What makes Monster Legends a truly entertaining breeding and collection game is the team building aspect. It’s not enough to breed the best monsters in-game. You also have to know how to combine them in order to be successful in the arena, adventure mode, or dungeons.

Monster Legends on PC – Guide to Team Composition

Knowledge of team composition will give you an idea of what monsters you need to hatch early on. If you’re a new player, this information will have a significant impact on your progression, as you’ll be able to decide on your breeding priorities, and then consistently clear more difficult challenges.

The Monster Legends Roles

First of all, growing monsters is not an easy task. You’ll need a lot of food to keep them strong and competitive. This will be on top of the upgrade snacks you’ll need to get your gold farms up and running. When you’re building a team to tackle adventure challenges or strong opponents in the arena, keep the following in mind.

Monster Legends on PC – Guide to Team Composition

Units in Monster Legends fall into three categories:

  • These monsters empower others by making them attack first, increasing their defence, and so on. Most players agree that Timerion is a strong choice here, mainly due to the fact that his passive renders him immune to virtually all status effects.
  • This is the unit that is tasked with throwing a wrench in your enemies’ plan. His role is to prevent them from attacking through various forms of crowd control, such as stun, freeze, and others.

You really want them to have three rune slots available and stack them all with speed to give him a chance to attack before anyone else. With this setup, you can pretty much guarantee that the opposing team doesn’t even land a punch.

General Thetys is a leading contender for this position, since his denial skill will always land.

Monster Legends on PC – Guide to Team Composition

  • Damage Dealer. This is your main attacker. Their only task is to see that your opponents are obliterated as fast as possible. A great rune set-up for this position is 1 speed rune and two strength ones. With a great Denial behind him or her, your DPS will be able to wreak havoc without having to worry about being CCed or killed.

Many players recommend VoltaiK in this role, mainly due to the fact that he has so many skills that give him an extra turn. Basically, you will be able to spam everything until you deplete your stamina and, by that time, every one of your enemies should be lying in the dust. Pro tip: Keep his 50k volts ability for defending, rather than attacking.

Monster Legends on PC – Guide to Team Composition

What Skills and Compositions Should You Prioritize?

When levelling monsters, you’ll have the chance to give them new skills at different level intervals (e.g. 7). Since the AI uses its skills randomly, each of the opposing monster’s abilities will have a 25% chance of being cast. You should be cautious of any skill that gives the AI an extra turn, since it will increase their odds of casting the ultimate.

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For your lineup, the skills that have an added CC effect should come first, followed by those that can give you extra effects, such as burn or weaken. Ideally, you want to increase your defence and survivability as much as possible.

Monster Legends on PC – Guide to Team Composition

When you have a choice between 70 power and 40 power + blind, your damage dealer should get the 70 power straight up. For the Support and Denial monsters, the blind version is much better. However, if you manage to get an option with stun instead of blind, you should always take it. It’s just too good to pass up on.

When you have a choice between 100% chance to freeze one target and 50% chance to freeze three of them, you’ll probably end up taking both of them. There won’t be many viable options left later on. For the 50 power/ 20 power and 50% freeze chance, you should go the same route as the 70-power choice. It’s a matter of who gets it. Supports and Denials will benefit from the freeze chance greatly.

Monster Legends on PC – Guide to Team Composition

As a rule, every monster can be played as a damage dealer or support. Deciding on a route depends on the unit in question, but also your current line-up. If you know you have several viable DPS characters, you might be better off buffing your support game. Most players go the support route with common, uncommon, and rare elements because they’re usually too weak to fill the other roles.

Other viable team combinations can be 3x deniers with speed runes, 1 denier with 2x damage dealers, or 3 supports. Generally speaking, these are considered weaker team compositions, but they can be useful in certain circumstances. It all depends on the monsters in your collection.

Monster Legends on PC – Guide to Team Composition

Line-ups that contain at least one denier seem to perform better overall, since most of these units tend to be quite versatile. AoE ones are preferred, but not necessary by any means. If you want to know more about which monsters are worth investing in, you should definitely check out our tier list (link to “ML_TheBestUnitsfortheEarlyGame”).

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As we’ve mentioned in our tips and tricks for beginners, if you play Monster Legends on PC with BlueStacks, you have an advantage over people who keep struggling with their smartphones. We find the game less stressful and more enjoyable when the emulator takes care of all the repetitive tasks, such as picking up gold or food.

Monster Legends on PC – Guide to Team Composition

So far, these are the most important things you should keep in mind when building a Monster Legends team. Similarly to getting the best monsters for your gold farms, it might take a while until you unlock those units that are really worth investing in. Sometimes, you have to wait for a very long time and go through an arduous breeding process.

However, it will all be worth it in the end when you can clear difficult stages and beat stronger opponents with your balanced composition.

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