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A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games is a 3D first-person shooter game by Edkon Games who has also developed several other 3D FPS games on the mobile market. In this guide, we’ll guide you through the basic controls and features to ensure that you’ll go through a smooth experience when you play Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games. If you have not installed the game yet, check out this guide to learn how to install it on your PC or Mac with BlueStacks.

Game Modes

Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games features six game modes (as of writing) each with different objectives. If you have played other FPS games such as the popular Call of Duty: Mobile, then you may be very familiar with these game modes already so moving to Modern Ops would be a breeze.

A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

All game modes except for Free for all consist of two teams with five members each competing against each other. These two teams are the SWAT (blue) and the terrorists (orange) respectively. When entering a game, you are randomly allocated to one of these teams.

A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

  • Team Deathmatch – Two teams compete against each other by getting kills. The team with the most points (the most kills) wins.
  • Point Capture – Otherwise known as “domination”, two teams attempt to capture several points on the map. To capture a point, at least one team member must enter the capture area and hold their position until it has been captured. Capturing a point earns points for the team and the team with the most points wins.
  • Free for All – Players are not allocated into teams and are instead must individually fight one another. Each kill a player gets earns him one point and the player who garners the most kills wins.
  • Knives Only – A free-for-all game mode except that players are only allowed to use knives
  • Arms Race – A free-for-all game mode except that players level up for every two kills accomplished. For each level up, players use a new weapon. The first player to reach Level 15 and kill an enemy with a knife wins.
  • Bomb – Similar to the Counter-Strike games, the terrorist team must plant the bomb sites A or B and either the bomb must successfully detonate, or all SWAT members must be eliminated for the team to win the round. On the other hand, the SWAT team must either kill all terrorist members or defuse the bomb (if planted by terrorists) to win a round. The team who wins the most rounds wins.

Basic Controls

The controls of Modern Ops are very similar if not identical to most FPS games in the mobile market. The control system can be divided into three parts: movement, combat, and interface. Note that for this guide, we’re going to assume that you’re playing the game with keyboard and mouse and that you have BlueStacks’ Shooting Mode (this allows you to look freely with your mouse) set up. If you have not set up Shooting Mode, refer to this short guide to get started.

A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

  • Movement

  • Use the WASD keys to move in any direction. Holding the W key automatically makes your character sprint. Note that your character can only sprint continuously in a forward direction. This means that if you suddenly strafe left or right while sprinting, the sprint will stop.
  • Pressing C allows you to crouch. This can be useful when you want to accurately shoot enemies.
  • By default, there is no keybind for jumping but through the BlueStacks’ Controls Edit,  you can easily set this up. Preferably, bind the jump action to the ‘spacebar’

A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

  • Combat

  • Right-click on your mouse to aim through the gun’s sights. This makes you more accurate.
  • By default, the game automatically fires at the nearest enemy. You can disable auto-fire in the game settings after which you would need to use left-click to shoot your gun.
  • Press ‘1’ to switch weapons.
  • Press ‘2’ to equip your knife.
  • Press ‘3’, ‘4’ to use your grenades or medkits respectively. You must manually bind another key for your second grenade.
  • Press ‘5’, ‘6’ to use your first and second killstreak respectively.
  • Press ‘R’ to reload your gun. 
  • Press ‘F’ to equip a fallen enemy’s gun. You would need to be near one first.

A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

  • Interface

  • The mini-map is a very useful tool that allows you to view the map from a top view so you won’t get lost. But more importantly, this is also where you can see pings of enemy locations so you can anticipate where they’re coming from. Use this to your advantage.
  • The score can be found at the top of the screen. Clicking this brings up a detailed scoreboard displaying the individual rankings of team members.


There are three currencies in Modern Ops and these are Keys, Credits, and Gold. You can purchase various items that can make you win more battles with these currencies.

A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

Keys are used to open supply drops. Supply drops are in-game crates where you can randomly get items like weapon skins, gun blueprints, character cosmetics, and even other currencies. Each supply drop randomly gives you three items. There are four types of supply drops in the game that each cost a different amount of keys. The more expensive supply drop, the more likely that you can get rare items from opening it.

  • Supply Crate – 150 keys
  • Rare Supply Drop – 400 keys
  • Golden Crate – 1700 Keys
  • Supreme Drop – 900 Gold 

A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

Credits are used to purchase items such as new guns, gun attachments, character upgrades, and the like. Credits can be obtained easily just by playing the game. You may also instantly acquire a large amount of Credits in exchange for Gold.

A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

Gold is Modern Ops’ premium currency and large amounts of it can mostly be bought through microtransactions or through the game’s free rewards. Gold is used to buy certain powerful guns, refill grenade inventory, and other things such as an extra loadout slot.


Modern Ops allows you to not only customize each of your guns but also your character. The customization system in the game is impressively filled with content so there is a lot that you can grind for.

A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

Gun customization can be divided into function upgrades and cosmetic upgrades. For the functional upgrades, you can add muzzle attachments, on-rail devices (i.e., flashlights, laser sights), optical attachments (i.e., scopes), and magazine attachments. Each functional upgrade improves your gun’s stats to make it more powerful. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

For cosmetic upgrades, you can add skins and trinkets to your gun. More cosmetic options can be bought with Credits, Gold, or acquired from supply drops.

A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

For character customization, you can add headgear, armor, and gloves to your character for attribute bonuses. Each of these items can be upgraded to further upgrade your character. Additionally, you can also add and/or purchase skins for your character to make them stand out in comparison to other players.

A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

You can also change and purchase more killstreaks through the character customization menu. New killstreaks can be bought with Gold.

A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

Equipment such as grenades and medkits can also be purchased from character customization. Note that grenades and medkits have different types that deal with enemies differently and you can select which one to use.

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