When it comes to gacha games like Mirage Memorial Global, the general consensus is that rerolling is one of the most important parts of having a good and lengthy career. Life is just so much easier when you have a team comprised of S and SS characters. However, while having powerful characters is always important, the process of rerolling varies from game to game, and might not even be as crucial in certain titles.

Rerolling in Mirage Memorial Global on PC

Mirage Memorial Global is among those titles in which rerolling is tedious. This is mostly due to the fact that, for every time you want to reroll, you have to play for around 15 minutes before being able to summon. While 15 minutes doesn’t sound like much, it’ll definitely add up and weigh down on the players, especially for those who are set on obtaining one or two SS characters. Furthermore, since the game, at first glance, forces you to log in either with a Google or a Facebook account, rerolling seemingly requires you to create burner emails every time you want to retry.

Nevertheless, there’s much to be gained from rerolling, especially in Mirage Memorial since the game gifts you not only one but ten free summonings upon completing chapter one. In this guide, we’ll show you how to reroll in this game, as well as how to use BlueStacks to dramatically improve your success in this endeavor.

Rerolling in Mirage Memorial Global on PC

To Reroll, or Not to Reroll?

In Mirage Memorial, rerolling might seem like the best choice for many, but it’s also worth thinking about whether or not it might be worth the hassle. While unlocking powerful characters from the beginning is a surefire way to improve your performance down the line, the way the summoning system in this gacha game works rewards those who constantly summon and makes it easier to pull for SS characters as the player adds more S-rank characters to his roster.

Rerolling in Mirage Memorial Global on PC

In the beginning, your odds of pulling an SS character are only 1.5% for every summoning. However, the game states that, for every S hero that you unlock, the probability of obtaining another character of higher rarity increases. In this sense, while you may not get any of the best characters in your initial 10 summonings, the fact that you’ll probably get a few S-ranks means that you’ll have much better odds of receiving better characters down the line.

In other words, if you’re try-harding and looking to summon the very best characters from the very beginning, then by all means use this guide to streamline your rerolls. However, there’s nothing wrong with being more casual about it, and simply summoning SS characters at your own pace as you make your way through the game’s stages and challenges.

Rerolling in Mirage Memorial Global on PC

Rerolling in Mirage Memorial Global on PC with BlueStacks

The great part about playing Mirage Memorial Global on PC with BlueStacks is that you’ll gain access to a variety of tools that can assist you in your rerolling efforts. For example, with the Instance Manager, you can create multiple BlueStacks instances and run the game in each one simultaneously, effectively allowing you to reroll 20 or 30 times instead of the regular 10. The Multi-Instance Sync feature further streamlines this process by allowing you to control all your active instances simply by playing on one window, while BlueStacks mirrors your actions on the rest.

Rerolling in Mirage Memorial Global on PC

While the process of rerolling remains pretty much unchanged whether you’re playing either on BlueStacks or mobile, you will find many different tools to help you with this task on the former. You wouldn’t want to pull only 10 characters every 15 minutes, right? Unleash the true potential of your game and play on BlueStacks!

With that out of the way, let’s go over the process of rerolling properly.

Access the Game With Different Accounts

As we mentioned in the introduction, rerolling in Mirage Memorial seems like a hassle at first because the game seemingly forces you to log in with either a Facebook or Google account. However, if you opt to register a new account by clicking on “member”, you can essentially create infinite accounts for every time you wish to reroll. Just remember not to bind these accounts to your email at the moment of creation until you manage to pull some good heroes.

Rerolling in Mirage Memorial Global on PC

Clear the First Chapter, and Roll

Once in game, you need to quickly skip every dialog and complete the first chapter of the story missions as fast as possible. You’ll get many different rewards and resources along the way and, once you complete the final stage, as well as the first stage of chapter 2, you will be able to perform a free 10x summoning. It goes without saying that this will be your best chance to pull your dream team. Furthermore, with all the rewards you’ve been receiving from the stages, you should also have many summoning tickets, which you can use for performing around 10 additional summonings.

Rerolling in Mirage Memorial Global on PC

If you’re using BlueStacks and rolling with at least 3 instances, this means that you’ll be performing around 60 rolls every 15 to 20 minutes. This is A LOT of summonings, which means that, hopefully, you’ll receive an awesome SS Athena or Hades in no time. These two are more than enough to carry you through most of the story missions without even breaking a sweat. If you’re not happy with the results, you simply need to logout, register a new account, and then repeat the entire process.

With BlueStacks, you’ll be rolling in S and SS characters in only a few moments of rerolling in Mirage Memorial Global. The fact that you’ll be pulling with multiple accounts simultaneously will dramatically help to speed up the process. Have you tried rerolling in this gacha game with BlueStacks? We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments in the section below!