Yes, the world needs saving once again, and yes, you are the chosen one for this job: Mia Online offers you the chance to become a mighty hero. During your adventure, you will kill at least a million enemies and grind like there is no tomorrow, so you need every help you can get to speed up this process. Well, this will be our goal in this article: Below, you can see lots of tips and tricks that will help you to save the world even faster. Let’s start: This kingdom needs a peaceful hero who is ready to butcher hordes of enemies.

Use Your Minimap To Travel Long Distances

The maps of Mia Online are pretty big, and you need to constantly switch between places. Teleport will be the fastest option to do that, but unfortunately, you need to be a VIP member to use it continuously. Luckily, there is one more way to ease travel: Open your minimap, click on the place you want to go, and your hero will automatically move to that place. You don’t even need to close the
map – you can watch the journey in real time.

Plus, the minimap can be used to see the location of all enemies on a map, with their levels. After gaining enough XP points at one location, you can move to another spot with high-level enemies to continue grinding. And instead of searching for this spot, you can use the minimap: It contains all of the information you need to know.

Claim Your Achievement Rewards

All ARPGs contain achievements and award the player for completing them, but Mia Online takes this to another level. You have five different achievement categories and completing them will award you multiple times with really useful things. For example, you can collect more than 3,000 vims for free just by playing the game, and vims are used to purchase lots of things, such as mount upgrade tokens, gold loot chests, and gear refinement stones.

However, they are not automatically applied to your account, you need to claim them. So from time to time, don’t forget to open the achievements screen and claim your free vims.

Don’t Forget That You Have A Roll Button

During combat, enemies will create “red circles” on the ground: This means they are about to unleash hell on that spot. You need to quickly get out of the circle and using your mouse is not a good way of doing that: There will always be some input latency that will cause you to lose precious seconds. Instead, you can use the roll button to quickly get out of any circle. You probably did not notice it, but it is located at the bottom right corner of the main interface. So, don’t waste time by clicking on the ground to give a “move order”: Instead, press your roll button.

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Don’t Upgrade The Default Mount

As we mentioned in our Mia Online leveling guide, you can upgrade your mount too: Doing so will further improve the main stats of your hero. However, if you don’t like the look of your default mount, know that there are dozens of other options waiting for you. More importantly, unlike many other ARPGs, these can be earned for free – you just need to complete an event or increase your reputation with a certain nation. In other words, don’t spend your vims to upgrade the default mount: Pick one you like and wait until you get it.

Our default mount – looks useful but there are many alternatives.

You can get this cute little thing by improving your reputation with the dwarves.

Stay Online, Get Rewarded

In addition to daily log in and achievement rewards, Mia Online contains another reward system: You get pretty prizes for being online. In fact, you don’t even need to “play” the game – just being online is enough. The first prize comes after being online for 5 minutes, and you can collect another reward every 15 minutes. And some of these prizes are really useful: You get golden loot chests and mount upgrade tokens too. If you play half an hour every day, for example, don’t forget to claim your “online” rewards before logging off.

You can continue by reading our Mia Online leveling guide, as it contains many other tips and tricks for empowering your hero faster. And don’t forget to use BlueStacks exclusive features too – creating skill combos and recording them, for example, will make you more effective on the battlefield. And now, you are ready to save this world too: Go out there and show those enemies who is the boss. Good luck!

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