Myths of Moonrise just came out a few days ago, offering an interesting combination of match-3 stages, with strategy conquest gameplay, and RPG progression mechanics. The result is a hybrid game that, while easy and straightforward to get into, could be a bit complicated to master. For this reason, we’ve decided to create a Myth of Moonrise beginner’s guide with all the information that you could ever need to start off on the right track.

Myths of Moonrise Beginner’s Guide - Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Heroes and Their Properties

The heroes in Myths of Moonrise are your special units that will be leading your armies in the overworld battles, as well as personally taking to the field and engaging the enemy in the match-3 battles. These units come in three main types:

  • Musketeer Heroes
  • Rider Heroes
  • Bruiser Heroes

Depending on the hero’s type, they can provide specific bonuses to the military units under their command. However, some heroes can also provide special passive buffs for specific types of activities, such as when gathering from the world map. In this sense, it’s always important to carefully check the talents and stats of any given hero as you unlock them, as these will give you ideas on how to use them to their maximum potential.

Myths of Moonrise Beginner’s Guide - Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Similar to the unit types mentioned above, each hero also has an “element”, though the game is quite confusing since they also refer to these traits as “types”. Regardless, these elements are color-coded similarly to other gacha games, and make up the elemental matchup system, in which certain elements are strong against one, and weak against another. We’ll talk about these matchups later on, but for now, all you need to know is that there are five different elements in Myths of Moonrise:

  • Werewolves (Green)
  • Wizards (Blue)
  • Vampires (Red)
  • Demon Hunters (Yellow)
  • Demons (Purple)

Keeping in mind both the type and elements of your heroes will help you to create balanced formations later on.

The Match-3 Combat System

One of the most prevalent types of game modes in Myths of Moonrise is the match-3 stages, where you choose up to 5 heroes for your team, and march to the field to attack and defeat any enemy that stands in your way. These stages are mostly seen at the beginning through the base clearing sections, as well as from the exploration mode that you unlock later on.

Myths of Moonrise Beginner’s Guide - Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

The idea of the match-3 combat is to order your characters to attack the enemy until they’re completely defeated. To do so, you must move tiles on a board to create combinations of at least three identical tiles. Every time you match three of these, the characters that are below the area where you matched the tiles will launch attacks straight ahead, hitting any enemies in their way. In this sense, horizontal matches will result in two or more characters attacking at the same time and covering a larger area, while vertical matches will result mostly in one character concentrating their attacks straight on a single area for maximum damage.

Additionally, as you continue combining tiles, the characters of the corresponding colors will steadily build their energy gauges, represented by the yellow bars under their HP. For example, whenever you combine yellow tiles on the board, your yellow (Demon Hunter) characters will gain energy depending on the length of the combo. This also applies if there are any subsequent combos after the initial one. And once your energy bars are full, you can click on the corresponding hero’s portrait to unleash their special skill, which will vary according to the character.

Myths of Moonrise Beginner’s Guide - Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Properly combining tiles to create combo chains, as well as correct usage of each characters’ skills, are vital to your success in the match-3 game mode in Myths of Moonrise.

The Overworld Combat System

Aside from the main match-3 stages, Myths of Moonrise also has an overworld map system like the one present in most other strategy conquest games. Through this map, you can interact with a variety of elements by sending your troops out, such as to gather resources from collection points; to attack neutral enemies and receive special rewards, or to engage in PvP against other users. This combat system, however, is very different from the regular match-3 mode.

Myths of Moonrise Beginner’s Guide - Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

The overworld combat system is mostly automated, with your units marching, fighting, and returning after you give the initial command. Your only duty here is to constantly train new troops to grow your army at a steady rate, which will let you fight against tougher enemies, as well as to gather additional resources per trip.

Your heroes play a special role in this game mode too since, while they won’t be attacking the enemy directly, they have skills that can cause damage or produce a variety of helpful effects. Furthermore, their presence in your army can grant special bonuses to certain troop types. For instance, using Musketeer heroes will boost the stats and performance of these types of units during combat.

