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Mythic Heroes Tier List – The Best Characters in the Game

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One of the best parts of our favorite gachas doesn’t have anything to do with battling. Heck, it doesn’t even have to do with the sweet grind for upgrading resources or any other materials, but with the effort required to summon and recruit the best characters in the game. Mythic Heroes is no exception as, even though it’s quite identical to the popular AFK Arena, it has its own cast of characters with unique appearances and stats, at least for the most part. 

Mythic Heroes Tier List – The Best Characters in the Game

However, just like with any other gacha, gathering enough resources to perform pulls can take a lot of time in Mythic Heroes, which is why most users opt to reroll as soon as they begin; to get a good head start and prepare for the many challenges that await in the game’s main campaign. Unfortunately, as the game is quite new, knowing which characters to recruit and which to ignore is an important hurdle that players will need to figure out. And while we’re quite new to the game ourselves, we’ve decided to create a tier list with the characters whom we think will be dominating the meta early on.

With that being said, we recommend checking out our reroll guide to learn how to reroll in Mythic Heroes. And if you already know how to reroll, or would simply like some guidance on some of the best characters in the game, then this guide is for you. Read on to find our Mythic Heroes tier list.

S Tier

As with many of our other tier lists, this rank belongs to the characters who are the best in any given game; the ones who can single-handedly destroy the competition, and that don’t require any important setups or teammates to unleash their full potential. In this sense, having just one of the characters in this tier will easily carry you through the main campaign, and possibly even to the endgame.

Lucifer (UR)

With a summoning rate of 0.30% per pull, it’s no surprise that UR characters like Lucifer will dominate the higher tier in this list, and with good reason.

Mythic Heroes Tier List – The Best Characters in the Game

Lucifer is an absolute powerhouse with the skills and stats to wreak havoc upon any team without requiring any sort of assistance or setups. His kit includes everything he’ll ever need to destroy his enemies, including high burst damage, good AoE skills, some CC, and the ability to transform in combat and boost his stats even further. And at higher levels, he can even boost his dodge chance by up to 30%, making this tough champion even tougher to defeat.

Lucifer is arguably one of the best characters in Mythic Heroes at launch and you’d do well to try and recruit him if you’re rerolling.

Lilith (UR)

Lilith is an interesting champion in that her skills are wholly dependent on her ally’s faction types. If you have more Guardians than Shadowarchs, she will wear a human mask, and if the opposite is true, she will wear a demon mask. Her skills vary depending on the type of mask she’s wearing, and while this may make it seem like she relies on her teammates in order to do her job, this isn’t necessarily so. This is because Lilith is strongest when she’s wearing the demon mask, and can easily deal with the entire enemy formation if these conditions are met.

Mythic Heroes Tier List – The Best Characters in the Game

With that being said, Lilith is best used in formations with predominantly Shadowarch units, which lets her unleash her strongest skills, including dealing tons of AoE damage, absorbing attacks and energy from her allies to strengthen herself, and vastly increasing her lifestyle so that she can sustain herself by dealing damage.

Lilith might be a bit complicated to use, but in the right conditions, she can be a very tough fighter.

A Tier

In contrast with the S Tier above, the characters in this category are still quite strong, but might benefit more from having teammates to support them. Still, having one or two of these in your team will get you very far in the Mythic Heroes campaign, though you’ll probably need to upgrade and gear them a bit to keep them competitive.

Izanami (SSR)

When it comes to good characters in Mythic Heroes, and in most gachas, we want units that not only deal tons of damage, but that can also survive for long enough to defeat the enemy without getting overwhelmed. And in this regard, Izanami passes with flying colors.

Mythic Heroes Tier List – The Best Characters in the Game

While her damage isn’t her best feature, she can easily out sustain her enemies through the use of her wandering ghosts. Her first skill has a chance to add a wandering ghost to her arsenal, which helps to both reduce her damage taken, as well as to boost the attack of her ultimate. Once unleashed, her ultimate sends out all her ghosts to attack the enemy, dealing damage equal to the number of ghosts she had at the time. Furthermore, she gains 100% of the damage dealt by this skill as HP, which can often heal her entire health bar several times over. She can also passively mark enemies, dealing lots of damage every 0.5 seconds and healing herself for 100% of the damage dealt.

In many regards, Izanami can be one of the best characters in any team, at least for players who haven’t been able to obtain any of the URs mentioned above.

Zeus (SSR)

There’s really not much to say about Zeus other than he’s a great character, particularly since you get him for free during the tutorial. A good Zeus can not only deal good damage to the entire enemy team, but also shield your most vulnerable allies with a weak barrier. 

