The best way to determine strong players in Magnum Quest is by looking at their team’s power rating. Power rating in this game separates the new players from those that only play casually. Those that have breached the 100,000 mark are those that are definitely walking the path towards competing against the best of the best. If you plan to make it to the top, you should be looking towards learning how to boost your power ratings efficiently in Magnum Quest.

How To Increase Power Rating in Magnum Quest

Power rating is the total averaged value of all of the stats that a character has. When stats increase, so too does the power rating of that hero. While power rating is definitely an important factor to keep in mind when facing an opponent, it can be overinflated by units with high power ratings and low team functionality. By understanding all of the intricacies involved when raising power rating, you will be able to build your team better to fight any enemy that comes your way.

Choosing the Right Heroes

The first step in raising your power rating is choosing the right heroes for the job. There are a lot of heroes in the game, so choosing might be a bit difficult, especially if you’re not familiar with everything about these units. If that’s the case, you might want to look at our Magnum Quest Heroes’ Guide to familiarize yourself with the stats, classifications, and additional information that you’ll need to understand how to choose characters to place in your team from your list.

How To Increase Power Rating in Magnum Quest

One thing that is highlighted in that guide is the usage of characters from a single faction. Matching all your characters will allow you to gain a +25 HP & ATK bonus, which will shoot your power rating up dramatically. It’s also a good idea to choose from characters that are at least gold quality, increasing as you progress in-game so that you can get units that have high base stats. Remember that stats affect everything in the game so you should always choose units with higher base stats.

Equipping Items

Items boost the hero’s base stats so having the right pieces of gear on hand for the job is essential to making your team unstoppable. Once you reach Level 20 and above, you should have your entire team’s armor and weapon slots filled up. Farming or buying items at the shop should be the player’s top priority. Once you’ve built the perfect team in Magnum Quest, you shouldn’t be afraid to spend your diamonds at the shop to buy item pieces that you can use for a long time.

How To Increase Power Rating in Magnum Quest

As soon as a player progresses far enough into the game, they will notice that gear pieces with class icons on them will start dropping. These items have set bonuses that increase the hero’s stats, depending on how many pieces that unit has equipped from the same set. Ideally, players should always complete the set bonus so that the character will benefit from all 3 stat bonuses. If you can’t, players should work towards getting at least 2 pieces from the same set, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

Leveling & Ascending

Leveling and ascending are the most efficient ways to increase your power rating in Magnum Quest. There’s no need to explain how leveling works, but there are some tips about it that players might not know about. Players often level the characters they feel are strong at the moment, but replace them immediately after they get a better unit. You can recycle the gold, experience, and beryl that you used on a character by using the reset function in the restoration tab so that you can level up more recent units.

How To Increase Power Rating in Magnum Quest

Ascending is an important way to increase your base stats. Additionally, it’s probably one of the hardest things that a player can do in the game because it requires summoning a ton of characters to get duplicates or co-faction units to be used as material. Since the highest rarity that a player can get from gacha is Gold 0, it will take some time to get the parts that you need. It’s a good idea not to blindly ascend random characters until you get at least 15 gold units from the summon so that you have a rough idea of what team you want to build.

Star Maps

Star maps are an advanced feature that players can take advantage of when they manage to upgrade a hero to the Gold IV tier. Once you’ve unlocked the star map function, players have the option to activate one of three bonuses that they’re given, which gives the hero bonus attributes or an additional passive ability. Don’t worry too much about choosing which star map attributes to upgrade because players have the option to reset it later by using a resource called dragonshards.

How To Increase Power Rating in Magnum Quest

The star map nodes can be upgraded as the hero levels up and new options become available to them. Choosing which paths you take is dependent on what kind of playstyle you want to have for that specific character, giving the player a sprinkling of control over the combat system in this idle game. For beginners, worrying about star maps might not be a part of your immediate tasks, but it’s still a good idea to know about it while it’s early.

Reading the Metagame

The metagame refers to which team compositions, heroes, or strategies are most used by the vast majority since it is universally the best way to win the game. In Magnum Quest, the meta isn’t as strict as other games where players will be forced to follow one simple formula to become relevant. While some characters are considered top tier, players still have the freedom to choose which units they want in their team to succeed.

How To Increase Power Rating in Magnum Quest

The meta is often reported in the form of tier lists or match reports on forums, blogs, or other internet sites. Players will often share their opinions regarding which units are at the top of what they do, which is useful if you’re trying to decide which units you want to keep but don’t understand how to differentiate strong units from really weak ones.