When playing Lord of The Wars: Kingdoms, many players are often left with very few tutorials outside of the main questline. Even so, these “tutorials” don’t truly explain much other than urging players to complete their essential tasks. Not having an in-depth tutorial phase may be a blessing for veteran players that know exactly what to do but makes it difficult for new players to keep up with the competition. This Beginner’s Guide is aimed at making sure that players can understand the important points about starting the game.

Beginner's Guide to Playing Lord of The Wars: Kingdoms

There are a lot of things that beginners need to learn when starting Lord of the Wars: Kingdoms. Real-time strategy games can be very unforgiving for players who have a slow start since the game heavily relies on the ability of one’s kingdom to generate resources efficiently and produce a reliable military to defend it. Players that are experienced in this game genre tend to abuse new players by exploiting their lack of in-game knowledge by attacking them at their weakest points.

Establishing a Good Economy

Economy refers to the production and distribution of resources in the game, such as grain, timber, iron, gold, and stone. These resources are essential to everything you do when playing and will be the most important thing for players to manage in their kingdom. There are a lot of ways to establish a good economy which we’ll be tackling in a separate guide later on. The most important thing is to familiarize yourself with the different resources and knowing where to get them.

Beginner's Guide to Playing Lord of The Wars: Kingdoms

Having a good economy sets the foundation for everything else. Since this is a game that requires players to wait on countdown timers before completing an action, the last thing that the player needs is to lack the resources to upgrade buildings, train troops, or research important skills. Maintaining a good economy means that you can do more things at once. The game is essentially won by the player that manages to build the most efficient economy, as that person has the means to buy everything they need.

Setting Up A Strong Military

The Military is another important part of establishing a working kingdom. Beginners usually don’t think that creating a strong military is a priority early on since they are protected by a bubble that acts as their beginner’s protection. However, as soon as that bubble is removed, a kingdom with a weak military becomes a sitting duck in the middle of a wolf’s den. All the hard work that players spent on upgrading buildings and establishing a good economy will be for nothing if not defended.

Beginner's Guide to Playing Lord of The Wars: Kingdoms

Players are advised to continuously produce troops in the Barracks. As mentioned, you’ll need a lot of resources, so setting up a good economy should be your priority. Balance is also an important thing to keep in mind. Players might be tempted to build only a single type of unit to fill the military, but this will eventually prove to be a mistake because of unit disadvantages. Make sure to distribute your resources and diversify your troops so that you’re ready for any situation.

Keeping The Kingdom Busy

A busy kingdom is an efficient kingdom. Never allow your kingdom to enter a state of idleness; otherwise, you’ll fall behind in the race to become the strongest. Make sure that you’re always upgrading a building, training troops, and researching stuff at the academy so that you can maximize the number of actions you can complete every time you’re logged out. During your active times, upgrade shorter timers and leave the longer ones when you’re about to log off for the day.

Beginner's Guide to Playing Lord of The Wars: Kingdoms

Playing on BlueStacks helps the person monitor the state of their kingdom, especially if they spend more time on the computer than on their phones. If you’re playing other games, you might want to check out the Multi-Instance Feature that BlueStacks has so that you can have all of them active while being able to monitor the state of your kingdom on the sides. This allows the player to execute an action immediately once another timer has completed its countdown.

Completing Story Quests & Dungeons

A major feature of Lord of the Wars: Kingdoms is the introduction of dungeons and story quests like the Dragon Trials. These allow the players to help pass the time while they’re waiting for an action to be completed. Completing these stages will reward the players with useful things like resource bundles and speed-ups that are necessary for making sure that you’re keeping up with the competition.

Beginner's Guide to Playing Lord of The Wars: Kingdoms

Heroes are the main units used in Dungeons. Having strong heroes will not only benefit you in Dungeons, but they also provide passive bonuses that affect your Military and Economy. Recruit and upgrade more heroes by participating in Story Quests and Dungeons so that you’ll be able to increase your power level so much faster. Don’t forget to upgrade your heroes and equip them with armor and weapons so that you can clear those dungeons with faster clear times in the future.

Joining a Guild

Having a strong Military may save you from being an easy target, but if you truly want a reliable defense, you’re going to need a bigger shield. The biggest shield in the game is joining a strong guild that actively defends its allies from being preyed upon by bigger kingdoms. Lord of the Wars isn’t fair in the sense that players who are 10x stronger than you can attack you with their full force as it leaves your army completely useless against an impending attack.

Beginner's Guide to Playing Lord of The Wars: Kingdoms

When this happens, the only way for a player to help themselves is to ask for help from either an ally that’s as strong as the enemy or from smaller players whose combined strength rivals the enemy’s with their army to protect you. There are also other benefits to joining a guild, such as being able to attack monsters in the overworld, occupy resource plots, and asking for help to shorten the duration of an upgrade. You can also socialize with new people in this game to relieve some of the boredom of waiting for a countdown.