Just because the world of Merge Dragons! is full of cute flowers, trees, clouds, and puddles doesn’t mean that gold is not as important here as anywhere else. Let’s face it – no matter what game you play, no matter how innocent it might seem – currency makes everything tick.

In this world of well-intended, healing, rainbow colored dragons, there are, in fact, no less than 4 types of currency: magical coins, dragon gems, stone bricks, and life orbs. We talked about these and most in-game resources in a different guide, so this time we’ll focus on coins. What coins are for and where you can get more of them are just a couple of questions we will answer below.

What Magical Coins Will Buy You

Magical coins are essentially the poor man’s currency in Merge Dragons! They won’t buy you any fancy things – not like dragon gems will – but they are still pretty useful in the development of your base. You can purchase two things using magical coins:

  • Some basic types of dragon eggs.
  • Coin storage huts that you can merge together to increase your coin storage.

Merge Dragons! on PC: A Guide to Becoming Rich

Every time you buy something with magical coins, the price increases slightly. You’ll buy things anyway, though, because this is one of the most reliable ways to expand your base. As you already know, you discover more land around your base when you achieve certain thresholds in dragon power. Sure, you’ll sometimes have fancy dragons pop up during events and levels, but the bread and butter of your expansion will be the little common whelps.

The conclusion? You’ll need a lot of coin.

Merge Dragons! on PC: A Guide to Becoming Rich

The Maximum Currency Rule

Merging is the most important thing you can do in this game. It’s all in the name, really. When it comes to currency of any type, whether gold or dragon gems, the maximum currency rule can help you make the most of your fortune.

Basically, the rule says that the higher level the currency, the better your reward. Always. Here’s an example. A basic gold coin (lvl. 1) will grant you 1 currency. If you combine 3 of these, the resulting coin will grant you 4. Up next is 15, 50, 175, 550, and so on. Especially if you combine 5, rather than 3 coins (which you definitely should), what you get from the merge is a lot more valuable than what you would have gotten otherwise.

Merge Dragons! on PC: A Guide to Becoming Rich

The only question is – are you patient enough to make the merges or is the immediate reward too tempting?

Getting Enough Storage

To begin with, your coin storage can hold up to 100 in currency. Keep this in mind when you’re awarded your first level 5 coin (175). If you tap it as you get it, you lose almost 50% of its value. The same goes later throughout the game. If you follow the maximum currency rule, you’ll soon be handling coins worth 1,500+ currency, which you cannot use efficiently if you don’t have enough storage.

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This is where coin storage huts come in. The basic kind you can buy for coins in the shop grants about 5 extra storage. This seems extremely little – and it is, given the sums you’ll be dealing with. However, when you put three of these together, you get 20 coin storage, and 75 after that. You get the idea.

Merge Dragons! on PC: A Guide to Becoming Rich

Remember to always merge in fives, rather than in threes. The different is tremendous and most certainly worth the wait.

Building an Orchard inside the Base

When you’re spending time inside the base, the best way to get magical coins is by growing and harvesting fruit trees. This merge chain starts out as a fruit tree seed, which can be combined into a sapling or left to grow into one on its own. Three saplings make a young tree, three of the latter make a small tree, and finally, three of these result in your first harvestable grape fruit tree.

Merge Dragons! on PC: A Guide to Becoming Rich

From grapes to raspberries, pineapple, watermelons, and more, these trees can go through a dozen upgrades before they reach max level. Every step of the way, they can be harvested indefinitely by your dragons and, sometimes, tapped for a fruit. But how does this turn into magical coins?

Well, if you have a raspberry tree, for instance, you can tap it and/or harvest it until you have 5 raspberry fruits. Then, when you mix these together, you can get anything from simple coins to higher level currencies and even treasures. You can also use your dragons to harvest the raspberry itself, which will usually give you a coin.

Merge Dragons! on PC: A Guide to Becoming Rich

A couple raspberry trees are a fairly reliable source of magical coins and they can be accessed at all time, unlike the trees or chests found in different levels.

Farming Gold during Levels

You might see all manner of fabulous things during your adventures to heal the land, but most of these things you won’t be able to take home. This is not the case with either stone bricks or magical coins, which are added directly to your currency when looted – even on adventures.

Merge Dragons! on PC: A Guide to Becoming Rich

That’s why it can sometimes be profitable to farm certain levels for more gold. For example, the Fjord 8 stage has a cloudy summit and dragon built-in, which means you can theoretically make it rain indefinitely, create hundreds of puddles, and merge them into level 3 bodies of water. If you wait long enough, you’ll see golden seeds spawn near the water, which you can grow into saplings and, finally, into midas trees.

Merge Dragons! on PC: A Guide to Becoming Rich

You can loot the midas trees for apples and merge several apples into more expensive ones. When you are satisfied with the result, sell the apples for a super large heap of coins – all of which you get to keep and take home with you. Remember, though, that in order for this to be worth it, your coin storage should be big and empty.

That’s all there is to it! Hoarding a bunch of gold has never been easier than with this BlueStacks guide. Now that your storage is up to par and your coffers are full, it’s time to expand your dragon army and merge to the heavens. Just don’t forget that your goal is to heal the land – not to scorch it!

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