Resources are the primary element of note in Lord of the Wars: Kingdoms. Maintaining a proper economy that circulates necessary resources around every sector of your kingdom should be your main priority at all times. Understanding the details about the use and production of certain resources will help players allocate them better when improving the kingdom. It’s time to work towards securing your resource production for the long run in this highly competitive game.

Lord of The Wars: Kingdoms Resource & Economy Guide

Lord of the Wars: Kingdoms gives players a lot of resources for free in the early stages of the game, but don’t think that this will keep up or secure you for the entirety you play. As buildings, troops, and research level up, so too does the cost of everything you do. Players will eventually find themselves lacking in resources even with all the bonuses and rewards given to them. In this case, there’s nothing players can do but prepare for the future that will surely become extremely costly.

Upkeep & Primary Resources

Upkeep refers to the amount of food being consumed by citizens and soldiers of your kingdom. This primarily affects grain production, which is a standard resource used in every action you complete in the kingdom since all of them involve feeding workers. Depending on how high your structures’ levels are and how many troops you’re housing, the amount of food being consumed per hour increases, leaving the player with very low food production and supply for anything else.

Lord of The Wars: Kingdoms Resource & Economy Guide

The other four resources (timber, iron, stone, and gold) are also crucial but aren’t passively being consumed by your citizens. Certain actions require more of one resource. For example, crafting armor will require more stone, while construction work requires more timber and stone. Balancing your upgrades is necessary to maximize your resource allocation. Just because you can’t upgrade one building doesn’t mean that you can’t use the same amount to upgrade something else.

Resource Building

Resource buildings are the game’s primary resource-generating buildings. By themselves, resource buildings don’t produce many resources, so they instead heavily rely on research upgrades, hero bonuses, and other modifiers to help them ramp up the amount they are producing per hour. These buildings require that the player max them out as soon as they can, immediately after upgrading the castle.

Lord of The Wars: Kingdoms Resource & Economy Guide

Unlike traditional real-time strategy management games, players can’t build more than one resource building in Lord of the Wars: Kingdoms. This limits the kingdom’s production and forces players to outsource getting resources through more creative means. Even though the construction of these resource buildings is limited per kingdom, that doesn’t mean that they are entirely useless to upgrade.

Resource Plots

Resource plots refer to tiles in the world map that house collectible resources. To collect resource plots, players need to send in troops and heroes that will gather these resources for a certain duration. Having more troops in the kingdom means that you can collect more resources spread out over different areas of the map. The only downside to this method is that you need to actively send out troops around the map whenever they finish, so that gathering is a continuous process.

Lord of The Wars: Kingdoms Resource & Economy Guide

This method is risky if the player belongs to a small guild or isn’t a member of any guild at all. As mentioned in our LotW Beginner’s Guide, the army keeps the city safe from any attacks from other players. Sending your troops to resource plots may cause hostile players to attack your kingdom or even attack the resource plot you’re occupying, which will cause you to lose everything you gathered.

Production Bonuses

Production bonuses refer to the passive increase that you get from various sources such as Heroes, VIP rank, Research, and activated bonuses. These increase the rate at which your production buildings create resources for your kingdom. They are so vital because they allow the player to keep up with the resource demands as the other sources are also quite slow.

Lord of The Wars: Kingdoms Resource & Economy Guide

Players need to actively level up their heroes, defeat dungeons, and recruit new additions to their teams. Whenever a hero is promoted, they either gain new passive bonuses or upgrade existing ones. Players that have more heroes are more likely to have more resource production bonuses. In addition, upgrading the VIP rank doesn’t necessarily mean spending money. Players can also use VIP tokens, which are awarded from dungeons and are stored in their inventory.

Resource Bundles

Resource bundles are a quick-fix method of earning resources because they provide a certain amount immediately after use. These resource bundles are rewards from performing various actions like completing quests, defeating bosses, or from the ship. While they are a great way to get some instant resources, they aren’t the most reliable way of earning resources since the rewards differ in amount.

Lord of The Wars: Kingdoms Resource & Economy Guide

The most valuable resource bundles are those that are worth 500,000 resources or above; those are the ones that actually make an impact. Players also gain these bundles in smaller amounts, but those require the player to claim them in multiples to really get a functional amount. After all, there’s nothing wrong with nabbing some free resources once in a while as long as you don’t rely solely on them throughout the entire game.

Raiding & Pillaging

Raiding & Pillaging is probably the most fun part about playing real-time strategy games. Attacking another player will reward you with a large number of instant resources depending on the outcome of a battle. Needless to say, players need to be cautious about how they attack other players; otherwise they’d just end up losing resources by losing troops. Not every battle is worth fighting, especially those that don’t reward you with anything at all.

Lord of The Wars: Kingdoms Resource & Economy Guide

The best way to earn resources from raiding and pillaging is by attacking inactive low-leveled newbie players. There are bound to be at least five nearby players that are inactive in your area, which are easy to attack. Make sure to send a scout first to determine if they truly have no troops. It’s also wise to take into account the possibility that other players may have already attacked that player, as that means their resources have already been looted dry.