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How to Win Battles in Monster Quest: Seven Sins

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Combat in Monster Quest: Seven Sins is resemblant to the combat in the Pokémon games in the sense that they both utilize a turn-based system. In turn-based combat, strategy combined with powerful abilities is the key to winning. Monster Quest is no different and you’ll be fighting plenty of enemies as you journey across the planet of Aurora. With this, it is quite imperative to become strong enough to fight any hostiles that hinder your adventure.

Don’t worry since this article will give you some tips on how to win fights in Monster Quest. The first thing we’ll discuss is the most straightforward and arguably the easiest way to emerge victorious in battles – upgrading your Yabi.

Yabi Upgrades

How to Win Battles in Monster Quest: Seven Sins

In Monster Quest: Seven Sins, there are several ways to upgrade your Yabi. The first is by simply increasing their level. Leveling up your Yabi will aggrandize their stats such as HP as well as the power of their physical and magical attacks and defenses (represented by P.ATK, M.ATK, P.DEF, and M.DEF respectively). Your Yabi levels up with EXP which is gained either though battling enemies or EXP Fruits, which saves you time by instantly giving your Yabi a fixed amount of EXP.

How to Win Battles in Monster Quest: Seven Sins

Additionally, Yabi stats can be improved by upgrading their Gene. This method boosts your Yabi’s stats not by adding a fixed amount but by multiplying the current stat with percentages. Also, take note that some Gene upgrades are level-locked and this means that you need to reach a certain level before progressing. With this, it is best to prioritize leveling up before Gene upgrades.
Similar to Gene-upgrading, you can also advance your Yabi’s stats via Talent. Instead of percentage values, Talent upgrades will reward a fixed amount of a particular stat. Upgrading your Yabi’s Talent will not only improve stats but will also unlock their ultimate, which is an extremely powerful attack you can use to finish off enemies in battle.

You can also equip gear such as weapons and armor to your Yabi to upgrade specific stats. Some gear in the game comes in sets and equipping pieces of a gear set can give your Yabi special benefits such as additional critical damage. When equipping gear to your Yabi, make sure that the gear they’re wearing is appropriate for their abilities.

For more details on how to properly upgrade your Yabi in Monster Quest: Seven Sins, you can read this game guide. Additionally, we also have a separate guide for gathering resources needed for upgrading your Yabis.

The Advantage of Counters

How to Win Battles in Monster Quest: Seven Sins

Your Yabi’s combat effectiveness is not just limited to stats and abilities. In Monster Quest, the playable Yabis are divided according to type (technically factions) and the game has a system in which a Yabi of a specific type can deal more damage to an enemy of a specific type. This is called the Counter system. You can find information about to whom your Yabi is strong or weak against by clicking the icon of their type in the Yabi menu.

How to Win Battles in Monster Quest: Seven Sins

In the example above, the attacks (ATK) of Ancient-type Yabis are strong against other Ancient-types and Majesty-types and this means that they will be able to deal more damage to these said types when they face them in battle. On the other hand, their attacks are weak against Dark, Spirit, and Drago types and this entails that the damage of their attacks will be weaker and below-normal when given to these types.

The defense (DEF) counters work similarly. Ancient Yabi defenses can easily withstand damage from Ice, Ancient, Spirit, and Demon types. Meanwhile, it falters against Water, Fire, Wood, Majesty, and Deity types.

When setting up your main lineup of Yabis, always keep in mind their Counter. With this, you’ll at least be able to prepare for certain enemies by deploying Yabis whose type is strong against said enemy’s type. Some situations will allow you to preview the enemy’s type before fighting them so always keep an eye out for their type icon.

General Battle Tips

Now let’s get to what you can actually do in battle.

How to Win Battles in Monster Quest: Seven Sins

Remember that in each round, you actually do not always have to unleash a physical attack against the enemy. Aside from traditional punches and projectile-throwing, you can instead boost your Yabi’s stats mid-battle to make their attack in the next turn (or next two) very impactful compared to a non-boosted attack done in the first round. Some of these boost actions can even heal some of your Yabi’s health. For instance, Lunar Scarlet’s Devil’s Dance will increase its P.ATK, M.DEF, and Speed by one level and will also heal its health after attacking in the next turn.

How to Win Battles in Monster Quest: Seven Sins

Keep in mind that some enemies can unleash an attack that can remove all of the stat boosts done by boost actions – this is called debuffing. Make sure to check their list of abilities by clicking on their icon on top of the screen to make sure that you’re boosting efforts are not wasted. Furthermore, it’s best to grind for a Yabi with a debuffing ability so that you can use it against an enemy with too many boosts.

How to Win Battles in Monster Quest: Seven Sins

Another interesting ability that some Yabi’s have is the ability to strike first in the round, which will give them an advantage especially against an enemy with a miniscule amount of health left. Abilities that strike first are useful for Yabis with a low-speed stat (speed determines who gets to attack first in battle) since they will compensate for the underpowered stat. You can see if an attack can strike first if it explicitly says “strikes first” in the description. The description can be viewed by holding a left-click on the attack’s button.

Other Yabis have more tantalizing abilities such as being able to freeze an enemy, making them dizzy, and some can even build a shield around them. There’s a myriad of Yabis to play around with. However, what you should do with every Yabi you collect is to learn what their type is and study their attacks and abilities. From there, you can determine if the particular Yabi is good enough to be placed in your lineup.

How to Win Battles in Monster Quest: Seven Sins

Later on, in a battle, you will eventually be able to unleash your Yabi’s ultimate. The ultimate is an extremely powerful attack that is capable of depleting plenty of the enemy’s HP. With this, it is best to reserve the ultimate as a finishing move. However, if your Yabi has a much lower HP than the enemy, then we suggest using the ultimate to pack one last punch before getting taken out.

How to Win Battles in Monster Quest: Seven Sins

If the currently deployed Yabi is at low HP, you can switch to the other three Yabi’s in your lineup. Switching will actually remove all debuffs done by the enemy so keep this in mind.

Collecting More Yabi

How to Win Battles in Monster Quest: Seven Sins

As mentioned, there is a lot of Yabis to collect in Monster Quest: Seven Sins. If you want to increase your chances of winning in battles, then investing time in getting unique and powerful Yabis is definitely the best choice. With the Counter system in mind, it is ideal to have at least one Yabi from every type so that you’re always prepared for whatever enemy you come across.

You add Yabi to your roster by forming pacts with them. Some Yabis require you to complete special quests in order to form a pact with them but these are usually high-tier Yabis.

How to Win Battles in Monster Quest: Seven Sins

The easier way of gathering Yabis is by collecting the ones scattered all across the in-game map. When exploring areas, you can engage in a battle with wandering Yabis and you can attempt to collect them instead of fighting them. Doing so will launch a mini-game wherein you throw a Yabi Ball (akin to a Poké Ball) towards the Yabi and hope they don’t escape.

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