Heroes are important if you plan to play Nations of Darkness as a serious competitor. The game features a large variety of characters that players can collect through a loot box system where players spend premium currency to randomly recruit up to ten units at the same time. There are some heroes that are more valuable than others, but there is only a handful that can be considered the best.

Best Nations of Darkness Tier List

  1. S Tier
  2. A Tier
  3. B Tier

Nations of Darkness - Hero Tier List

Collecting heroes is an important step for your progression in Nations of Darkness because these units play a central part in your economic and military sectors. Take a look at our Economy Guide to learn more about how you can upgrade your nation by having access to the resources that you’ll need. For now, let’s take a look at the best heroes you can possibly get in this game.

Hero Tier List

There are many types of heroes in Nations of Darkness. Each of them was intentionally designed to have a specific purpose in the game but they still follow a certain hierarchy involving their innate strength as a character. This means that there are some characters that are naturally stronger than others and we’ll be taking a look at all of them according to their value to your nation.

S Tier

S Tier heroes are the top cut with their overwhelming power and usefulness being way ahead of the competition. Hardcore players want to collect these units and add them to the team so keep an eye out for these characters when recruiting.

  • Ivan

Ivan is a hero from the werewolf faction and is the unit with the highest base stats in the game. Aside from that, he has the most powerful abilities in the game as he is a balance of being a fighter and healer classes that can prove useful to your squad. He is the best combination of offensive and defensive stats which makes it a complete waste not to try and get him for your team.

Nations of Darkness - Hero Tier List

This hero’s design seems like it takes inspiration from Negan, giving him a frightening aesthetic of a merciless brute. In the game, he uses his brutality to lead his armies and faction toward success as he overwhelms his opponents with his mere presence. Out of all the available characters in Nations of Darkness, he is the only one with a base rating of 1614.

  • Mines XVII

Minnes XVII is a hero from the vampire faction and is the unit with the highest base stats of his kind. He is a tank character, meaning he likes being on the front lines as he can soak up a lot of damage while dealing a moderate amount of damage in return. Despite being a tank, he still deals a huge amount of damage to the enemy squad with his abilities.

Nations of Darkness - Hero Tier List

An additional value of Mines XVII is that he is able to increase the training speed of fighter troops, which is the unit that players will be using the most in the game. This ability makes him an extremely valuable addition to the team because it allows your nation to boost its military influence quickly, especially if you like to participate in military campaigns often.

A Tier

The A Tier heroes are powerful units that share similarities with the S Tier units but are valued a little lower. These units are still great to have on your team and can definitely provide a lot of influence on your squad and nation as a whole.

  • Yuri

Yuri is a hero from the werewolf faction. He shares the same attributes as Minnes XVII but not the same abilities as his vampire counterpart. He is also a tank that likes to protect his squad from harm by soaking the damage from the enemy team while returning the damage to them with his powerful attacks.

Nations of Darkness - Hero Tier List

Unlike Minnes, Yuri does not give a buff on training speed which makes him less valuable outside of combat. However, his ability gives the nation additional campaign limits instead which can also be great if the player likes to participate in large-scale wars. Having a larger campaign limit isn’t always good especially if you can’t fill the limit quickly enough.

  • Ace

Ace is another character that shares the same perks as Minnes XVII. This unit is a balanced hero from the vampire faction and is a powerful fighter that can make a valuable addition to the team. He has very good offensive and defensive stats but they are significantly lower than the first three heroes that we mentioned on this list.

Nations of Darkness - Hero Tier List

The value that Ace brings to the nation is that he is able to increase the training speed of your troops which is something that players really value in this game. His combat capabilities are simply as good as most top damage heroes in the game which is actually a good thing considering he is a balance-type hero.

B Tier

The B Tier heroes are extremely good units from other factions aside from the werewolf and vampire factions. They have significantly lower base stats and ability values but are still worth adding to your squad if you’re looking for heroes from other factions.

  • Veitch

Veitch is a hero from the hunter faction and is a powerful offensive unit that can take down enemies with ease. He specializes in dealing damage with higher attack power and powerful burst abilities on his kit. He doesn’t have any defensive capabilities so he prefers standing behind a durable tank hero that can soak the damage for him.

Nations of Darkness - Hero Tier List

The ability of this hero makes him good at assassinating enemies on the enemy squad quickly. Getting rid of a giant threat on the enemy squad is a good skill to have since those units can turn the tide of battle if they’re allowed to live long enough. 

  • Jaina

Jaina is a powerful mage from the sorcerer faction that deals a huge amount of magic damage to the enemy squad. She specializes in dealing a large amount of damage to an enemy fighter, which is the most common type of troop in the game so it can be extremely valuable to bring her along in battle.

Nations of Darkness - Hero Tier List

Jaina is also valuable in PvE campaigns as she provides a bonus on resource gathering on the map. This means that she can be a helpful addition to your squad if you’re looking to bolster your economy by gathering free resource nodes.