Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem is almost two years old now, so we and thousands of other players have had plenty of time to trial all the in-game toons. What better way to celebrate this two-year anniversary than by bringing together all of our favorite, most useful (and most destructive) characters?

Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem on PC – Our Favorite Toons So Far

Below, you’ll find the toons that we believe are the strongest at this point in time. Remember, though, that Looney Tunes: WoM is designed in such a way as to require players to upgrade a variety of different characters from specific regions. Still, the toons we’ve mentioned here are a few evergreen picks that will help you excel in both PvE and PvP battles. Although they won’t be enough to get you through all the campaign, they will surely make your life much easier.

The Fiercest Attack Toons

Attack toons are the characters that you rely on to gradually chip away at the enemies’ health. In fact, the faster they can do this, the better. Plus, if a toon has some special effect(s) in addition to high DPS, that’s even more likely to help. These are our top 3 favorite attackers:

Speedy Gonzales

This little guy has excellent Max Attack and a great mix of special and passive abilities. His Andale! Andale! is a team-wide buff for attack, defense, and speed, while his Yeehaw deals massive damage and applies up to 5 random stat downs. Not only does Gonzales ignore the enemies’ dodge chance, but he also passively inflicts up to 50% of his attack to a random enemy at the end of every turn.

Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem on PC – Our Favorite Toons So Far

Daffy Duck

A truly despicable attacker, the classic Daffy Duck relies on his passive Incorrigible to steadily increase his attack each time a team member lands a crit. He also buffs the crit chance of all Daffy teammates, which can make him deadly in the right composition. His Hypno-Duck special deals a great deal of damage and cannot be dodged.

Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem on PC – Our Favorite Toons So Far


The second Legendary toon to be added to the game, Taz uses his Topple and Twister abilities to deal moderate damage while scrambling and flipping enemy buffs and debuffs. His Taznado special can steal up to 4 buffs from the target, while his unique relationship with the Tasmanian She-Devil increases both of their attacks and makes them uncounterable.

The Sturdiest Defender Toons

Defenders are there to ensure that the bulk of the damage dealt by your enemies does not hit your squishy attackers or supporters. Generally speaking, they have generous HP pools and high defense, as well as some form of taunt. Our favorite defenders are:

Yeti Gossamer

This fearsome defender inflicts 1 Chilly debuff on all toons with his basic ability and 2 Chilly on the target of his Cave Wallop taunt. Whenever a toon reaches 3 stacks of Chilly, they become Frozen, which essentially stuns them for at least one turn and makes them vulnerable to crits. To save his team from a similar fate, Gossamer uses his Yeti Breath special, which heals allies, removes Chilly debuffs from them, and adds +5% attack for each removed Chilly.

Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem on PC – Our Favorite Toons So Far

Foghorn Leghorn

Although not particularly spectacular, Foghorn Leghorn is a very sturdy and dependable defender that gains a free taunt and grants defense up to all allies at the beginning of each battle. His Bravado taunt ability also buffs all teammates with additional defense while healing Leghorn. Last, but not least, this toon can help you get rid of enemy tanks quickly thanks to his Cocksure passive, which increases his attack for several turns after an opponent uses a taunt.

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Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem on PC – Our Favorite Toons So Far

Desperado Dawg

This infamous outlaw helps his team by buffing all allies with the Hidden stat. In addition, he grants additional attack and crit chance to his teammates and gains defense based on the number of hidden allies. Whenever an allied toon crits – which tends to be often thanks to Dawg’s Quiet, Everyone special, the outlaw gains heal over time and a defense buff. His Flashbang special, which can stun an enemy unit and decrease their defense for up to 3 turns, is the cherry on the cake.

The Most Versatile Support Toons

Supporters are some of the most resourceful toons in the game, sporting plenty of teamwide buffs and heals, as well as a few special offensive abilities. Although you’ll rarely use more than one supporter in your team composition, the one you do choose can have a massive impact on the outcome of a battle. These are our top 4 favorite support toons:

Treasure Hunter Tweety

You can’t tell by the looks of this tiny bird, but he can deal fantastic damage in addition to keeping his team alive. His Canopy Cover special is the character’s main heal mechanic, while his Whip Trick can be used to remove a buff from each enemy and increase Tweety’s speed. His most impressive abilities are his Ole one Two basic attack, which calls a random ally to assist, and his Rolling Boulder passive, which deals massive damage to the enemy with the slowest speed at the end of every 3 turns.

Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem on PC – Our Favorite Toons So Far

Pepe le Bard

This virtuoso bard heals his team passively at the beginning of each of his turns and gains additional speed whenever an enemy is defeated. His Serenade special should be used on cooldown in order to keep decreasing the opponents’ attack and defense.


A senior member of your team, Granny relies on her Secret Recipe special to place a healing over time effect on all allies that lasts for the entire duration of the battle. She inflicts an attack debuff on all enemies for free, at the start of each battle, while her Special Care passive heals allies that gain taunt or hidden for up to 30%.

Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem on PC – Our Favorite Toons So Far

Valkyrie Bugs

A particularly enchanting version of Bugs Bunny, Valkyrie Bugs focuses on speed to help her (?) teammates and deter her foes. Her Valkyrie’s Blessing special heals the entire team, removes one debuff from each ally, and grants everyone a heal over time. When she’s on the offensive, Valkyrie Bugs can use Silent Contemplation to silence an enemy, as well as Call the Cavalry to deal damage to all enemies and remove up to 30% of their turn meter. At the start of each turn, this toon grants additional defense, attack, speed, and crit rate to a random ally, which makes her all the more OP.

Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem on PC – Our Favorite Toons So Far

Generally speaking, your team should consist of 2 attackers, 1 defender, and 1 support. If you were not sure which characters most deserved your special upgrade resources, now you know! Of course, there are other toons that come very close to the ones we’ve mentioned above. Feel free to use whichever characters are your favorites, so long as they have decent stats and utility for the team.

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