In MARVEL Strike Force, there are some tips that players need to keep in mind; things that can be easily overlooked. On playing the game on the BlueStacks Emulator, we figured out that there are some tips that can help players in some way or the other. Following tips are not only useful in the beginning stages of the game but also for mid-game levels.

  • Keep Characters In Check

There will be times when players will forget to check if their characters are maxed out or not. Mostly it happens when you have abandoned the character for a few games. Ideally, you should try to max out characters like Killmonger who is much better suited for Alliance war.

HIDDEN GEMS: Top 5 Secret Tips for MARVEL Strike Force

When designing a team for matches that are not at the beginner level, you need certain types of characters and that too at max level. So checking the “Find” tab in the character window will let you know if there are any upgrades that you can do to your hero or villain.

  • Drop Down A Tier

Dropping a tier is something that is not usually discussed in any game. However, in games like Marvel Strike Force sometimes it’s more advantageous for players to drop a tier or two if the things get too tough. To do that, all you need to do is make a team that is bound to lose. Then enter a match and then forfeit. By doing that you will drop a tier, and then you will get matched with lower-tier players.

HIDDEN GEMS: Top 5 Secret Tips for MARVEL Strike Force

This has multiple advantages in the game, with the primary one being that you can get more wins in the lower tiers. On the other hand, if you go for the retreat option instead of the “Lose Battle” option then your tier won’t drop. That option is mostly useful when you are losing a match that you didn’t want to lose.

  • Dark Dimension 3

When it comes to Dark Dimension in Marvel Strike Force, this tip is something that you need. A big misconception about the Dark Dimension 3 among the players is that you need a team of five. That is not exactly true.

HIDDEN GEMS: Top 5 Secret Tips for MARVEL Strike Force

Technically yes, you do need a team of five to enter the Dark Dimension 3, but once you’re in you can run teams of three or four. Even two or one if you want to, but that is not ideal. Even on the leaderboard, you can see that many players have cleared the Dark Dimension 3 nodes with a team of only three characters.

  • Team Positioning

When it comes to positioning your team in the game it is always advised to keep your taunting character or tank at the edge. The reason for this is that many abilities in the game do damage not only to the primary but also the adjacent targets. Most players call it splash damage. The splash damage attack will hit both the actual target and characters to the left and right of them. Having your taunting character off to one side means the splash damage can only hit one other character as there won’t be anyone on the other side of the tank. If your tank was in the middle it would hit three characters instead of just two.

HIDDEN GEMS: Top 5 Secret Tips for MARVEL Strike Force

Another positioning tip is to put an off tank or a chain breaker next to your taunting tank. An off tank is a character with good health and armor who doesn’t actually taunt. The chain breaker is either a character who can go in stealth or a character who frequently gets a counter-attack buff. The reasoning behind this is that chain attacks work by hitting the primary and then continuing in a random direction hitting adjacent characters. By having your tank on an edge you’re dictating where the chain starts and which direction it has to go.

HIDDEN GEMS: Top 5 Secret Tips for MARVEL Strike Force

A good example of this is placing Captain America on an edge with Black Widow next to him. Black Widow spends a lot of her time in stealth. Thus, if someone starts a chain attack on Captain America, he’ll do a good job of absorbing the damage and then the attacker will look to target the unit next to the gap. If Widow is in stealth the attacker won’t see any adjacent target and the chain attack ends right there.

  • Manage Time

Time is the most valuable resource you can put into the game. Yes, you can buy characters and items and pay to score advantages, but trying to replace what you would normally get for free every day would be very costly. While it’s tough to put an exact number on it, a safe estimate is that on an average day you get over 200 worth of gear shards and energy for free every single day.

HIDDEN GEMS: Top 5 Secret Tips for MARVEL Strike Force

There are a few things to be mindful of when taking full advantage of everything you get for free. Login calendars give a ton of valuable resources just for logging in every day. However, they regularly put the most valuable items at the end of a calendar. This means if you skip a few days you might not reach the end of the calendar before it’s gone and you could miss out on some highly valuable rewards.

HIDDEN GEMS: Top 5 Secret Tips for MARVEL Strike Force

You also get free campaign energy three times a day. All you have to do is log in and hit claim. As you get farther into the game they actually start including additional energy for other campaigns as well. Be sure to claim that free energy three times a day as it’ll help you progress much more quickly. There are different shops in the supplies tab, and they often have gear shards and other good stuff available for very reasonable rates. The shops refresh with all new items every eight hours so be sure to check in at least once every eight hours. You’ll often find an item you can buy for cheap that you would otherwise spend a lot of energy hunting down.

HIDDEN GEMS: Top 5 Secret Tips for MARVEL Strike Force

These tips can help you manage your resources, teams and characters well in the game. These tips might not look like a lot but can make a lot of difference to the overall personal experience of the game. Some of these can also help you manage your currency better which is very crucial for beginners.