MEGA MAN X DiVE – MOBILE is the brand new entry into Capcom’s franchise of classic platforming games, this time as a revisit of sorts of the elements of past games, but featuring most of the same running and gunning action we’ve grown to expect of the series. However, this entry takes it a bit farther and combines said action aspects with RPG and gacha features, giving us not only awesome gameplay, but also tons of farming and grinding to unlock the best weapons and our favorite characters.

Beginner’s Guide for MEGA MAN X DiVE - MOBILE - The Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Newbies

Those of you who are avid fans and followers of the Mega Man series and its many characters and events will see many familiar elements in this game as there are over 80 different characters to unlock, many of which come from different titles in the franchise’s history. Similarly, the gameplay itself is also quite similar, featuring running, dashing, jumping, and engaging against countless different types of enemies using an assortment of weapons ranging from regular busters and energy sabers, to launchers, sprayers, and other types of arms.

Nevertheless, despite its straightforward design, there are still some things to consider when it comes to playing MEGA MAN X DiVE – MOBILE, which is why we decided to write this beginner’s guide. In the next few paragraphs, you’ll find an overview of some of the most basic game mechanics, as well as several tips and tricks to help you get started.

The Basics of Combat

If you’ve played any other Mega Man game in the past, you’ll find that the gameplay in this mobile version is quite similar, featuring the same platforming, running, and dashing. However, the combat itself has had a few adaptations to make it easier on the user to aim and shoot. Namely, your weapons automatically lock onto targets and let you shoot with precision at nearby threats. Furthermore, pitfalls are no longer lethal, and instead only take some of your HP whenever you fall into one.

Beginner’s Guide for MEGA MAN X DiVE - MOBILE - The Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Newbies

Other than that, MEGA MAN X DiVE – MOBILE plays mostly the same as any other side-scrolling Mega Man title, so the same basics apply:

Your characters can either run by using the virtual joystick, which is quite slow, or dash by pressing the corresponding button. Dashing is an excellent way to cover a lot of ground, as well as to get over dangerous gaps. You can dash either on the ground or in the air, the latter of which is achieved by pressing the button mid-jump. Additionally, your character can also double jump by pressing the jump button a second time while in the air. Finally, you can also crouch by holding down on the stick, which will help to dodge certain projectiles, and is also used for jumping off thin ledges onto the ground below.

All of these movement mechanics can be used in combination both for offensive and defensive purposes. For instance, combining the double jump with the dash is often the only way to avoid some ground attacks, while crouching lets you slide under some projectiles. Regardless, when it comes to Mega Man games, a good offense is often the best defense, and as luck would have it, your characters have an arsenal at their disposal.

Beginner’s Guide for MEGA MAN X DiVE - MOBILE - The Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Newbies

All of these controls and actions we mentioned above can be significantly streamlined by playing MEGA MAN X DiVE – MOBILE on PC with BlueStacks, as our Android emulator lets you control all the gameplay with your keyboard, with much better precision than when relying on touchscreen controls. Check out our BlueStacks setup guide to learn how to install this game on your computer.

The Various Types of Gear

As a gacha RPG, you can expect to find lots of different pieces of gear that your characters can equip in order to boost their stats. Some of these pieces simply confer stat boosts, while others are much more meaningful, often changing the way characters fight and engage the enemy. 

Beginner’s Guide for MEGA MAN X DiVE - MOBILE - The Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Newbies

While armor is much more straightforward in the bonuses that they give, weapons are significantly more varied and come in five different types:

  • Busters: Standard energy weapons with average fire rate and power. This is one of the most common and all-rounder types of weapons, great for all situations, but without particularly excelling in any.
  • Melee Weapons: High risk and high reward weapons that require being up close to the enemy in order to do damage. They can dish out tons of pain and can be one of the best weapons types in the right hands.
  • Machine Guns: Kinetic weapons that shoot physical projectiles at an enemy. They feature varying fire rates, as well as different power values that vary according to the subtype of weapon.
  • Sprayers: True to their names, these weapons spray their payloads on the enemies, often dealing continuous AoE damage. They are not very strong, but are easy to use.
  • Launchers: Often featuring the lowest ammo capacity, these weapons pack a large bang, literally. Launchers usually consist of weapons that throw powerful explosives that deal damage in an area, causing a world of hurt to all affected targets. They can be difficult to use due to their low capacity, but they make for excellent weapons for when you need to burst an enemy down. 

