It’s almost time for the release of Noah’s Heart, the brand new mobile MMORPG from the original team behind Dragon Raja, which promises to bring us to a brand new massive open world to explore, and lots of different characters to meet and interact with. 

Everything to Expect From the New Noah’s Heart When the Game Launches

And as is usual with any new game that hypes its way into the market, we couldn’t be more excited to give Noah’s Heart a spin when it finally releases. However, while we wait for that fateful moment, we wanted to take this opportunity to talk about the most impressive and awesome things that you can find in Noah’s Heart. Whether you just heard about this game for the first time, or know about it and want to learn more, we’ll be talking about everything that you can expect from this awesome new MMORPG.

Story Premise and World

Noah’s Heart puts us in the role of an amnesiac adventurer jumping into the planet Noah for the first time, after traveling from another dimension escorted by an unusual digital guide called Ave. Upon first accessing the game, we’re taken to a character customization screen, which interestingly enough, has a ton of different elements to play with. The tools that the game gives us allow us to create truly unique characters, regardless of the class that we choose. 

Everything to Expect From the New Noah’s Heart When the Game Launches

As a person who’s lost their memories and are thrown into a brand new world, our playable character is on the same page as the player—we’re simply people completely foreign to planet Noah, and must make our way across the world to learn about it, all the while meeting lots of interesting people and companions along the way. And when we say “make our way across the world”, we mean it literally, considering that one of the main selling points of Noah’s Heart is its massive open world that players can FULLY explore.

As far as the world itself goes, you’ll find all sorts of interesting views and environments in Noah. From the lush and beautiful Tasam Basin where you start your adventure; the breathtaking ridges and canyons of the Canaan Mountains, the colorful wonders of the Olmec Rainforest, and the rolling dunes of the Al Frieza Desert, to name a few. These are all zones that are fully explorable, as one of the main premises of the game is to give players a huge and seamless planet to explore at their whims.

Everything to Expect From the New Noah’s Heart When the Game Launches

Aside from slowly unraveling the threads of the game’s story, players will also interact with many NPCs and partake in various activities other than combat, such as gathering and foraging for materials, as well as social aspects like hanging around in taverns and other common areas with other like-minded players that you’ll meet along your journey.

There are no shortages of things to see and do in Noah’s Heart, whether you’re looking for a fun and action-packed experience, or a more social and relaxing vibe.

Graphics and Art Style

Now, a big world isn’t enough to outright sell us on a game. After all, there are countless MMORPGs in the market, most of which have large open worlds as well. However, when this seamless open design is complemented with a good visual style, it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “open world”. And in this regard, Noah’s Heart delivers in droves, as it features a fantastic art style that makes each zone truly unique and breathtaking. In fact, the graphics here look a little TOO familiar, considering that they are quite similar to the art style of Genshin Impact.

Everything to Expect From the New Noah’s Heart When the Game Launches

From the trees, to the mountains and the skies, and to each blade of grass, this game looks remarkably identical to Genshin Impact, which is quite cool, if not a bit derivative. Even the font used by the devs in their UI, as well as the 2D portraits and the artistic design of the interface elements are all reminiscent of Mihoyo’s hit RPG. In this sense, if you’ve played Genshin and really liked its graphics, then Noah’s Heart has just as much eye candy for you to enjoy.

Everything to Expect From the New Noah’s Heart When the Game Launches

Though in principle we have to admit that we prefer when games branch out and do their own thing, Noah’s Heart looks remarkably good, especially when you consider that this is a mobile game that we’re talking about!

Gameplay and Combat

Before you begin your adventure in Noah’s Heart, you can select between four different weapon types, which will partly determine your overall play style. The weapon choices available to you in the character creation menu are the bow, the polearm, the dual blades, and the sword and shield combo, though you can freely swap between any of these later on. Each of these weapons have their own stats and attacks, and your main approach to combat and gameplay style will vary accordingly depending on which of them you’re using. You can also unlock ranged off-hand weapons as you progress in the game, giving even more variety to each character.

Everything to Expect From the New Noah’s Heart When the Game Launches

On top of this variety with the different weapon types, you can unlock a wide assortment of “phantoms” in this game, collectible characters that you can possess, or in other words, equip, to enhance your stats and bestow special potentials on your character. These characters are summoned randomly from the gacha, a feature that is common in mobile games. 

By possessing these characters, you can use the equipped phantom’s skills, giving you more tools to take out enemies with ease and style. And while these phantoms don’t actually make an appearance when you’re out and about, you can summon them for dungeons and other challenges, where they will physically join you in combat and lend their strength to your cause

The combat itself is played completely in real-time, with the distinction that Noah’s Heart does NOT have any form of auto-combat, at least as of the closed beta test. Whenever you’re out hunting, you need to fend off enemies manually, which can get quite intense as you need to balance offense with defense as you dodge enemy attacks and counterattack with your own skills.

Everything to Expect From the New Noah’s Heart When the Game Launches

Noah’s Heart promises to be a fun-filled mobile MMORPG, especially for those who enjoy games with lots of exploration and fast-paced action combat. In order to get the best experience with it, we strongly recommend playing Noah’s Heart on PC with BlueStacks, as you’ll be able to play on your large monitor, and with an intuitive mouse and keyboard control scheme to get a better grasp of the combat. And this is without mentioning that you’ll also be able to crank the graphics to the max and enjoy the best visuals that this game has to offer. 

Make sure to take a look at Noah’s Heart once it releases in your region!