Gather A Mighty Squad And Crush Your Enemies: Let’s Play Mighty Party On BlueStacks

Gather A Mighty Squad And Crush Your...

We are used to seeing hybrid game mechanics but Mighty Party truly takes this to the next level: It is a gacha game with turn-based battles that focus on PvP matches. Basically, you are trying to gather a strong team of heroes by summoning and use them against other players’ teams. There is a single player mode (and even a story) too but it is quite weak: The focus of this game is on PvP battles right from the start. So, is Mighty Party a successful hybrid? Is it really that good? Let’s play the game on BlueStacks and find out.

Basic Mechanics & Summon System

We were not kidding when saying “PvP focused”: Even the tutorial battle of the game is played against another player. (Note that you are fighting against the player’s team, even if he/she is offline.) After completing that match, the main menu of the game appears and you are directly invited to increase your PvP rank: Mighty Party does not seem to be interested in single player missions.

Whether it is interesting or not, single player campaign exists. However, instead of following a story, you just fight against the AI in dungeons. You can add the enemies you beat to your team. In addition, by completing single player achievements, you can get additional bonuses and unique heroes. Almost every 5 levels, you get something.

Completing PvE and PvP tasks gives you loot crates, which contain gold and shards of characters. Even the most basic type of heroes require at least 25 shards – after getting them all, you can add that character to your team for free. Speaking of adding heroes, the summon system of the game is the main source of getting new characters. You get to make one summon for free at the beginning (which can be turned to infinite summons with the help of BlueStacks Multi Instance ) and after that, each one costs 500 gold (basic) or 99 gems (advanced). Basic summoning gives you common, rare, and epic heroes while advanced summoning gives rare, epic, and legendary.

Play Mighty Party: Clash of Heroes on BlueStacks 4

The reward for completing a task – we need 5 more shards to add this warrior to our party.

Drop rates of basic summon method.

You need to increase your league rank in order to start getting stronger heroes. Loot chests improve with every level.

And once you create the perfect team of heroes, you can start empowering them. Heroes can have up to 6 stars and it is possible to increase this number by evolving. You can also increase their basic levels and skills. In other words, the good old gacha formula is effective in Mighty Party too.

Battle System

The battle system is very similar to Brown Dust . In fact, it is almost the same. There are 24 squares on each battlefield and you get to use 12 of them. In other words, you get three lanes to defend. You need to place the units one by one onto these squares and the enemies only attack the front. So, for example, if you place a hero with high health points at the first square, other units you place behind him will be safe from attacks, until that hero dies. The trick is not leaving any lanes open: Otherwise, your commander hero becomes open to attacks. The goal is to kill the enemy hero, not killing his units. So you will try to break open the enemy lanes and land your attacks directly on the enemy commander.

The hearts next to your units represent their health points.

Your commander hero can also bring special skills to the battle.

Basically, you will gather a big army by constant summoning, make the rarest ones “commander” heroes, and make the rest cannon fodder. Well, that’s how battles are won.


Mighty Party is a gacha game but it focuses on action rather than “collecting”. It won’t satisfy die-hard gacha fans but if you are looking for a casual game that can offer you quick and dirty PvP matches, you should definitely try it. This game is a “light” version of Brown Dust but still manages to offer enough fun. Don’t forget that playing Mighty Party on BlueStacks will give you extra benefits too. Now go gather your army and start fighting, a player named “LolZ589” is challenging you! ;)s

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