Beginner’s Guide for MEGA MAN X DiVE - MOBILE - The Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Newbies

Your character in MEGA MAN X DiVE – MOBILE can carry one main weapon, as well as one sub weapon, which you can switch to on the fly during combat. Furthermore, while your weapons can run out of ammo if you fire them too much, they recharge automatically with time. A good idea when this happens is to simply switch to your sub-weapon while the primary weapon reloads, and then switching back if necessary.

Different Enemies, Different Approaches

As a game set in the Mega Man franchise and that revisits many elements of previous titles in the series, you can expect to find many familiar enemies in MEGA MAN X DiVE – MOBILE. However, just as the elements from which it takes inspiration are quite varied, so is the repertoire of enemies in this game, each of which having different attacks and requiring different approaches to combat effectively.

Don’t get us wrong, the most common approach to fighting enemies in this game will always be simply gunning everything down. However, if you want to defeat your enemies with style and stay safe in the toughest levels, you’ll need to learn how every enemy type behaves. 

Beginner’s Guide for MEGA MAN X DiVE - MOBILE - The Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Newbies

Most of the enemies you fight along the different stages are simply fodder—mooks that walk towards you and whose only purpose is to touch you so that they can do damage. These easier foes are defeated with a few shots from any weapon. However, other stronger enemies might actually attack you actively, requiring you to dodge before shooting them. And when the screen fills with enemies, you can bet that you’re going to want to prioritize defense instead of going all out.

A good rule of thumb for the combat in MEGA MAN X DiVE – MOBILE is to get rid of the weaker enemies first. This is because the fewer enemies on screen, the easier you can dodge the attacks of the more aggressive adversaries. In this sense, whenever you arrive at a new level, try to identify which are the easy targets, and which enemies require a more hands-on approach. And whenever you run into a gauntlet of enemies, focus on gunning down the weakest enemies while keeping your eyes on the stronger variants in order to evade their most dangerous attacks. Keep this up for long enough and you’ll be at the stage before you know it.

Different Characters, Different Play Styles

And just like there are many different enemy variants in the game, you can also unlock around 80 different characters in MEGA MAN X DiVE – MOBILE. Each of these combatants has their own passive and active skills, as well as different stats, which make them ideal for different play styles. From the default Mega Man X, which features a balanced playstyle, to the more strategic units like Sigma who features a different attack type and pattern, or the highly offense-oriented Zero that can ruthlessly defeat enemies with his melee weapons, there is a wide variety of characters that can offer slightly different ways of traversing stages.

Beginner’s Guide for MEGA MAN X DiVE - MOBILE - The Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Newbies

You can obtain new characters in MEGA MAN X DiVE – MOBILE through the “Capsule” menu, which is the game’s version of a gacha system. You don’t really know what you’re going to get, and that’s part of the excitement of these games. However, since some characters are much stronger than others, some lucky players might have a much easier start if they manage to get a good one from the gacha. For this reason, some players opt to reroll before playing, which is a process through which you can try to summon the best characters in the game from the very beginning. 

Check out our reroll guide if you want to learn more about this topic. Furthermore, feel free to read our MEGA MAN X DiVE – MOBILE tier list to find out who are the best characters in the game.

And with that, you know all you need in order to start your journey in MEGA MAN X DiVE – MOBILE on the right track. Let us know in the comments below if you know any other good tips and tricks for beginners.