Mighty Party Battle System Guide: Crush Your Enemies Easily

Mighty Party Battle System Guide: Crush Your...

The battle system of Mighty Party resembles Coffee-colored Brown Dust, but it still has some unique features. In fact, it may look quite strange if you are used to real-time action. The battles in this game are “grid-based” and use turn-based mechanics. Moreover, unit placement is of crucial importance: If you place your units randomly, you won’t be winning any fights. We will explain how this system works and give you a couple of tips to crush your enemies – let’s start clearing this world from ancient evil once again.

Your Squad And Hero Roles

Your mini-army can contain up to 8 characters and an additional hero who will commandeer them. In the beginning, you will control only 5 characters and additional slots will be opened once you start gaining league ranks. When you reach rank 28, all of the slots will become available.

Now, these characters do not belong to classic RPG archetypes so don’t expect to see tanks and healers. Each and every unit in your army is a damage dealer. The only difference is, some of them are melee and some of them are ranged. Another important difference is; melee attackers have higher health points than the ranged ones. This means you must place them on the front lines – they won’t die quickly and protect the other units that are placed behind them.

Place this brute on the front line.

As you can see, this ranged character can die even if you sneeze on her. Place ranged characters behind.

You get to use 12 squares on the battlefield, as we mentioned in the Mighty Party review, and you have 4 lines to protect. So, ideally, you should have 4 melee attackers on your squad, in order to place them in the front of those lanes. The rest of your team should consist of ranged characters, such as archers and mages.

You can see the ideal unit placements in this screenshot. M is short for melee and R is ranged.

The Battle Mechanics

The battle mechanics of Mighty Party are based on lane protection. Your goal is to beat the commander hero of the enemy army, not the enemy units themselves. When you place a character on a square, he/she can protect the units behind. So, in order to attack the enemy commander, you need to clear a lane completely. Even one unit on that lane will block your attacks. Same goes for you too: If you want to protect your commander hero, you must not leave any lanes open.

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We marked the open lanes in this screenshot. We both have an open lane, so both commanders are open to attacks. Fill those lanes.

The battlefield may contain buffs too. The squares that have a “heart” will give 1 health point to any character placed on that square. Use these buffs to your advantage and fill them quickly, otherwise, the enemy will do the same.

Once you place the units, they attack automatically: You have no control over this action. If a unit can use an open lane, he/she will attack directly to the enemy commander. If not, he will attack the unit in front of him. The only thing you need to do is use special skills of commander heroes. Each commander brings something different to the battle and it is upto you to decide when to use that skill.

This is the special skill of our commander: By using it, we can damage all enemy units 3 health points.

You can get additional buffs by correctly placing your units. For example, this ranged unit gives +1 health to all nearby melee units. We placed her right behind the warrior and increased his health.

Each battle lasts for upto 3 minutes and your units keep dying – you should replenish them in order to protect your lanes. We recommend focusing on a single lane and quickly clearing it: There is no need to scatter your units on the battlefield. Simply put, this should be your battle tactic at the early stages of the game:

  • Fill the front squares of every lane at the beginning,
  • Fill one of your lanes entirely, so the units on it can attack and clear an enemy lane quickly.

With a little creativity, we are sure that you too will find other useful tactics – don’t forget to share them with us via comments. Your goal should be reaching league rank 28 as soon as possible, in order to unlock all slots in your army. And after that, you can focus on collecting strong characters and heroes by summoning. Don’t forget to read our other Mighty Party guides too and good luck on the battlefield!

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