You get to experience being a manager for an MLB team when you play MLB 9 Innings 23. As a manager, it is your job to know your players and what they are capable of and also recruit new players to maintain a streak of victories for the team. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at the fundamental information you need to know about players in MLB 9 Innings 23, the types of players that you can have, and how you can recruit more players.

Table of Contents

  1. Basics of Players
  2. Types of Players
  3. Recruiting New Players

Basics of Players

MLB players are defined by several attributes that determine their overall strength. There are multiple ways to upgrade the stats of players but we’ll talk about those later.

One of the most important attributes is the player grade. There are 23 player grades in the game but they can be categorized into 5 tiers: Normal, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Normal-grade players are the lowest tier whereas diamond-tier players are the highest tier. The higher the grade of the player, the more skills they have and subsequently more value to your team. Additionally, diamond players may have special skills that make them more powerful.

You can view specific information about a player by clicking on Team Management from the main menu, then clicking on Lineup, then selecting a player card, and finally clicking on View Details. Players are presented in the form of a baseball card that displays their preferred player position. Note that these positions refer to the roles of the players when they are playing defense in the current inning. As a brief overview, these are the positions in baseball, but you can know more about these in the beginner’s guide.

Location Role Role Abbreviation
Outfield (OF) Left Fielder LF
Center Fielder CF
Right Fielder RF
Infield (IF) First Baseman 1B
Second Baseman 2B
Shortstop SS
Third Baseman 3B
Pitcher’s Mound Pitcher P
Catcher’s Box Catcher C

Aside from these attributes each player has five stats. These stats determine their various baseball skills such as batting and fielding ability. These can be upgraded by clicking on Training or Skill Upgrade and selecting the appropriate features to develop a player.

  • CON – chances of doing a successful batting.
  • POW – determines the distance the ball travels when successfully batted.
  • EYE – chance of hitting pitches.
  • SPD – running speed.
  • FLD – fielding (defensive) ability.

Additionally, players also have conditions which can be Poor, Fair, or Good depending on their “biorhythm”. Essentially, their biorhythm can change any day and this can either increase or decrease their stats depending on the condition.

Types of Players

There are multiple types of players in MLB 9 Innings 23. Depending on the type of player, they can possess special attributes that can be extremely useful for your team.

  • Basic Player – given to you when you first create your account. They cannot gain skill EXP and upgrades for them are limited.
  • Live Player – consists of current MLB players. Two weeks of game results of an actual player are collected and then applied into the game and these can be either an increase or decrease in stats.
  • Player of the Month (P.O.T.M) – players selected as P.O.T.M and possess 1-month buffs such as +10 points on all stats. When batting, their chances of getting a hit are increased. When pitching, their chances of inducing weak contact are increased.
  • Prime Season – players that have achieved exceptionally during the MLB season. Their condition will never be below normal and each grade increase increments their stats by 5.

  • All-Star – players that have played in an all-star game.
  • Signature – players whose autographs are displayed on their card. Their current set effects are doubled.

  • Vintage – retired MLB players.
  • Legendary Vintage – vintage players with extraordinary performance. Their skills start at Level 3 by default and their most effect Team Set Deck Effect are applied regardless of the team.
  • Vintage Signature – vintage players whose autographs are displayed on their card. Their current set effects are doubled.
  • Supreme – the greatest MLB players of all time. Team Set Deck Effects are applied to a supreme player of the same league. Their condition (CON) is maxed out upon using a Condition Drink and the effects of gear are doubled.

Recruiting New Players

Acquiring new players can give you a great advantage especially when you get diamond-grade players. In MLB 9 Innings 23, there are three ways to acquire new players: player packs, free agents, and auctions. These options can be accessed by clicking on Player Recruitment from the home menu.

With player packs, you simply have to spend stars or points to buy a pack and open them to get a random player. With points, you can buy basic player packs whereas with stars, you can buy premium player packs as well as AL (American League) and NL (National League) player packs. You receive one free player every day through the Daily Pack and you can get up to three more free players by watching ads to get an Ad Pack.

Good batters and pitchers occasionally get listed as free agent (FA) players and you can try recruiting them when available. You can see the list of probable players that you may get when trying to recruit an FA player. Note that sometimes you may get items like condition drinks and player packs instead. You can spend either stars, FA tickets, or premium FA tickets to attempt an FA recruitment. Using a premium ticket significantly changes the probability of getting high-quality loot.