Although gold is not the premium currency of Monster Legends, it is the most used in-game coinage. As we mentioned in our tips and tricks for beginners, every new account should prioritize gold gain to start with. You need it to upgrade habitats, clear your island, and more.

Monster Legends on PC – Gold Farming Guide

The more gold you have, the easier it will be for you to progress, so it’s natural that we get this aspect of the game settled before anything else. For the beginning of the game, Nature Habitats are your best bet in terms of gold income, while later on, the Dark Habitat will become more effective. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Sure, you can get some gold by selling monsters, eggs, and items, or by stealing it from players, but these are not steady, reliable sources. Read on to get the best tips.

The Gold Farming Setup

The main reason we want to use Nature Habitats is because they’re cheap to upgrade. You’ll want to get these as far as possible (level 8 or so), which means heavy investments will be necessary. It also doesn’t take very long to build/upgrade a habitat and it holds a decent amount of gold to begin with. At level 4, you’ll be able to house 30k gold in each of these babies. Basically, the Nature oasis has all the great qualities of gold farm.

Monster Legends on PC – Gold Farming Guide

Another important reason why the Nature Habitat is the preferred method is the fact that it can house up to three monsters. This means you can make better use of your island space and you won’t need as many of these in order to provide a steady income. Some people say that the Magic Habitat might also be worth looking at. Our advice is to not even try. Nature/Dark is the way to go.

Monster Legends on PC – Gold Farming Guide

As you probably noticed by now, monsters are the ones that make gold for you. Sure, they need a habitat to house them, but the protagonist of the entire process is the elemental creature. Pandakens are the preferred and most used gold farmers. They have good GPM and they’re easy to make. You just have to combine a Firesaur and Treezard. It won’t always work, so you have to keep trying until it does.

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Dragonian Beasts, however, are the expert’s choice. They’re just as easy to make (Rockilla and Treezard), but they have an even higher GPM than the Pandakens. By our estimations, one level 10 Dragonian Beast gives you 28 GPM, while the equivalent Pandaken manages 21.

Monster Legends on PC – Gold Farming Guide

Now, let’s see what you need to do to get started on farming Monster Legends gold:

Get Your Habitats in Order

To begin with, you’ll need 6 Nature Habitats. You can place them in any configuration you like on your home island, but we like to have them neatly arranged in our South West corner. Since it takes no more than a minute to get them up to level 2, you can go ahead and upgrade them once.

Monster Legends on PC – Gold Farming Guide

Remember that habitats and upgrades still cost gold, so the total amount of money you need to complete this step is 16,5k gold. It might seem like a lot to begin with but we assure you it’s not.

Get the Monsters

Habitats are worthless without the right monsters in them. While you’re building your gold farms, you also need to breed a whole menagerie of Dragonian Beasts/Pandakens. It might take a while, since you can get Greenasaurs, Tarzapes, and/or Rarawrs. When this happens, just sell them for gold.

Monster Legends on PC – Gold Farming Guide

The hatching time is quite acceptable, so you won’t be losing a lot of time in this process. It can get quite annoying, but try to remember that you only have to do this once and then you’re good to go. To fill all of your Nature spots, you’ll need no less than 12 Pandakens.

Some people make the mistake to level a couple of them all the way to 10. Do yourself a favour and don’t. You’ll be earning much more gold if you distribute your levelling food evenly throughout your gold farming army, not to mention waste fewer resources in the process.

Steadily Increase Your Income

Once you get some food farms going, it’s high time you consider properly levelling your gold farming monsters. The higher their level, the more GPM for you. In this stage of the process, you want to get your monsters up to level 7 and their habitats to level 3. For the latter, you’ll need almost 100k in total.

Monster Legends on PC – Gold Farming Guide

Ideally, at level 3, you’ll want to collect your gold every 2.5 hours, maximum 3. However, if you play Monster Legends on PC with BlueStacks, you’ll be able to do this without even breaking a sweat. Just leave your perspective centred on the gold farms and create a small macro to collect the gold for you.

Wait until they’re all full, press the record macro button, then stop and give it a name. Once this is done, you can edit the macro to execute at regular intervals.

Upgrade Habitats

Later on, when you’ve finally managed to get all your habitats to level 3 and your Pandakens

to 7 or 8, you should be earning roughly 150k every 3.5 hours. With the BlueStacks macro recorder, you can ensure a steady income of 1 million gold every day.

Getting your habitats to that coveted 4th level will take 40k food for a total of 8 farms, while the 8 more monsters needed to fill in the extra slot will set you back another 10k food. Don’t be discouraged. At this point, you’ll be earning both gold and food by the truckloads.

Monster Legends on PC – Gold Farming Guide

And you’re done! With this gold income, you should be able to finally acquire some of those 5 million gold legendary habitats and start on breeding awesome legendary monsters. It’s a bit of a grind until you get here, but we assure you that it’s well worth the effort.

One last thing – don’t overfeed your monsters. This is a common rookie mistake. If you do everything right, you won’t be able to spend as much gold as you’re making. Just keep the food for units you think you might need for PvE or PvP.

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