In Mirage Memorial Global, you may summon servants to join your team and help you to battle against any opponent that stand in your way. Simply put, most of your efforts in this game will revolve around unlocking powerful characters and further upgrading them by investing resources. However, the challenge here, aside from being lucky enough to summon an S or SS character, is knowing which characters to keep, and which to ignore.

The Best Characters in Mirage Memorial Global on PC

In MMGlobal, there are over 60 different characters that you can summon, at the time we’re writing this article. Around 20 of these characters are S and SS rank, which means that, luckily, you won’t have much problems deciding which to keep. Considering that SS ranks are very rare (1.5% odds of obtaining them from a summoning), they’re also quite strong. However, if you’re looking for the best of the best, then you won’t settle for just any servant.

In this guide, we’re going to share out picks for best characters for every role in Mirage Memorial Global. However, if you’re set on summoning the best characters from the start, we suggest taking a look at our guide on rerolling in MMGlobal first.

The Best Characters in Mirage Memorial Global on PC

Best DPS Servants

Dealing damage in this game is not so much about hitting hard with regular attacks, but about destroying your foes with your character’s skills. While DPS characters have higher-than-average damage on physical attacks, their skills are the ones that make them shine as the best heroes for this role can often exterminate the entire enemy team once they manage to unleash a special ability.

Some characters that match this description include the following:

  • Athena

Arguably one of the strongest characters, who can carry you through most of the story missions once upgraded. If you add Athena to your team early on, you won’t have any issues with completing up to chapter 5 onwards. However, in order to unleash her full potential, and unlock her defensive skills you must upgrade her ASAP.

The Best Characters in Mirage Memorial Global on PC

Athena shines for her AoE damage, as well as for her skills that can cause great damage to the enemy while buffing her in many ways. Her main skill, Holy Blade, deals multiple hits to the entire enemy team while also knocking them back and granting Athena immunity to all damage and control effects. Meanwhile, her second skill, Holy Warrior, damages and knocks back a single opponent, dispels all her debuffs, and grants her increased attack speed and evasion.

Her third skill, Purify Blade, is the reason why Athena is exceptionally strong. Aside from damaging all enemies in its path, this ability reduces their damage by 90% for 4 seconds, increasing her allies’ survivability substantially.

  • Hades

Along with Athena, Hades is another heavy hitter that can carry you through most of the story missions in Mirage Memorial. She specializes in keeping the enemies incapacitated while chipping away their HP. She’s much more selfish in the fact that she doesn’t dispel debuffs or buff herself, but has skills that increase her own survivability. You could say that, since she’s not much of a team player, Hades is a great independent servant and doesn’t require much support in order to fulfill her duty.

The Best Characters in Mirage Memorial Global on PC

Her first two skills, Dead Silence and Dark Heaven, deal damage to many enemies while knocking them into the air. While airborne, enemies are helpless and can’t fight back. Meanwhile, Hades’ third skill, Samsara, turns her into a ghostly figure, gaining completely immunity, and damaging everything around her for the entire duration.

  • Susanoo

While our first two suggestions revolved more around single-target DPS, Susanoo is all the opposite. This servant has skills that affect the entire enemy team. When paired with other characters that can attack many enemies at once, she can essentially make short work out of any group of foes. However, Susanoo is not as strong as our other DPS suggestions, especially when facing against tough single enemies like bosses.

The Best Characters in Mirage Memorial Global on PC

Her first skill, Avalanche, damages the entire enemy team and reduces their attack and movement speed by 50% for 8 seconds, greatly reducing their damage as they won’t be able to attack as often. Her second skill, Death Palm, knocks the enemies back while granting Susanoo max defense, allowing her to tank most attacks for 4 seconds. Her third skill, Intercept, makes her into a fearsome force in the battlefield as she deals damage to everything around her while increasing her own offense for 8 seconds. This skill also stuns foes for 3 seconds.

Best Tank Servants

When it comes to tanking in Mirage Memorial Global, the idea is to attract the enemies’ attention, keeping them incapacitated, and absorbing damage so that other party members don’t have to. However, the best characters in this role, while not as strong as pure DPS servants, can also deal decent damage to the enemy.

Here are some of our picks for great tanks in MMGlobal:

  • Nuwa

Combining a great offense with better-than-average defenses, Nuwa is a force to be feared on the field. She can launch enemies into the air, leaving them helpless, with her first skill, Chaos Repression. Furthermore, this skill also damages the enemy 6 times, potentially dealing tons of damage. Her second skill, while also damaging many enemies, grants her the “stoic” status and boosts her physical and magical defense considerably for 10 seconds, allowing her to tank any foe.

The Best Characters in Mirage Memorial Global on PC

  • Nobu

Nobu is among the few sustain-tanks in Mirage Memorial Global. While not technically a tank, her skill set allows her to stand in the frontlines and absorb tons of damage since she can heal herself with her Phantom Scythe skill. Additionally, she can greatly reduce the physical attack attribute of her enemies with her Ghost Strike skill. This second skill means that not only can she boost her own survivability, but that of her entire team as well.

The Best Characters in Mirage Memorial Global on PC

As if having great defensive options wasn’t enough, Nobu is also capable of increasing her own attack speed for 4 seconds with her Crescent Slash skill. In general, this servant has great damage potential, which is only outshined by her survivability.

Best Support Servants

A support character in Mirage Memorial Global is any servant who, instead of having skills for damaging the enemy, focuses more on debuffing the enemy, healing her allies, or granting positives effects to the party.

Here are two examples of characters that can fulfill this role:

  • Atlas

As one of the best support characters in the game, Atlas has skills for both debuffing the enemies’ damage, as well as for keeping your own party alive and well. Her first two skills, Light Storm and Dust Storm, both reduce the attack of her enemies. However, the former also reduces the enemy team’s morale by 100, while the latter has a chance to convert an enemy to your team for 4 seconds. Her third skill, Rain Storm is an AoE heal centered around her main target.

The Best Characters in Mirage Memorial Global on PC

Atlas is great because, while she doesn’t deal much damage, she can severely cripple the opponent’s performance, turning them into sitting ducks so your party can easily wipe them out.

  • Hammurabi

This servant is a more offense-oriented support as she has skills for damaging the enemy while supplementing her healing prowess. Her first two skills, Theocratic Code and Dictator, heavily damage the enemy. Furthermore, the former dispels all the buffs of the affected targets, while the latter reduces their attack speed by 50% for 4 seconds. Her third skill is just a standard healing spell, but that can also knockback all enemies around the target.

The Best Characters in Mirage Memorial Global on PC

Like Atlas, Hammurabi can passively increase the morale regen of the entire party, giving them access to their skills much faster.

If you’re looking to build a powerful team in Mirage Memorial Global, then you better try to pull for any of the characters we mentioned in this list. By adding only one or two of the servants we listed above, you will be able to easily beat most stages in the main campaign, as well as have a very good foundation to build a great squad later on in the endgame.

The Best Characters in Mirage Memorial Global on PC