Mythic Heroes Tier List – The Best Characters in the Game

However, Zeus’ real strength lies in his passive, which effectively acts as an anti-tank attack. This is because, with every basic attack, Zeus deals additional damage equal to 5% of the target’s MAX HP as a TRUE damage, which means that it can’t be reduced by any type of armor or defense. Though he’s not very strong in terms of burst damage, Zeus can whittle down any enemy given enough time, and as long as he survives long enough to actually attack the enemy.

B Tier

This category corresponds to characters that aren’t particularly bad, but that aren’t good either. These are the ones you replace as soon as you get something better, but that could carry you through the story given enough time and upgrades.

Hodur (SR)

You get this one from the tutorial as well, which is great since, given the right conditions, he can deal tons of damage to the toughest boss enemies. 

Mythic Heroes Tier List – The Best Characters in the Game

We like to categorize Hodur as a “finisher” champion, due to the fact that his ultimate is best used for defeating weakened enemies. This is because, when used, his ultimate fires up to 21 arrows that hit random targets for up to 75% damage each. However, if there’s only a single target left, all 21 arrows will affect the remaining enemy, dealing tons of burst damage in a single stroke.

Hodur is a great addition to any team and can stay with you all the way to the endgame. However, you need to actually use his ultimate manually for it to have maximum effect, since the CPU uses it as soon as it’s ready when auto-combat is enabled, potentially reducing its effectiveness by spreading out the damage across many enemies.

Muse (SR)

Muse is an interesting addition to any team, particularly since she’s the only “healer” character that we’ve mentioned on this list. This is because, when it comes to gacha games like Mythic Heroes, a good offense is often the best defense. In this sense, a slot used for a healer is a slot that could’ve been used for an attacker to clear stages faster and with less complications. 

Mythic Heroes Tier List – The Best Characters in the Game

However, if your team isn’t strong enough and its burst damage is still on the weak side, you might need a dedicated healer to survive the battle, and this is where Muse excels. With her active skills, Muse can restore up to 30% of the team’s max HP over 3 seconds. Moreover, this healing skill also buffs the attack speed of all affected allies by 20% for 8 seconds, vastly increasing the effectiveness of certain melee and physical champions.

And whenever she’s not supporting her team, Muse can also unleash her ultimate, which can hit the entire enemy squad and stun them for up to 4.5 seconds. For all the mentioned above, Muse is a great support unit that can go well in any team.

Nuwa (UR)

Despite being of the highest rarity, Nuwa isn’t higher on this list because her kit revolves mostly around supporting and buffing her allies. In this sense, while she won’t carry your team to victory, she will give her allies the boost they need to completely eradicate the enemy teams. And boy, we’re not exaggerating when we say that her buffs are remarkably strong.

Mythic Heroes Tier List – The Best Characters in the Game

Her ultimate boosts an aspect of her every allied unit depending on their role: Tanks recover 6% of their max HP every second; fighters gain a 30% boost to their attack values; mages have their crit chance and crit damage boosted by a whopping 30%, and support units regain 30 energy every second, which allows them to use their ultimate far more often.

Though most of these buffs are defensive, such as in the case of tank and support buffs, the boosts provided to fighters and mages can significantly increase their damage. And this is without mentioning the fact that Nuwa can actually buff herself as well to become a competent fighter, though this requires having a specific team composition since Nuwa receives buffs based on the type of units in her squad. 

Nuwa is quite difficult to use, but in the right hands, she can be absolutely devastating, or at least she can buff her allies to gain devastating power in her stead.

C Tier

This category corresponds to the units that you will likely want to avoid since they’re not really good. Even if you don’t have any of the meta-characters, you’ll still want to refrain from bringing any of these into battle, or perhaps you could use them to fill a slot ONLY if you have no other options. 

Luckily, there aren’t many notably bad units in Mythic Heroes.

Harpy (SR)

With damage that is mostly randomized, and quite lackluster even if the conditions align, Harpy is one of those champions that you don’t want on your team. Her damage is just too unreliable to be effective, and even her buff that increases dodge by 30% is quite ineffective since it targets allies with the lowest HP, who can still be knocked out easily since their HP will likely be very low by the time they gain the buff.

Mythic Heroes Tier List – The Best Characters in the Game

Baldur (SR)

In a game where the strongest units are the ones who can deal the most damage in the shortest period, Baldur falls short in all but the easiest fights. He simply can’t do that much damage, and his passive is completely defensive in nature, reducing the damage he receives by 70% at the beginning of the fight, but loses effectiveness every 3 seconds, until it fades away completely after 30 seconds. Suffice to say, with lackluster damage potential, a passive that only benefits him by increasing his defense and then fades away after some time, Baldur is one of the weakest units in Mythic Heroes.

Mythic Heroes Tier List – The Best Characters in the Game

With that being said, we hope this tier list helps to give you an idea of the types of units you’ll want to look for in Mythic Heroes. Feel free to leave your opinions on the best characters in the game in the comments below!

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