As a new player, you’re still probably trying to get your bearings in terms of what it means to play Monster Legends. If you didn’t get a chance to, you should definitely check out our tips and tricks section, where we mention why food is crucial to your ML progression.

Monster Legends: Food and PvP Guide

What we don’t mention is how you can farm food effectively. Once you reach level 10 and you’re able to PvP, other players can raid your resources and get food, but also gold off of you. As such, you’ll want to know how resources work in this game, as well as what you can do to defeat other players as swiftly as possible.

Ger Your Grub On

Most players emphasize monsters and gold farming early on. However, both of these will require hefty amounts of food, since monsters can only be levelled with edibles. It’s cute, to begin with, but you soon start to notice that the mechanic is more of a pain than anything else. If things weren’t bad enough as is, getting your habitats from level 3 to 4 will require a ton of snacks. Fortunately, that comes much later on.

Monster Legends: Food and PvP Guide

For now, you should know that food can be obtained in the following manner:

  • Collecting crops.
  • Monster market.
  • Daily bonus.
  • Gem transactions.
  • Received as gift from a friend or when a friend visits you and clicks on your farms.
  • Mystery egg reward.

Your main source of food will obviously be the crops, which you’ll be able to collect regularly and will also give you some account experience as a bonus. Levelling your monsters will require increasingly larger amounts of snacks, so you should know exactly what to grow and in how many farms.

Monster Legends: Food and PvP Guide

As you’re building your gold farming corner, you’ll want to start on your food factory. Ideally, we’re aiming for the same amount of produce farms (6) that we want to upgrade to level 3. In terms of what you should grow, people are always tempted to go for Rainbow Snow Peas. They’re certainly attractive, since you can get the most amount of food out of them, but they’re also incredibly expensive.

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Consequently, the Rainbow Snow Peas are not necessarily the best choice in terms of gold-per-food. In the mid to late game, when gold is no longer an issue, you can consider planting these on a regular basis. However, to begin with, you’ll be better off with something like Fresh Jungle Peanuts or (an even cheaper alternative) Red Tigernuts.

Monster Legends: Food and PvP Guide

Monster Legends PvP

While there are tons of videos from endgame players owning the arena with legendary monsters, few of them actually explain how PvP works in Monster Legends. Well, here we are to pick up the slack. Once you reach account level 10, the multiplayer Monster Arena will be unlocked. Inside, you can fight other Monster Masters for a chance to climb the leaderboard and earn some awesome loot.

Monster Legends: Food and PvP Guide

Beating other players will give you a fraction of their gold and food, while roulette spins can earn you gems and the former two. For your monster team, you’ll want to focus on getting tanky characters, as well as a fair amount of CC in the form of Shutdowns and Stuns.

Whenever you enter the arena, you get 3 stamina. Attacking a player requires 2 stam, so you’ll be able to do just one attack to begin with. However, this resource gets replenished every couple of hours, so it’s best to just keep using it up in order to reach at least 8-10 attacks every day. As usual, you can spend some gems to speed up the process, but this is a terrible idea. Mind you, our words are a warning, not an invitation.

Monster Legends: Food and PvP Guide

When someone defeats your team in the arena, you get protection in the form of a Defeat Shield. They’ll also plunder some of your gold and food. The shield lasts for 16 hours, which means that nobody will be able to raid you again during this timeframe. You can purchase additional shields with gems, but this is, yet again, something you don’t want to do. Ever.

The amount of resources you loot/somebody else loots from you is a fixed ratio that’s based on your level, as well as your current stockpile. The higher your level and bigger your warehouse, the more you stand to lose. Here’s an example:

  • For a level 40 account, you’ll be able to get 25% of your enemy’s gold + anywhere between 8k to 40k bonus on top of that. Not bad, eh?

Monster Legends: Food and PvP Guide

The Tournament Special Event

The Tournament is a special kind of PvP that often appears in Timed Challenges. The difference is that you don’t get resources for winning here. There are 6 difficulty groups and in each one you will be matched up with 5 other players. You have the option to fight everyone, but the best choice is the person with the most tournament points. Defeating them will yield a higher score in a shorter amount of time.

You start the tournament with 3 stamina and you get 1 each 30 minutes, so the pace is much faster than in the Arena mode. At the end of the event, you get rewards based on your score and League. There are several checkpoint rewards and, if you manage to pass all the milestones, you’ll get 3 million gold, 40 gems, and 100k food for it.

Monster Legends: Food and PvP Guide

Aside from these, there are some high-level rewards handed out to the first 100 players in each Tournament. The first spot gets no less than 400 gems and a legendary egg, so you might want to start coming up with the best possible PvP team right now.

If you don’t manage a good result your first time in the Tournament, don’t worry too much about it. Try to learn from the experience and adjust your line-up accordingly. These events happen all the time, so you’ll get plenty of chances to sweep those gems once more.

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