Merge Dragons! is not a game that throws the kitchen sink at you as soon as you log in for the first time. On the contrary – it seems deceivingly simple and innocent, at least for a little while. A pretty flower here, a cute dragon there, even the bad zomblins are super nice.

Once you get into merging, though, there’s a whole world of possibilities to discover. Some find it exciting that they don’t know what kind of crazy plant or dragon they’re going to get at the next merge. We, on the other hand, like to know it all beforehand. If you’re anything like us and you don’t want to wait to see what’s next, this guide is for you.

Below, we’ve put together all types of currency and resources available in game. That also includes most possible merge paths and how you can start them. Well… what are you waiting for?

Types of Currency in Merge Dragons!

As you’d expect, currency buys you things in Merge Dragons! But what does each currency buy and how can you get more? That’s precisely what we’re about to show you.

Magical Coins

Would you look at that… cute, pretty, flowery, and all, this game world still works in virtue of the most savage principles of capitalism. Of course innocent dragons need coin and stuff. Because… reasons. We’ve actually put together a thorough guide that teaches you why you need magical coins and how to get rich, so check that out next!

Merge Dragons: The Ultimate Guide to Currency and Resources

Dragon Gems

This is the premium currency in Merge Dragons! and it will buy you pretty much anything you want. From speed-ups to plants, buildings, resources, better odds against challenges, you name it. You can buy dragon gems with real currency or, very rarely, obtain them by tapping a dragon stars (from completing quests). Don’t forget that dragon gems can and absolutely should be merged before being collected.

Stone Bricks

Most buildings from the shop are constructed using stone bricks. This includes dragon homes, brick storage, and more. You can obtain more bricks from living stones, zomblin caves, and some levels – most notably in the Quarry area (stages 28-34).

Merge Dragons: The Ultimate Guide to Currency and Resources

Life Orbs

You use these orbs to heal the land and bring more dragon joy to the world around you. In most cases, both at your base and during levels, you’ll get them from harvesting life plants with dragons. They can be merged in 3s and 5s and range from 1 (at level 1) to 320,000+ (at level 9) in healing power.

Merge Dragons: The Ultimate Guide to Currency and Resources

Types of Resources in Merge Dragons!

Resources is where merging gets crazy in this game. There are dozens of possible paths to go on, which is why it might be useful to know where to start for each type.

Types of Trees

Depending on each type, trees can give you different things in Merge Dragons! The four possible merge paths are:

1. Fruit Trees: The easiest chain to start and a decent source of gold, fruit trees are obtained by merging saplings, which grow from fruit tree seeds. These are granted as reward in some levels and will be spawned by fruit trees already in your extended home base.

Merge Dragons! on PC: The Ultimate Guide to Currency and Resources

2Dragon Trees: These trees offer a bunch of different rewards, but are most notably used as a supply of wood. They grow from dragon tree saplings, which can be obtained by merging three dragon tree leaves (harvested from prism flowers), or, more rarely, from dragon tree seeds (from level rewards).

Merge Dragons! on PC: The Ultimate Guide to Currency and Resources

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3. Grimm Trees: Used for treasure chests and necromancer grass, these trees grow from grim seeds, which may spawn when the player taps a zomblin grave (after killing a zomblin in base).

4. Midas Trees: These trees make golden apples, which can be sold for good amounts of gold. They grow from golden seeds, which sometimes spawn near water.

Types of Flowers

Flowers are the bread and butter of your mission to heal the world in Merge Dragons! They come in two varieties:

1. Life Flowers: These are commonly grown from life flower seeds (randomly floating above the base) and basic life flowers generated by fruit trees. Can be harvested for life orbs.

Merge Dragons! on PC: The Ultimate Guide to Currency and Resources

2. Prism Flowers: Slightly rarer, these flowers are grown from seeds of the prism flower, which can be harvested from necromancer grass. Prism flowers are a source of healing power, life orbs, and dragon tree leaves.

Merge Dragons! on PC: The Ultimate Guide to Currency and Resources

Types of Mushrooms

Mmm, yummy shrooms. Here’s why you should have these two types in your base:

1. Magic mushrooms: These can be looted for more magic mushrooms, chests, and fungus logs, which can eventually be used for grimm trees. If you have a few decayed logs around the base, hit them with your dragons and use the elderwood to build the gnome camp. This will put out a few bushes that you can then use to get your first magic mushroom caps.

Merge Dragons! on PC: The Ultimate Guide to Currency and Resources

2. Simple mushrooms: Ultimately merged into a type of mushroom that spawns dragons, these simple shrooms are generally found as level rewards or, more rarely, by letting puddles sit. They can also be looted for fungus logs and more simple mushrooms.

Living Stones and Grass

These two resources can both be used to generate more rocks and build more things in your base. Here’s how they work:

1. Living Stones: Eventually built into the Stonehenge, these stones are a reliable source of stone bricks for your base. You can find them either as level rewards or by harvesting any type of grass.

Merge Dragons! on PC: The Ultimate Guide to Currency and Resources

2. Grass: This resource is another way to get living stones, while its own merge chain can be started when the mysterious seed spawns near a body of water. Level 1 tufts can die and turn into necromancer grass and high-level grass can also be looted for chests.

Hills and Water

These different forms of terrain are related to one another, as well as essential in obtaining grass, mushrooms, and midas trees:

1. Hills: These first appear as topsoil, which can be looted from the Zen Temple or other hills, but also found in chests. When you merge 3 or 5 hills of level 3 or higher, there is a chance that you will spawn a Cloudy Summit. The latter will spawn a cloud, which can then be tapped for rain and up to 3 water puddles.

Merge Dragons! on PC: The Ultimate Guide to Currency and Resources

2. Water:  This resource chain starts with rain puddles and is the source of many goodies in Merge Dragons! Water levels 1 through 3 are likely to spawn mushrooms, while higher levels may result in golden seeds and grass tufts.

Wow! That’s a lot of resources and A LOT of merging. Of course, if you wouldn’t be into that kind of thing, you wouldn’t be playing Merge Dragons!, right? Seems like too much to handle, for now? Try out one of our beginner’s guides to the game, instead. Otherwise, take this newfound knowledge and put it to great use as you build your marvelous base.

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