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Mirage Memorial Global : How to Obtain and Upgrade More Servants

Mirage Memorial Global has been marketed as a mobile RPGs since its release, but the truth is that this is a Gacha game through and through. Don’t get us wrong: it’s a wonderful game, full of possibilities and slightly innovative mechanics, but a Gacha nonetheless. In other words, you might struggle with most content unless you put together a powerful core team of Servants.

Mirage Memorial Global: How to Obtain and Upgrade More Servants

Doing so can be tricky if you don’t want to pay your way to the best characters in the game. Even as an F2P player, however, you can gather premium currency and summon a decent number of Servants each day. Ultimately, it’s all about patience. Once you finally get the characters you’re looking for, though, you have to know your way around upgrade options. The guide below can help you avoid common mistakes and gain a major advantage in the game.

How to Obtain New Servants

A limited number of Servants will be given to you as part of the PvE dungeon campaign. This will usually happen when you complete the last level in a Chapter, but you shouldn’t get too excited at the prospect. While some of the rewarded characters are great, most are fairly underwhelming and will never make it into your core team. You can buy much better Servants using PvP Arena currency, but they are usually very expensive and will require several days’ worth of farming per copy.

Mirage Memorial Global: How to Obtain and Upgrade More Servants

Your main source of Servants will therefore be the Summoning Portal, where you can use either Premium Crystals or Cards to draw them in a Gacha system. Naturally, S and SS heroes are rare sights during these pulls, which means that the only way to get more high-quality Servants is to stack as many Crystals as possible. As an F2P player, this is not as hard as it seems, especially during the early-game. As you progress through the PvE campaign and complete various achievements, you gain Crystals at a steady pace. In our experience, this is enough to get you 1-2 (10x) pulls per day.

Mirage Memorial Global: How to Obtain and Upgrade More Servants

How to Evolve and Refine a Servant

Each hero has a set of 4 gems, which can be obtained from PvE campaign levels. Once the 4 gems are slotted, the hero can be evolved and, once every two evolutions, brought to a higher rarity. A hero starts as White and is first evolved into Green. She can then be upgraded to Blue and, finally, to Purple. With each change in color, the necessary gems become increasingly intricate and require more Energy per gem in order to farm. However, the reward is more than worth the effort. Each new color unlocks another skill for your Servant and greatly improves their CP.

Mirage Memorial Global: How to Obtain and Upgrade More Servants

On the same screen, Servants can also undergo a process referred to as “Refinement”. When Refined, a hero receives a boost to a random stat, from ATK to DEF, HP, and Magic DEF. Once the character has been Refined enough times and has achieved the correct level, she can be Evolved using a large amount of Refine Stones. This unlocks new Refinement options and enhances the character’s CP.

Mirage Memorial Global: How to Obtain and Upgrade More Servants

How to Upgrade Skills

Skills are unlocked as the rarity of a character is improved. Once unlocked, a Skill can also be upgraded up to 50 times, depending on each Servant. A hero’s most important ability is usually their ultimate, which appears at the top of the Skills menu. The last skill to be unlocked is generally the character’s passive, which can nevertheless completely change the way a Servant works; for instance, in the case of self-heal passives.

Mirage Memorial Global: How to Obtain and Upgrade More Servants

To upgrade a skill, you need Skill Cards that can either be purchased from the Shop in exchange for Premium Crystals or obtained from the Borderlands Defense challenge and different campaign levels. The maximum level of a Skill will also commonly depend on the Servant’s level.

How to Improve Soldiers (or Mercs)

One interesting combat mechanic (link to “Mirage Memorial Global: The Complete Combat Guide”) in Mirage Memorial Global is the addition of Soldiers or Mercenaries. During a battle, each Servant is accompanied by two Mercs, which can deal and take damage, but disappear as soon as their hero is defeated. These Mercs can be extremely useful during difficult fights, especially since they may absorb some of the damage that would otherwise target your Servants.

Mirage Memorial Global: How to Obtain and Upgrade More Servants

Mercs can be improved under the “Soldier” tab using Tomes of Training. These are a common reward for completing campaign levels, but can also be purchased in the shop or obtained from the Arena and Desert Shrine challenge. Once every 20 upgrades, the Merc evolves into a better version of itself. Upon 5 consecutive evolutions, you get to select one of two different versions for each Merc, depending on how you wish to specialize your Servant.

How to Properly Gear a Servant

Gear is yet another way to significantly improve a character’s CP, albeit a fairly costly one. Each Servant can equip 5 pieces of gear, including a weapon, chestpiece, ring, headpiece, and boots. Apart from weapons (which can be of two types, for melee and ranged characters), all items can be used by all Servants. Gear comes in different rarities, from Green to Blue, Purple, and Orange. The latter can only be obtained by putting together 30 fragments or by opening a special Orange gear chest.

Mirage Memorial Global: How to Obtain and Upgrade More Servants

Finally, gear can also be evolved much like the Servants themselves. Each item can be Enhanced using Enhance Stones in order to increase its basic stat, while some items come with “Unidentified” bonus stats as well. Once you use Grinding Sand or other reagents to identify the stat on a piece of equipment, the game randomly generates a stat and number to fill in that slot. These can be changed through the “Recast” menu, but only once you hit Master level 38.

Mirage Memorial Global: How to Obtain and Upgrade More Servants

Overall, upgrading a character can be a costly endeavor and this is not even considering the fact that you need at least 2 copies of a Servant in order to add another star to their rank. You’ll need plenty of resources in the process and you’ll have to constantly remind yourself that, while it may be tempting to maximize only your best SS, you have to spread the love equally among your core teammates in order to clear most content. When the grind gets too heavy, don’t forget that you can play Mirage Memorial Global on PC using BlueStacks and that this will significantly decrease the time you have to spend farming reagents.

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