Lord of the Wars: Kingdoms comes from one of the most PvP-focused game genres out there. Players that are just getting into the game will begin to feel the heat as the protection period slowly comes to a close, and the stronger players begin to vie for dominance on the map by posturing for critical areas around the map. If you’re in the way, the other players will definitely try to get rid of you by harassing you constantly, which will leave you with nothing if you’re not careful.

Advanced Tips & Tricks to Help You In Lord of The Wars: Kingdoms

The game can be very discriminating against new players because all of its competitive nature encourages players to take advantage of the weak. Those that are standing at the top of the rankings are probably people that have tried and failed at different servers previously and/or those that learned the deeper mechanics of the game from other veterans. If you haven’t already checked out our Military Guide & Resource Guide, we suggest that you learn about those first before reading these next tips & tricks.

Skip Building Timers Often

If asked what the most important resource in Lord of the Wars is, the answer will always be time. Players that have the luxury of instantly skipping all the timers in the game will inevitably stand on top. F2P players can still, in a way, do the same by making use of Speed-up Tickets that they earned as a reward from quests or completing other tasks. Making use of these on important upgrades will help you keep pace against even the spendiest premium players.

Advanced Tips & Tricks to Help You In Lord of The Wars: Kingdoms

There are priorities to using speed-up tickets. Certain upgrades, research, or training will eventually reach their limit. There’s no use speeding something up if you don’t have the resources or the requirements to upgrade something else. In addition, only use Speed-Up tickets until you reach the Free Skip time that allows you to instantly finish any upgrade without having to use their resource costs. 

Increase Your VIP Rank

The VIP Rank is a very important thing to keep in mind, whether you’re a free player or a premium player. Despite their name, even F2P players can increase their VIP Rank so that they can reap the bonuses that the game gives whenever they reach a certain rank. For F2P players, try to reach Rank 6 as soon as possible because that’s when the resource bonuses are awarded. Players that can push beyond that should attempt to as much as possible.

Advanced Tips & Tricks to Help You In Lord of The Wars: Kingdoms

There are different ways to earn VIP points to increase a player’s rank, even without spending money on the game. The first way is by earning VIP tokens that are awarded in Dungeons, Dragon Trials, and other PvE content. The second way is to purchase them directly using Crystals (purple gems) at the VIP store. It’s worth spending these crystals on the VIP points because of the long-term reward.

Stick With The Hive

As mentioned in our Beginner’s Guide, players should join a guild that’s both active and strong as soon as possible. Guild members are the best shield against any threat. In fact, 90% of players in the server will think twice about attacking a player who’s a member of a relatively strong guild either because they don’t want to face criticism from their own guild because of diplomatic issues or simply out of fear of facing retaliation.

Advanced Tips & Tricks to Help You In Lord of The Wars: Kingdoms

The Hive refers to the place in the map where most of the Guild Members gather around. You can check this on your Guild Menu by clicking on Guild Base Coordinates. By sticking together with fellow guildies, you are practically invincible from an enemy attack because allied players can instantly send you reinforcements in times of need. The only downside of this is that you all have to compete for resources and farming areas.

Never Let Your Resources Hit Max Capacity

One thing that most players tend to ignore is the fact that resources have a maximum capacity. On the uppermost part of your screen, you’ll notice that there are 5 bars that represent your resources. The Blue Bar represents how much of the limit your resources are occupying. Once you maximize the limit, resource production will halt.

Advanced Tips & Tricks to Help You In Lord of The Wars: Kingdoms

When resource production stops because of the limit, that leaves the player with thousands of resources being wasted every hour; you can avoid going over the limit by controlling the number of rewards you claim or resource bundles that you redeem. Make sure that you’re always spending these resources in a way that benefits your kingdom so that your production stays efficient.

Create a Farming Zone

A farming zone refers to a group of kingdoms or resource nodes that you can regularly raid & pillage. You can also try to attack some small kingdoms even if they’re active, but the only thing stopping you should be your views on how to treat newbies trying to learn the game; all’s fair in love and war, after all. Put your troops to work so that they don’t just sit around inside your kingdom 24/7.

Advanced Tips & Tricks to Help You In Lord of The Wars: Kingdoms

Establishing a farming zone also lets other people understand that you are trying to create your own turf. The more often you keep that area closed off by occupying every useful node, the less likely people will even consider it the next time they try to scan the map for a place where they can load up on resources.

Upgrade Your Heroes

Heroes are the central part of your army and economy. There are many uses to heroes, but the most important of them all is the fact that they provide passive bonuses for various aspects of your kingdom. The higher you upgrade your Heroes, the more skills and passives you’ll be able to unlock, making them extremely useful to have around, even if they’re just sitting doing nothing.

Advanced Tips & Tricks to Help You In Lord of The Wars: Kingdoms

Heroes can be upgraded by collecting badges or by using gear. Make sure to do this to all the heroes you unlock so that you can have more passives to work with when upgrading your kingdom. There’s no such thing as a useless passive because everything can be put to good use.