The Lord of the Rings: War has a very competitive system that can leave the most uninformed players in the dust. Once the game has reached the middle seasons where every piece of land is contested, players that don’t know what tasks they should prioritize will be caught in the crossfire between the more established veterans. The only way to keep yourself from being eliminated is to learn about some advanced tactics that will help you stay ahead of 80% of the player base.

Tips & Tricks to Playing The Lord of the Rings: War

Strategy games require a deeper level of critical thinking compared to other game genres. If you don’t think you have an innate sense of the skill, having various resources, such as articles like these, to guide you is extremely helpful. If this is your first time playing an RTS game, you’ll gain valuable information that you can carry over when you play another game from this genre or you decide to compete in the next season of The Lord of the Rings: War.

Updating Power Tiles

Power tiles are the primary source of resources and ring power, both of which are necessary for powering up your kingdom so that you can be strong in both the Military and Economic factions. Speaking of which, you might want to read our LotR: Military Guide and Economy Guide to learn more about these topics in-depth. There are a lot of power tiles that players can conquer around the world map but you should only choose those that are currently relevant to your development as a settlement.

Tips & Tricks to Playing The Lord of the Rings: War

Updating power tiles doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of lower-value ones as soon as you can. It just means that the power tiles that you’re getting adjust according to your settlement’s demands. Even 10 power value tiles can still be usable if the resource it produces is important to your current demand. Just make sure that you don’t overflow on lower-value tiles, especially plains since they don’t contribute as much to your settlement’s production. Try to explore beyond your area if you have to.

Using the Ring of Power

The Ring of Power is such an impactful tool in the game as it allows players to enhance their capabilities. In the early game, players might not know how to use it since it branches out into 4 different directions which all have different focuses. It’s not really a good idea to spread all your points so that you can benefit from all of the bonuses since that will make the bonuses insignificant. Luckily, players have the option to reset all their points in case they feel like they made a mistake.

Tips & Tricks to Playing The Lord of the Rings: War

Even though players have the option to reset, it’s a good idea to stick with a path that you feel would complement your playstyle. When allocating points, it’s a good idea to allocate 3 or more points on a single ability so that the bonus becomes significant enough unless it’s a transitionary ability. Do this as soon as possible and stick to it so that you don’t end up wasting the time that you have by not benefitting from the full effects of your Ring of Power bonuses.

Keeping the Settlement Active

The settlement should be a busy place with very few moments of rest. This means that your settlement should constantly have active queue timers which include building, training new troops to fill your army, and a busy apothecary that’s healing injured troops. By fulfilling this requirement, you make sure that you’re always ahead of 90% of the players on the server that don’t have the time to do this since they have other tasks to accomplish.

Tips & Tricks to Playing The Lord of the Rings: War

A good way to do this is to activate short queues when you’re online, average length queues when you’re planning to go offline for a few hours, and the longest queue timers (such as upgrading the Main Hall) before you go to sleep. Keep your apothecary and barracks busy by constantly sending out your armies to battle so that you’ll always need to replenish the casualties. As long as you can keep the idle moments short, you’re already succeeding better than most players on the server.

Spending Gems & Items

Gems and consumable items are things that new players are usually too afraid to spend thinking that there’s a “right time” and “right place” to use it. In truth, the best way to spend these resources is right away when you can. For example, resource production boosts in your inventory should be spent the moment you acquire them unless, for some reason, your resources are already at maximum capacity. In that case, you must be doing something wrong because the game forces you to spend a lot of resources.

Tips & Tricks to Playing The Lord of the Rings: War

Spending gems is also an important thing to do. One way to spend gems is to skip upgrade and healing timers so that you can get your tasks done instantly. Being able to get upgrades done right away, especially upgrades involving production and training is extremely game-breaking as it allows the player to benefit from a boost in resources and military strength immediately. You can also use gems to buy a free treasure in the Mathom once daily.

Joining a Fellowship

Joining a fellowship is probably the single thing that can truly help achieve longevity in the game. As you know, the game is ruled by strong players and if you don’t have the time or resources to be one of those people then the next best thing is to be those strong players’ allies. Being in an active fellowship will give you some much-needed protection and assistance in a lot of the game’s content.

Tips & Tricks to Playing The Lord of the Rings: War

When choosing which fellowship to join, you should always base it on the relevance of the one you’re joining. To do so, simply check on the overall fellowship rankings to see which fellowships are doing well in your faction. As much as possible, it’s a good idea to choose the best fellowship in your faction since they are most likely the most active and are willing to help their allies thrive.