Magnum Quest has a bit of a learning curve when you’re a beginner that doesn’t have any experience playing idle RPGs. At first glance, everything seems simple with very little to do, but after you unlock all of the different functions and game modes, everything starts getting really complicated. Learning the fundamentals of this game will help you become more familiar with everything that the game will throw at you and ultimately lead you on a path towards success.

BlueStacks Beginner's Guide to Playing Magnum Quest

Beginners are often turned off by the idea of playing idle RPGs because there’s almost nothing to do in the game’s early stages. This misconception soon gets turned around when players realize that the game isn’t as idle as the game advertises it to be. The biggest problem is that there’s so many things to learn in such a small amount of time. If you’re a player who’s willing to put in the effort to become one of the best players in Magnum Quest, this beginner’s guide will give you that much-needed boost.

Collecting Heroes

Magnum Quest utilizes a system called Gacha, which simply means that all heroes in the game are distributed at random. Players can either spend real money or farm resources in-game that summon heroes for free. Heroes can also be collected by exchanging shards from the inventory or as a reward when completing specific quests and campaigns. Collecting heroes is the primary goal of the game since there are heroes who are stronger than others and are better for any team that you might build. 

BlueStacks Beginner's Guide to Playing Magnum Quest

Heroes are developed in the game when you level them up and give them proper equipment to function well. Players can also ascend a character when they have collected enough duplicates of that specific unit from the summon page. The stronger heroes a player has, the better the chances are for them to reach the very top of the game. It’s a good idea to find which characters you want to play with by looking up character tier lists on the internet or looking at common teams in the arena.

Idle Rewards

Idle rewards are the game’s way of incentivizing progression. Additionally, it allows players that don’t have a lot of time to play games to still be relevant despite being offline often. Idle rewards give players free hero exp, account exp, equipment and gold to the player per minute up to a maximum amount whether that player is online or offline. The values of these rewards increase as the player progresses through the main campaign, which is why it’s important to continue climbing everyday.

BlueStacks Beginner's Guide to Playing Magnum Quest

At one point in the game, players will realize that they have run out of resources needed to upgrade their heroes, but the main stages and game modes have become too difficult for your team to defeat. Once that happens, players have no choice but to wait for a few hours to a day to save up some hero exp and gold needed to upgrade their heroes so that they can attempt more stages. This means that casual and full-time players don’t have a large gap between them.

Unlocking Game Modes

The next thing players need to learn about is how to unlock the different game modes in the game. Basically, all game modes and features in the game can be unlocked by progressing in the campaign and by leveling up your account. Players often ignore playing the campaign every time they unlock a new game mode. However, players should try to rush the campaign until they reach chapter 3 so that they can unlock all of the basic game modes that they’ll be playing daily.

BlueStacks Beginner's Guide to Playing Magnum Quest

Once a player has unlocked all of the major game modes, don’t forget to play those game modes daily so that you can farm for important resources that you can’t find anywhere else. Once players have unlocked the Arena mode, that’s when the real game begins, because team building and optimizing heroes becomes a bigger deal than it already is. This is when character tiers matter and players will be spending most of their time trying to climb up the ranks to be the best.

Gearing Up

Items are important in the game because they are what make your characters strong. Gearing up isn’t exactly simple since all of the good items are higher up in the campaign, meaning that new players will have to play the game for a while longer to actually have a decent team that can fight against arena teams that have ratings of 1000 or higher. Since each character has their own specific class, not every piece of equipment can be equipped by a certain hero and will have to farm one that matches their own class.

BlueStacks Beginner's Guide to Playing Magnum Quest

Heroes have their own power rating, which is the average value of their stats The higher the power rating, the better the hero. There are a lot of ways heroes can increase these power ratings like by leveling up, ascension, and equipping them with more powerful gear. Keep in mind that heroes with higher rarities often have higher power ratings because they have better base stats and more powerful skills compared to more common heroes.

Becoming the Best

The ultimate goal in Magnum Quest is to place 1st in the global rankings of the arena mode. This can be an arduous journey because players will have to do a lot before they can even attempt to climb the ladder, where there are many strong players standing in their way. The best players are often those that put in a lot of time and resources into playing the game so if you want to stand at the very top alongside the champs, you’ll need to do the same.

BlueStacks Beginner's Guide to Playing Magnum Quest

Even though PvP is the ultimate goal, every player has different ways to enjoy the game. If you’re satisfied with completing daily game modes or finishing the campaign, you should do so without letting anyone tell you otherwise. Keep in mind that no matter what you choose to do in the game, it will always force you to build a better team by powering up your characters and learning how to properly play the game.