With the new year right around the corner, it’s now a perfect time to swing back to Mythic Heroes, a rather popular gacha idle RPG that we covered way back in late 2021, and see how its roster has changed and evolved over time. Specifically, considering that it’s been quite a while since we’ve talked about this game, there have likely been changes and additions to its lineup of heroes, which would understandably make the meta shift as well.

Mythic Heroes Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game (Updated for 2023)

Especially if you’re looking to reroll in Mythic Heroes, such as if you’re just now getting started in this game, knowing which characters to look for and which ones to ignore is always a pivotal piece of knowledge that will aid you greatly in the long run. In this sense, if you’re just beginning and want to get a competitive edge, this tier list should be your very first stop.

Without further ado, let’s start with our Mythic Heroes tier list for early 2023.

S Tier

As usual, the best characters in the game are in this tier. These are the heroes that are better suited for carrying teams on their own, without the need for external assistance, at least in the case of DPS units. And in the case of tanks and support heroes, these characters are the ones that are so proficient in their roles, that they can also basically carry the team on their own, though they obviously deal less damage than their DPS counterparts.

Mythic Heroes Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game (Updated for 2023)

  • Idun (SSR, Support, Verdian)
  • Iset (UR, Support, Verdian/Luminarch)
  • Lilith (UR, Mage, Shadowarch/Guardian)
  • Oberon (SSR, Fighter, Verdian)

A Tier

These heroes are the ones that can be just as strong as their S tier counterparts, though they often need support from their teammates as well as an adequate team composition in order to truly shine. In other words, while they won’t be solo carrying the team, they can achieve great feats regardless.

Mythic Heroes Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game (Updated for 2023)

  • Zeus (SSR, Mage, Luminarch)
  • Western Queen (SSR, Support, Luminarch)
  • Hela (SSR, Support, Shadowarch)
  • Athena (SSR, Tank, Luminarch)

B Tier

This tier corresponds to the average characters in Mythic Heroes; the ones that are neither good nor bad. These are the ones that will be in your team the most at the start, and that you should seek to replace as you unlock better champions.

Mythic Heroes Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game (Updated for 2023)

  • Flora (SSR, Mage, Verdian)
  • Gaia (SSR, Tank, Verdian)
  • Baldur (SR, Fighter, Luminarch)
  • Muse (SR, Support, Luminarch)
  • Hippolyta (SR, Tank, Guardian)

C Tier

The purpose of this tier remains the same: to illustrate the type of heroes that you’re better off leaving out of your team. Either because they don’t measure up to the current meta, or because they’re just plain bad, try to avoid these heroes whenever you’re building a team.

Mythic Heroes Tier List with the Best Heroes in the Game (Updated for 2023)

  • Harpy (SR, Support, Verdian)
  • Mulan (SR, Fighter, Guardian)
  • Merlin (SR, Support, Guardian)
  • Eos (SR, Mage, Luminarch)

Building a team in Mythic Heroes is as hard as in any other gacha game, particularly because obtaining top tier characters is a matter of random chance. Luckily, the game gives you a free infinite 10x summoning right at the start so you can get a leg up by trying to summon a few good units. Additionally, if you’re actually rerolling on top of this free 10x, you can get an even better start; if you’re lucky, that is. Please remember that, even if you get only a few good characters, you will always obtain the Idun character on your third Rookie Log-In bonus, which is a fantastic top-tier healer and support unit.

Feel free to share your favorite Mythic Heroes characters in the comments below!