When you play Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games, things start to get more competitive as you reach higher levels and play against other skilled players. If you haven’t done so already, check out this guide on how to play like a pro and get more kills in Modern Ops. Using certain gameplay techniques and upgrading weapons may not always be enough to gain the fullest advantage. In this guide, we’ll talk about some tips and tricks that can also help you get to the top of the leaderboards. 


Modern Ops features plenty of ways to acquire resources and other valuable items and one of them is the events system. Events consist of daily quests and quests.

Daily Quests

Tips and Tricks for Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

Three crates can be opened every day to acquire special rewards given that you complete the required challenge. The three crates are colored blue, purple, and red and you must open the blue one first before proceeding to the next crate. The rewards become more valuable as you progress through the crates. Rewards include but are not limited to skill points (more on these later), blueprints for crafting weapons and equipment, and grenades.

The challenges are usually quite easy to do and doable within a day (i.e., kill 5 enemies with a headshot). If you are feeling lazy, you can instantly add progress to the challenge by clicking on the ‘ADD PROGRESS’ button. This takes you to a short advertisement that only lasts 30 seconds. 


Tips and Tricks for Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

Quests are a set of challenges that give out huge rewards upon completion. These challenges can take quite a long time to complete compared to ones in daily quests (i.e., kill 90 enemies with sniper rifles, achieve 3000 victories in team deathmatch) and they also cannot be redone. Some challenges can only be unlocked after reaching a certain level. But the rewards can include as many as 25,000 credits, 2000 Gold, and plenty of purple and red crates.

Skill Upgrades

Additional attribute bonuses can be purchased from the ‘Skill’ menu. This can mix well with your current weapon and existing upgrades.

Tips and Tricks for Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

To access the skill menu, click on its gold icon located on the top-left of the screen. 

Tips and Tricks for Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

Skills are separated into five categories: Attack, Boost, Health, Accuracy, and Defense. Each category has its own myriad of skills that you can buy with skill points (often acquired from crates). Additionally, each skill can also be upgraded up to five times for maximum effect. 

Way to Glory

The Way to Glory is Modern Ops’ ranking system. It comprises multiple leagues and you can progress higher through each league by garnering enough ‘cups’ from playing the game.

Tips and Tricks for Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

Way of Glory can be accessed by clicking on the icon of your league (which also contains the number of cups you own) located just on top of the skill menu’s icon.

Tips and Tricks for Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

What you may not know is that you can actually claim bonus rewards for completing certain leagues from the Way of Glory’s page. These rewards include small amounts of credits, gold, and keys although it’s still worth claiming them. Moreover, ranking up to a higher league also permanently increases your credit and cup gains per match.

  • No League (0-50) – no bonuses
  • Recruit League (50-400) – +25% credits, +25% cups
  • Bronze League (400-1000) – +35% credits, +35% cups
  • Silver League (1000-1800) – +45% credits, +45% cups
  • Golden League (1800-2800) – +60% credits, +65% cups
  • Diamond League (2800-4000) – +65%credits, +75%cups
  • Legendary League (4000-20000) – +75%credits, +80%cups
  • Elite League (20000-40000) – +75%credits, +80%cups
  • Master League (40000-70000) +75%credits, +80%cups
  • Grand Master League (70000-100000) – +75%credits, +80%cups
  • Supreme League (100000+) – +75%credits, +80%cups


In Modern Ops, you can earn special currency called keys. These are used to open one of four cases that contain three randomly drawn rewards. 

Tips and Tricks for Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

Opening cases is the easiest way to acquire new weapons, skins, and weapon and equipment blueprints. These rewards come in different rarities and the drop rates of those rewards per case are as follows: 

Crate Name Cost “Common” Drop Rate “Rare” Drop Rate “Legendary” Drop Rate “Supreme” Drop Rate
Supply Crate 150 Keys (one free crate can be opened by watching an ad) 55% 27% 16% 2%
Rare Supply Drop 400 Keys 2% 60% 34% 4%
Golden Crate 1700 Keys 2% 20% 61% 17%
Supreme Drop 900 Gold 1% 14% 58% 27%

In terms of average rewards gains, the Rare Supply Drop is the best option out of the four. It costs significantly less compared to the Golden Crate and has a 60% chance of dropping rare items. But if you have at least 1000 keys already, then it’s best to save up for a Golden Crate.


Killstreaks are special buffs or items that you earn upon killing a certain number of enemies. It is highly important to use killstreaks as it gives you a huge advantage over enemies.

Tips and Tricks for Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

There are currently nine killstreaks available in Modern Ops. Two of which are already unlocked when you start the game while the rest must be bought with gold. You are given two slots to equip killstreaks, and these can be edited by going to the ‘Equipment’ menu and clicking on your killstreak’s icons.

Modern Ops killstreaks:

Killstreak Name Description
Radar Directly reveals enemy locations
Radar Interference Temporarily disable the enemies’ mini-maps
Shield with Hand Gun Deflect frontal damage while equipped with a pistol (29 damage, 20 ammo). Mobility is decreased by 40% when activated.
Rocket Launcher Equip a rocket launcher to unleash a devastating 300 damage to enemies
Turret Deploy an automated machine gun to rapidly kill enemies who cross its path
Battle Dog Have a canine companion attack enemies for you
Flamethrower Equip a flamethrower to shoot a maximum 15m long flame towards enemies
Radio Car Deploy a remote-controlled car attached with a C4 explosive and detonate it remotely
Juggernaut Wear the toughest armor and tear through enemies with an M134 Minigun