For the last part of our Mirage: Perfect Skyline guide series, it’s time to show you some useful tips and tricks that will help you get the perfect start in the game. The game has some very interesting mechanics that might help you reach a point where it’s easier to progress through the game and put yourself in a position where you can aim for the top of the rankings. Mirage: Perfect Skyline may involve a lot of grinding but it’s all worth the effort once you find the right place to begin.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Mirage: Perfect Skyline

Mirage: Perfect Skyline uses traditional MMORPG elements that give this game a familiar sense of gameplay that most players know in their hearts. The problem is that it also has a lot of differences, especially in its goals that you might find yourself doing stuff that doesn’t apply to this game. Everybody has to start somewhere and this guide ensures that players don’t end up doing so in a way that will only hurt the way they build their characters going into the future.

Do Your Dailies

Dailies refer to the tasks that you can only do per day. This can come in the form of missions, limited dungeons, and events that can only be completed a certain number of times but are refreshed the next day. Some players refer to these as “chores” but hardcore gamers know the importance of completing them on time since they provide a boost in the number of rewards they can get daily. These rewards will prevent you from falling behind everybody else on the server.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Mirage: Perfect Skyline

The most important dailies that you can complete in Mirage: Perfect Skyline are bosses and quests. Bosses are really important because they drop the best items in the game but you can only do so a few times each day. Those items have relatively low drop chances so you might not get them on the first try so it’s important to seize every attempt. Daily quests also provide a good amount of experience which you’ll need if you’re looking to make it to the top of the rankings.

Compete in the Arena

Competing in the arena is an optional task but is still something that you should do on a regular basis. The arena is also a game mode that only has a limited number of attempts per day and also offers a ton of rewards every time you win. Players only have 10 attempts per day and will be consumed regardless of whether you win or lose. This game mode is extremely fun but the competitive aspect may not appeal to a lot of players who are only looking to play PvE.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Mirage: Perfect Skyline

The arena is a great way to check whether or not your character is behind in terms of the server population. The good players will always have a spot in the Top 100. You should do the same and try to reach that point until you’ll have to start fighting against difficult opponents at the top of the ladder. PvP is really simple in this game, mostly because the combat system is purely automated so the player doesn’t have to worry about anything other than choosing the best enemy to fight against. 

Check Your Inventory

One thing that players often forget about when they start playing the game continuously is checking their inventory for useful stuff. The game really gives you a ton of stuff that all have their specific uses. For example, you can smelt excess items in your inventory to add more stats to your character which will be converted into combat power. If you want to learn how to gain more CP, take a look at our Mirage Combat Power Guide to get an in-depth look at how to use it.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Mirage: Perfect Skyline

Players can also redeem loot boxes in their inventory which they might have forgotten to open when they acquired it while auto-questing. This will give you resources or items that you might want in the future. Additionally, if your inventory is flooded with items, you can use those in the game’s crafting system to create a higher-tier set. This should save you a lot of time when trying to get the perfect items to complete your equipment set and give you the bonuses that you need.

Visit the Store

The store offers a lot of items and most of them require premium currency to buy. However, there are items that you can buy using currency that you can acquire in the game without spending real money. For example, you can purchase Protection Babies using Sycee to equip your character. You can also purchase other pieces of equipment in the shop but they only appear at random per day so you should visit the store daily to check if they have something you might need.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Mirage: Perfect Skyline

You can also use other currencies such as B. Jade which is a resource that you gain from completing various achievements, tasks, or events. Renown is a resource that you gain from playing PvP or doing guild quests. As long as you do your dailies, you should have enough resources to purchase most of the things that you find in the shop.

Join a Guild

Joining a guild is another task that players should do as early as possible because it offers a lot of benefits that really help newbies find their footing in the game. Aside from the social aspect that comes with joining a guild, there are other benefits that players can take advantage of as long as they’re a member of an active guild. That being having access to guild facilities such as training, guild quests, and guild events.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Mirage: Perfect Skyline

Players need to make sure that they are joining an active guild with an active goal. This is to ensure that they aren’t carrying dead weight and are instead actively working with their guildmates to improve their standings in the ranking. An active guild will be able to unlock content together and complete co-op functions quickly.