Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games features plenty of game modes where players can show off their skills in first-person shooters and fight for the topmost place on the scoreboard. Competition is quite fierce when you play Modern Ops especially as you level up higher and enter higher-difficulty lobbies. With that, it is essential to start playing like a pro and invest in upgrades to rack up your K/D ratio, which is a very popular metric of skill in shooter games. If you want to be recognized as one of the highest K/D players in Modern Ops, then stick around to learn some essential tips to play better.

Upgrade Your Weapon

Purchasing upgrades for your weapon increases its attributes which can give you a variety of advantages such as higher damage and accuracy. 

How to Increase Your K/D in Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

You can access gun upgrades by clicking on ‘Equipment’ on the main menu and selecting the weapon that you want to upgrade. There are two ways to upgrade your weapon: you can upgrade its rank and/or buy attachments

Ranking Up a Weapon

How to Increase Your K/D in Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

Every gun has a ‘Power’ value which summarizes the gun’s reliability in shootouts. This value is determined by several attributes like accuracy, fire rate, and the like. ‘Power’ can be increased by spending credits to rank up the gun.

Upon selecting a gun, click on the green ‘UPGRADE’ button and you’ll see another upgrade button for ranking up your gun.

Buy Weapon Attachments

Each weapon can be upgraded functionally or cosmetically. Functional upgrades are what affect the gun’s stats and are the focus for this part of the guide. Functional upgrades consist of four attachments, and these are:

How to Increase Your K/D in Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

  • Optics – provides a sight to make aiming easier and also adds several buffs such as higher accuracy and damage at range (i.e., ACOG M150 L, CCO L S)

How to Increase Your K/D in Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

  • Muzzle – provides buffs to damage and/or accuracy of the gun (i.e., Suppressor Mod 9, Silencer, S-200)

How to Increase Your K/D in Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

  • On-rail – provides higher accuracy when moving and higher head damage (i.e., Flashlight LS, LSR S)

How to Increase Your K/D in Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

  • Magazine – adds more bullets to the magazine and can also provide faster reload speed and other buffs to several attributes like movement speed and fire rate.

Do note that the upgrades given by attachments depend on the attachment itself. Generally, the more expensive the attachment is, the better the upgrades are. Attachments that can only be bought with Gold are the best ones that you can buy for a certain gun.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Your character wears three pieces of equipment that can be upgraded to make them sustain more damage during shootouts. This can prevent more deaths which in turn prevents your K/D from going down.

How to Increase Your K/D in Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

From the same ‘Equipment’ menu, click on Head, Armor, or Gloves. Equipment upgrades can be purchased with credits, and you can do this by clicking on the green ‘UPGRADE’ button. This also increases the rank of the equipment which is denoted by stars.

How to Increase Your K/D in Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

Aside from upgrading, you can also craft new equipment. A great majority of craftable equipment provide strong bonuses such as bonus damage, extra headshot protection, faster movement speed, and the like. New equipment can only be crafted if you have enough blueprints for them and these blueprints can only be acquired from crates.

Aim for the Head

The head is the most sensitive part of your enemies. Continuously shooting them in the head kills them more quickly and once it becomes a habit, it can become very easy to pick off enemies. 

Use Aim Assist

Aim assist allows you to lock onto enemies upon aiming down your sights at them and this makes killing them easier. It’s a powerful tool that is completely free and legal to use and can help you increase your K/D quickly.

How to Increase Your K/D in Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

Modern Ops has aim assist enabled by default. But if you do not have it enabled, go to the game settings, find the ‘Aim’ option, and set it to ‘On’. 

Practice Good Crosshair Placement

How to Increase Your K/D in Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

While moving around the map, always place your crosshair at the same level as an enemy’s head so that it would be significantly easier to lock onto the head. Keep practicing this until it becomes a habit. You can use the heads of your teammates as reference.

Strafe While Shooting an Enemy’s Head

While exchanging bullets with an enemy, constantly move left and right while also keeping your sights on their head. This makes it so that you’re harder to hit while shooting at an enemy and in turn, increases your chances of survival.

Do Not Run Out Into the Open

A common mistake done by first-person shooter players is recklessly running out into an open area of the map. 

Doing this makes you very vulnerable to enemy fire and just exponentially increases your chances of dying. When moving around the map, you must constantly be aware and look out for potential spots from which an enemy can pop up. 

For example, an open window likely houses a sniper. You can either throw a grenade into the window to clear a potential enemy hiding there or move on but keep your crosshair at the window just in case an enemy shows up.

Being aware is honestly a skill that can only be developed by constantly playing the game and eventually memorizing the spots you need to look out for. But case in point, you should never just run recklessly around the map unless you want to get killed.

Keep Your Back Covered

Aside from your own head, your back is also a very vulnerable spot because you cannot see who is behind you at all and your back also has a huge hitbox. 

In conjunction with not recklessly running around the map, you should also ensure that your back is covered. When moving around the map, stick to moving beside walls or other covers that can protect your back while moving. 

Always Look at the Minimap

Another common mistake of first-person shooter players is not looking at the minimap. The minimap is the most important gameplay element in Modern Ops because it tells you the location of enemies on the map.

How to Increase Your K/D in Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

While moving, always look at the minimap to see if the area you’re heading to has one or two enemies (marked by red dots). The minimap also displays small arrows on enemy markers to tell you if they are above or below you. With this information, you can preempt an attack on your enemies by throwing grenades at their location or by prematurely aiming down your sights to shoot them immediately once they show up. 

Do note that looking at the minimap should only last less than a second. Only looking at your minimap is equivalent to losing 50% of your vision and can easily get you killed.