Myths of Moonrise Beginner’s Guide - Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Your choice of heroes for overworld purposes will vary greatly depending on what you’re trying to do: If you’re heading out to battle, make sure to take the heroes that best benefit your current lineup of troops. However, if you’re going out to gather resources, try to bring along heroes that can provide bonuses to gathering speed or any related stats.

Elemental Matchups

As we mentioned before, Myths of Moonrise has a simple elemental matchup system that revolves around five different elements. Specifically, while they are color-coded similarly to other games, they aren’t actually elements, but actually unit types. Regardless, each unit type is weak against one other type, and strong against another, dealing double damage to the ones they’re strong against, but only half as much damage if they’re at a type disadvantage.

Here’s how the unit types interact in this game:

Myths of Moonrise Beginner’s Guide - Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

  • Werewolves (Green) defeat Wizards (Blue)
  • Wizards (Blue) defeat Vampires (Red)
  • Vampires (Red) defeat Werewolves (Green)
  • Demon Hunters (Yellow) and Demons (Purple) are outside the main trifecta, and deal double damage to each other, but only half damage to their same types.

Though you most likely will be sticking with a single team as you unlock and upgrade your heroes, these type matchups are still worth keeping in mind, in case you run into a tough challenge that requires a little extra push to beat.

Recruiting New Heroes

Heroes in Myths of Moonrise are recruited mainly through the Tavern building, which you unlock very early into the game. In fact, after clearing the second area in your settlement, you’ll open the Tavern, and get a free 10x summoning for your troubles. We’re not sure if this summoning is scripted and always yields the same characters, but if it isn’t, then this would be a prime opportunity for rerolling in Myths of Moonrise. We’ll keep digging and check if this is the case, and create a separate rerolling guide for this game if so.

Myths of Moonrise Beginner’s Guide - Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

It’s worth mentioning that you’ll also unlock new heroes by collecting enough of their fragments, which you can also get from the Tavern summonings, or by receiving the actual full heroes for free from the main story, though the latter are few and far in between.

Upgrading Your Heroes

Once you’ve unlocked your heroes, you’ll still need to upgrade them and keep them in top shape if you want to get the most out of them. Luckily, you’ll only have two main ways of enhancing your troops at the beginning, which is by leveling them up, or by enhancing their potential. However, you can also increase their rank and permanently boost their star level and stats in the process later on.

Myths of Moonrise Beginner’s Guide - Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Here’s a breakdown of the most important hero upgrades in Myths of Moonrise:

  • Level Up: By using Elixirs, you can give experience to your heroes, which in turn will help them to level up and boost their stats. Leveling up is crucial since it’s how heroes also learn new skills, giving them more options both in combat, as well as in the overworld.
  • Enhancement: When heroes reach their current level caps, you can use Books of Strategy and Elixirs to enhance them, increasing their stats and maximum level cap. 
  • Rank Up: By using duplicates of the same hero, you can increase their star level, which in turn will boost their base stats considerably. Though this is the most costly type of upgrade, it’s also one of the more significant in terms of benefits later on.

Building and Developing Your Sanctum

Lastly, the final basic element in Myths of Moonrise that you should know about as a beginner revolves around the base building aspect. Specifically, by gathering resources and materials, you can invest them in order to restore and construct a variety of buildings, each with a different purpose or use. For instance, you can build a plethora of production buildings, which in turn will generate more resources that you can use later on to construct even more buildings or upgrades.

Keep in mind that most of what you can build will be locked behind story progression at the beginning, so you’ll have to blaze through the missions in order to discover all the different buildings that will be available to you. However, before building anything, you’ll need to gather the necessary resources.

Myths of Moonrise Beginner’s Guide - Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

At first, most of your resources will come directly from picking them up from the ground in your settlement. However, after progressing a bit into the story, you’ll unlock a few types of production buildings. Sadly, these buildings produce resources at a very slow pace, so you’ll need to find other sources to boost your generation. Luckily, you can find a ton of resources on the world map, which you can collect by sending troops to their locations. In fact, you should always be collecting resources from the world map, just to make sure you have enough to keep a constant production of troops and buildings in your base.

And with that, you now know the most important Myths of Moonrise tips and tricks for getting a great start. Feel free to share your own pointers and advice in the comments below!