Everyone’s favorite beat ‘em up, Marvel Future Fight, received a large update in November that implemented a ton of new changes to spice up the already-awesome mobile game. From new heroes and skins to new cards, game modes, and even several bug fixes, this new patch is definitely worth all the fuss.

Marvel Future Fight on PC November Update: Here’s What’s New

If you’re a veteran Future Fight player, then you probably already know everything about what we’re going to talk about today. However, if you’re on a hiatus, or have yet to try this awesome Marvel game, then perhaps these changes are enough to bring you back or to finally get you to try it out!

Three Awesome New Characters Based on Deadpool’s Mercenary Group

We’ve all seen the Deadpool films, and we all love the witty remarks of The Merc With the Mouth. However, while Deadpool’s squad in the second film was nothing but comic relief, the new characters that joined the roster in Future Fight are definitely nothing to scoff at. These legendary champions include Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Slapstick, and the comically-named Gorilla-Man.

Marvel Future Fight on PC November Update: Here’s What’s New

Let’s take a look at what each of these can do:

Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Deadpool might be The Merc With the Mouth, but NTW doesn’t fall behind in terms of sharp wit and snarky remarks. So basically she’s Deadpool but with different abilities and a darker sense of humor and attitude, if such a thing was possible.

In Future Fight, Negasonic is, aptly, a Blast-type Mutant hero with a penchant for fast movements and robust defenses against energy-based attacks. Her kit emphasizes defensive gameplay, considering how her leadership skill decreases debuff duration by 5%. However, her strongest point is her increased ability to land critical hits, as well as her vastly-improved critical damage. Basically, if she crits (which happens very often), her enemies will definitely feel the pain. Furthermore, her Tier-2 skill grants her super armor and increased defense, which makes Negasonic a very tough nut to crack.

Marvel Future Fight on PC November Update: Here’s What’s New

Her active skills feature a combination of energy damage with self buffs, as well as a few debuffs here and there. Her Warhead Charge skill further bolsters her defensive nature by removing all debuffs, stunning her enemies, and decreasing both their speed and their defenses. This kit makes NTW a veritable force to be reckoned in the field that can whittle down even the strongest of foes.


Kenneth Hale was a soldier looking for the secret to eternal life when, after slaying a legendary gorilla, had his wish fulfilled. However, this power didn’t come without a price as Hale was forced to live an eternity as the creature he slew. Now adopting the moniker Gorilla-Man, this powerful hero has joined forces with Deadpool’s mercenary group several times to fight the bad guys.

Marvel Future Fight on PC November Update: Here’s What’s New

Due to his sheer size, bulk, and most importantly, his skill set, Gorilla-Man is a very tanky character. His passive skill increases his maximum health by a whopping 30%, and his Tier-2 skill boosts his critical rate dramatically, while also reducing all damage received by 30%. However, while not as strong in terms of raw damage as NTW, his skillset revolves around stunning his foes and buffing himself to increase his damage output for a few seconds. His Roar of the Gorilla skill can even turn him invincible for 4 seconds, preventing any and all damage from affecting him.

His Bestial Fury skill can even silence enemies for 5 seconds, which will definitely come in handy when fighting bosses and other enemies that rely on skills.


Last but not least, the powerful living cartoon character, and permanent member of Mercs for Money, has come to Future Fight. Slapstick was once a young high school student who, after witnessing some crazy clowns kidnap his friend, traveled across thousands of dimensions through a mysterious portal while giving chase to the fiends. The trip had certain side effects on the boy as his molecules became unstable and turned his body into a living cartoon character, not unlike anything that you’d see in Looney Tunes.

Marvel Future Fight on PC November Update: Here’s What’s New

As a Universal-type character, Slapstick is all about the damage, though he’s quite lacking in defenses. However, his Tier-2 skill has a 40% chance on every attack to increase his stats, including his defenses, considerably, further boosting his damage output. Nevertheless, what he lacks in terms of survivability he makes up for by being immune to death, literally. When killed, Slapstick can come back to life with 50% HP once per battle.

His skills are a combination of damage over time with stuns, as well as lots of direct damage. He can also deal with pesky enemies that rely on dodging as some of his skills can’t be avoided by any means. His second skill even has a 50% chance of going through invincibility effects. In short, Slapstick is a prime damage dealer through and through and is a great addition to the Future Fight roster.

New Tiers, Skins, and Challenges

With the addition of the Mercs for Money to Marvel Future Fight, the devs have also added four new skins for characters related to Deadpool, including Domino, Cable, and the Merc With the Mouth himself. Furthermore, a new skin for Apocalypse was also released.

Marvel Future Fight on PC November Update: Here’s What’s New

But more importantly, 11 Future Fight characters also got bumped up a notch as they can now be improved to Tier-3 and unlock awesome new powers. These characters include Slapstick, Gorilla-Man, NTW, Apocalypse, Bullseye, Warwolf, Kingpin, Carnage, and Green Goblin, among a few others.

Aside from these cosmetic and tier additions, there are also new difficulties for the Cable and Apocalypse World Boss levels, the Ultimate difficulties. These baddies are tougher than ever and will require a honed team of powerful characters to take down. However, as the challenge increases, so too do the rewards.

Marvel Future Fight on PC November Update: Here’s What’s New

A great deal of effort was also put into the Future Fight’s UX/UI as there are many new elements designed to improve the player’s experience. For instance, you can now view all the available rewards for the Dimension Missions in advance. Furthermore, if you’re consulting where you can find specific items in the game, you can now click on the corresponding missions in the list to be taken directly there, instead of having to manually look for the said mission in respective game mode.

There are countless additions to the interface and user experience that are meant to make Future Fight a more enjoyable game to play. Instead of having to manually do everything, you can lay back and focus on fighting the enemy instead of the UI.

Marvel Future Fight on PC November Update: Here’s What’s New

These are the most significant changes that the November update for Marvel Future Fight has brought. There are also many other elements such as new cards and countless bug fixes. Regardless, odds are that you’ll have a very enjoyable experience with the new additions. What are your thoughts on this new patch? Leave us your comments in the section below!