Noah’s Heart is a brand new MMORPG developed by the same team behind Dragon Raja. This game is developed as a “Genshin Impact killer” in the sense that it has exceedingly high production values poured into it. As such, players can adventure and travel across a very large and seamless open world and engage in a ton of different activities, as well as uncover an engaging storyline and fight against many different enemies.

The combat in Noah’s Heart is of particular note, considering that it plays entirely in real time, and unlike other mobile games, it doesn’t have any auto-battle system of any kind. This means that players must always control their characters manually when it comes to throwing down against their enemies. 

Noah’s Heart Weapons Guide - Weapon Stats and Play Styles Explained

Personally, we believe that this increased focus on manual combat is quite refreshing, especially since the battles in Noah’s Heart can be quite exhilarating. This is only further compounded by the fact that players can choose and swap freely between four different weapon types, each with their own attacks, stats, and skills. This means that the only difficulty here, aside from the combat itself, is choosing the right weapon type for your play style.

Fortunately, we aim to remedy this issue by giving you a quick breakdown of the different weapons in Noah’s Heart, as well as a few observations about each of these.

Maximizing Your Performance in Combat

Before we talk about the weapon types in this game, however, it’s important to note that, regardless of your choice here, you’ll need the best tools at your disposal in order to optimize your abilities. For mobile games like this one, you can benefit greatly from playing with the best graphics and performance, as this will give you the best view of the battlefield, and will allow you to react accordingly to the things that are going on around you.

Noah’s Heart Weapons Guide - Weapon Stats and Play Styles Explained

To get the best visuals and framerate, we suggest playing Noah’s Heart on PC with BlueStacks, as our Android app player is not only much faster than the best phones on the market, but is also loaded with features that can help to improve your experience. In this sense, BlueStacks lets you play with mouse and keyboard controls, and also offers support for gamepad, so you can get the smoothest and most comfortable gaming experience.

Check out our PC setup guide for Noah’s Heart to learn more about how to get started.

The Weapon Types in Noah’s Heart

Now that you know how to get the very best experience in this game, let’s check out the different weapons that you’ll find in Planet Noah.

Noah’s Heart Weapons Guide - Weapon Stats and Play Styles Explained

Sword & Shield

Attack Speed: ★★★

Range: ★★

Difficulty: ★★★

The standard cookie-cutter weapon present in most RPGs. The sword and shield mixes powerful defensive options with speed and agility, while also providing lots of offensive potential. This combination of features makes this weapon one of the most versatile choices in the game, and also one of the easiest to use.

This weapon has a fast standard combo that mixes swift sword slashes with shield bashes. Its speed makes it easy to break off from the enemy in case you need to evade or reposition. It also has a lunge skill, as well as a powerful barrier spell that can be combo’d into a mighty slam.

Dual Blades

Attack Speed: ★★★★★

Range: ★★

Difficulty: ★★★★

The dual blades forgoes the shield and swaps it for another sword in the off-hand, vastly increasing the weapon’s range and damage potential, but at the expense of defensive options. This weapon has a powerful standard combo that involves acrobatic spins, kicks, and double slashes, dealing tons of damage simply by mashing one button.

However, this weapon type doesn’t fall behind in terms of skills, offering powerful spinning lunges that can cut through crowds of enemies while moving across wide areas, allowing for a hit-and-run style of combat. However, when the enemy is vulnerable and it’s time to punish, this weapon can channel lots of power into a double vertical slash.


Attack Speed★★

Range: ★★★★

Difficulty: ★★★★

The polearm is the tactician’s weapon of choice, as it allows for strategic and deliberate gameplay, at the cost of speed and agility. This weapon requires lots of forethought and careful planning before every strike, since it’s not as fast as the previous two. However, despite this drawback, the polearm is also quite safe, as it allows engaging from a much longer range than the other bladed weapons.

The polearm excels at AoE damage, offering powerful sweeping and spinning attacks that can hit lots of targets. Additionally, it also has powerful vertical strikes for punishing the enemy when they’re exposed. This combination of safety and range makes the polearm a more beginner-friendly weapon than the dual blades.


Attack Speed: ★★

Range: ★★★★★

Difficulty: ★★★

Last but not least, the bow, which is the only ranged weapon in the game. There’s not much to say about this one since it’s actually pretty straightforward. Its standard combo consists of a series of shots, ending with a powerful charged blow. Its skills, on the other hand, vary between a charged volley, and an arrow that can create a black hole that attracts enemies. Finally, this weapon can also conjure three orbs that follow the player around, and that can be fired at the enemy for some nice damage.

Along with the sword and shield, the bow is probably one of the easier weapons to use in this game.

Noah’s Heart Weapons Guide - Weapon Stats and Play Styles Explained

And with that, we close our weapons guide for Noah’s Heart. Which one is your favorite? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!