My Heroes is a surprisingly complex mobile action RPG, allowing players to explore a variety of different levels and fight against hordes of monsters. The combat is very fast-paced as the enemies not only rush you at all times, but also hang back shooting projectiles at you. As such, it’s not only important to be able to attack the enemies, but also to dodge and avoid damage. Luckily, you can easily accomplish this by playing  My Heroes on PC with the best performance and controls. 

My Heroes: SEA - The Ultimate Beginner Tips and Tricks Guide

If you’re just getting started, however, you’ll find that My Heroes is more than just a button-mashing action RPG. This game has a lot of depth to its systems, including elemental weaknesses, a class system, a wide variety of weapons, and loads of different enemies. Because of this, we’ve created this beginner’s guide with the best tips and tricks to help you get started in My Heroes.

Try Out the Three Starter Classes Before Committing to One

In the very beginning of the game, you can choose between three different classes:

  • Fighter: A melee combatant with lots of attack damage and defense. They’re a bit lacking in mobility, but they make up for it in other areas. Their skills are mostly fire-based.
  • Ranger: A wind-based ranged attacker with the best mobility in the game. Though they don’t have as much damage potential as the other two, they can easily avoid projectiles and keep attacking thanks to their ranged prowess.
  • Priest: The caster class that relies on their powerful spells to deal most of their damage. Though their the slowest and physically weakest class of the three, their magical power is unmatched.

My Heroes: SEA - The Ultimate Beginner Tips and Tricks Guide

Keep in mind that, while each class has different stats, they also come with different skills. These skills are important not only because of their damage and utility, but because of their elements, which we’ll talk about in the next point. Nevertheless, we suggest giving every class a try in the first few levels to learn what they can do before choosing one to focus on.

You can create all three characters on the same account, and even swap between each of these easily when in town.

Your Elements Are Important!

My Heroes has an elemental system in place revolving around three main elements: Wood, Water, and Fire. The reason this is important is because some elements have advantages over others. And considering that most enemies come in different elements, targeting their weaknesses can make it much easier to defeat even the toughest of bosses.

As we mentioned above, some characters can have several elemental skills, which makes them better suited against certain enemies. For example, Rangers have wood-based skills, which gives them an edge against water-type enemies. In this sense, by equipping them with the appropriate weapons, you can either compensate for a class’ shortcomings by allowing them to deal damage of an element they’re not naturally-proficient in, or to amplify their strengths by using weapons that increase the damage done by their native elements.

My Heroes: SEA - The Ultimate Beginner Tips and Tricks Guide

Regardless of your approach, as you progress and increase your rank, you can equip up to three weapons at one time, which allows you to properly prepare your characters for any challenge.

Prioritize the Weakest Enemies

As you progress through the different layers in My Heroes, you’ll progressively run into more and more monsters that all attack you at the same time. These enemies can quickly overwhelm you if you get careless. For this reason, while it might seem like a good idea to deal with the larger threats first, you might benefit more from dealing with the smaller enemies as this will help to reduce some of the pressure since you won’t have to dodge a million small projectiles at the same time.

My Heroes: SEA - The Ultimate Beginner Tips and Tricks Guide

While some enemies are really weak and can be destroyed in a few hits, they can still annoy or even kill you if you drop your guard. In this sense, the fewer enemies on the screen at any given moment, the better your odds of surviving. 

Use Your Skills Effectively

Though we really shouldn’t have to point this out since they’re an intrinsic part of your character’s kit, your skills are one of the largest sources of damage in the game. However, with all the running and gunning, it might be easy to forget to use your skills in lieu of simply dodging and dealing damage with your standard attacks. Nevertheless, you should always remember to use your skills when the time is right as they can easily one-shot most smaller enemies, and deal tons of damage to bosses.

My Heroes: SEA - The Ultimate Beginner Tips and Tricks Guide

When it comes to proper usage, make sure to only use your AoE skills when there are multiple enemies in range as this will allow you to deal maximum damage. On the flipside, single-target skills should only be used on enemies that have tons of HP so that your damage won’t go to waste on the weaker foes that would die in a few basic attacks.

Keep in mind, however, that this is only valid for skills that deal damage. Some abilities are buffs that can temporarily improve your stats or heal you. In these cases, the correct usage will vary on a case by case basis. 

Run The Tougher Layers to Farm Equipment

The “Layers” in My Heroes is the game’s version of levels or stages. As you complete lower Layers, you’ll unlock tougher levels with difficult enemies, but that drop much better loot. In this sense, your best bet when it comes to gearing your characters is farming the most difficult levels currently available to your character.

My Heroes: SEA - The Ultimate Beginner Tips and Tricks Guide

Good pieces of gear in My Heroes are not just the weapons with the highest DPS, attack damage, or attack speed; their secondary attributes are just as important. In this sense, the best weapons are the ones that synergize well with your character’s skills and play style. For instance, if you’re playing with a Ranger, your best bet would be to use a powerful weapon whose secondary stats increase the damage you deal with Wood skills.

Once you get a few good pieces of gear, you can start upgrading them to improve their stats. You can upgrade these pieces in the Blacksmith in town once you reach Hero Rank E. Make sure to only upgrade your best pieces of gear as the materials required for this task are limited and would be wasted if you use them on weapons that you’ll be replacing in a few moments.

My Heroes: SEA - The Ultimate Beginner Tips and Tricks Guide

These are just a few of the most useful tips and tricks to get you started in My Heroes. As you level up and unlock more features and better weapons, you’ll learn more advanced techniques that will allow you to deal with tougher challenges. Feel free to share your best My Heroes tips and tricks in the comments below to help your fellow gamers out!