for crafting. The alternative ways you can prevent this from happening are gearing your hero well or putting a few stat points into the constitution so that you’ll be harder to kill by the mobs.

Check Your Inventory For Important Stuff

One mistake that new players often make is that they rarely browse their inventory for useful items. Your inventory can contain a number of important items such as your Skill Books, which are needed to learn new abilities, and morph/magic doll cards that allow you to summon new units to your codex. You never know, you might have new abilities ready to be learned to help you get stronger in-game, but you are leaving it in your inventory collecting dust.

Tips & Tricks To Help You Play Lineage W

It’s easy to miss out on important stuff in your inventory because a lot of the stuff doesn’t stand out. A good way to check is by tapping each and every one of them and clicking “use”  if it has the option to. If you’re not confident enough to do this, just judge it from the names of the items and decipher if it’s an item that you think that you need to have. Also, another good tip is to keep your inventory weight in mind because having a heavy load will affect your movement.

Upgrade One Stat Only

We kept reiterating this in our Hero Guide, but we need to say it again: upgrade one stat only when leveling up. We don’t mean that you should upgrade one stat for the rest of the game, because some states are especially useful to have, depending on the class you’re playing. However, it’s a good idea to upgrade your primary combat stat when you’re in your early levels because it’ll help make progressing through the story a lot easier.

Tips & Tricks To Help You Play Lineage W

Once you are level 50 or higher, you can start diversifying your stat distribution to utility-based stats instead of combat ones. For example, melee classes might want to add some stats on the constitution, whereas spellcasters might want to put some stats on wisdom. Of course, it’s not recommended at the moment to upgrade your charisma. 

Always Do Mission Boards

In our Leveling Guide, we mentioned that doing the mission boards is one of the best ways to gain experience quickly. However, that isn’t the only reason why you should do mission boards, as they’ll also give you a ton of stuff that you’ll need in the future. There are three different classifications of quests in the Mission Boards which are the Emblem, Mission, and Event quests; all of them have different types of rewards.

Tips & Tricks To Help You Play Lineage W

The Emblem quests give Depardieu’s emblems, which is a currency that can be used to exchange for critical items. This currency is hard to farm, so it’s ideal to do it daily. Missions are also good quests because they give small amounts of premium currency, which you can use to buy stuff like Candle of Memories, which is used to reset your attributes. Finally, the Event quests offer rewards depending on the currently ongoing event.