Regardless of whether you play them on PC or Mobile, all MOBAs have several things in common; they’re some of the most exciting PvP games, with lots of intricacies, mechanics, and tons of diversity to be had in the form of numerous heroes to choose from, as well as countless items, spells, and passives for creating builds.

Onmyoji Arena on PC - Combat Tips and Tricks for Winning Teamfights and Dominating Matches

Onmyoji Arena, evidently, is not the exception to this as the game has around 100 different heroes in its roster, called Shikigami in this game, as well as tons of different items to purchase in battle, combined with numerous passive buffs, as well as different equipable spells, all of which combine to create one of the most diverse and varied MOBA games in the mobile platform, able to stand alongside the titans like League of Legends: Wild Rift, or DotA 2.

We’ve already talked about everything you should know before jumping into matches in Onmyoji Arena. However, in our continuing efforts to prepare you for winning matches and improving your performance, we now want to talk about various tips and tricks to consider when it comes to actually playing and dominating in the field.

The Best Controls and Performance Can Go a Long Way

One of the most important elements for excelling in the combat and gameplay of this MOBA actually doesn’t have anything to do with the game itself. However, by playing Onmyoji Arena on PC with BlueStacks, you can get access to a wide variety of different tools and enhancements to significantly improve your gameplay.

Onmyoji Arena on PC - Combat Tips and Tricks for Winning Teamfights and Dominating Matches

Starting off with vastly improved graphics and performance, BlueStacks is much faster than even the most expensive smartphones on the market. Therefore, as long as your PC fulfills the recommended requirements for running our Android app player, which is actually quite accessible, you can play Onmyoji Arena with a stable 60 FPS and no lag, stutter, slowdowns, or any performance-related issues.

Having a stable performance is important since it will let you stay on top of events transpiring on the field much better. Also, it will make it much easier to execute tasks with precision, such as aiming powerful skills, ambushing the enemy at the precise moment, or performing anything else that might require precise timing and execution.

Moreover, BlueStacks also gives players a vastly improved control scheme, allowing everyone to play Onmyoji Arena with mouse and keyboard controls, just like in any other PC MOBA. This will make it much easier to last hit minions, aim skills, and outplay your opponents.

Onmyoji Arena on PC - Combat Tips and Tricks for Winning Teamfights and Dominating Matches

Check out our PC setup guide for Onmyoji Arena if you want to learn more about how to get started, and then our BlueStacks tools guide for this game to learn how to configure and optimize our BlueStacks features to seize the upper hand.

How to Create a Balanced Team Composition

Once you’re all set up and playing on your PC, we can go ahead and talk about the game itself. And what better way to start than by discussing team compositions?

As we mentioned in another guide, there are six main types of Shikigami in Onmyoji Arena: Samurai, Ninja, Mage, Marksman, Tanks, and Support. These categories will, in some manner, determine the role of the hero in question, though there could be some variances. Moreover, considering that standard matches are played in a 5v5 setup and on the map with three lanes, most teams are divided in the following manner:

Onmyoji Arena on PC - Combat Tips and Tricks for Winning Teamfights and Dominating Matches

  • Top Lane: Often occupied by Tanks, Ninjas, or Samurai.
  • Mid Lane: A strong Mage is an ideal candidate for mid, though a skilled Ninja or Marksman could also be a viable choice.
  • Bot Lane: The standard duo lane setup is a Marksman alongside a Support.
  • Jungle: Very frequently performed by Ninja, though some characters in other categories could also perform this role.

With that being said, a typical 5-person team will often consist of a Marksman hard carry along with their Support in bot, a Mage in mid, a Samurai on top, and a speedy Ninja in the Jungle. And while there could be deviations depending on your specific team, this is the most common distribution you’ll find in your matches.

Of course, deviations often occur at lower tiers since players usually do what they want and don’t really care for team balance. Still, it’s always a good habit to consider your team composition as opposed to marching carefree into battle with, for example, 5 Tanks in the team.

Know the Limitations and Responsibilities of Your Role

The reason why the aforementioned is the standard team composition is that, with the way Shikigami types function, this distribution will often allow players to perform their roles optimally. And in order to further understand what we’re trying to explain here, we must go over the responsibilities of every group in combat:

Onmyoji Arena on PC - Combat Tips and Tricks for Winning Teamfights and Dominating Matches

  • Top Lane: The top lane is where the toughest and beefiest fighters clash. The idea here is to farm as much as possible while preventing the enemy from farming. And since this lane is often a 1v1, the players here will level up much faster than others in the team and will be much stronger than the others. As such, the characters in this lane can grow to be some of the most dangerous in the team, and regardless of their type, their role during teamfights is often to be the anti-carry, targeting the enemy hard carry first and foremost to shut them down.
  • Mid Lane: Regardless of whether a Mage or a Ninja fills this position, players in the mid lane have similar roles of the ones at the top, though their proximity to the other two lanes makes them also ideal for ganking and supporting their team whenever they get the chance. And since the heroes in this lane are often Mages, and their damage frequently comes from their abilities rather than their auto-attacks, their ganking potential is enhanced even further.
  • Bot Lane: The typical duo lane where the only attribution of the Marksman is to farm, farm, and then farm some more. These champions are notorious for being quite weak in the early game, but then being able to completely destroy the enemy team later on once their builds are complete. With that being said, and while the Marksman’s role is to farm minions, their Support companion must assist by providing healing, buffs, and harassing the enemy to keep them suppressed and disrupting the enemy Marksman’s farm. 

And once the turret has fallen and the laning phase has ended, the Marksman must either continue farming or start transitioning towards teamfights and assisting others in their lanes, while the Support moves to a more generalized helper role for the entire team as opposed to only assisting their DPS comrade.

  • Jungle: The importance of the jungler in Onmyoji Arena, just like in other MOBAs, cannot be understated. The jungler is the Shikigami that roam the jungles defeating neutral enemies for gold and experience. Their main responsibility is both to farm these enemies, and then try to gank and support their teams as often as possible by helping them to obtain eliminations. In this regard, a good jungler can snowball their team to victory by disrupting the enemy and enabling the farm of their allies.

However, jungling is one of the toughest and most nuanced roles in the game, considering that a bad gank can not only allow the enemy to escape, but it can also disrupt the farming of their own allies by pushing the lane, or even leading to a premature turret takedown. With that being said, we recommend practicing with any other role before moving into the jungle.

Onmyoji Arena on PC - Combat Tips and Tricks for Winning Teamfights and Dominating Matches

Last Hits Are the Key to Victory

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in Onmyoji Arena, and in any other MOBA, is to play it like a shooter instead of an objective-based game, by trying to grab kills while disregarding other aspects of the game. And while kills are a good way to get an advantage in gold and experience, they’re also one of the riskiest ways of doing so, considering that if you get killed yourself, you’ll get set back significantly.

For this reason, one of the most ideal ways to farm for experience and gold is by last-hitting enemy minions. By dealing the final hit to enemies, you’ll get the most amount of gold, which in turn will speed up the rate in which you can acquire items. And while you could go for a kill or two if the opportunity presents itself, it’s often better to focus completely on your farming. And this is precisely why Support Shikigami are crucial in the bot lane, since they will be the ones that harass the enemy and keep them off their Marksman while the latters farm as much as they can.

Onmyoji Arena on PC - Combat Tips and Tricks for Winning Teamfights and Dominating Matches

Remember, regardless of your role, you’ll always need gold to buy items. In this sense, learning and mastering last-hitting minions is a vital skill for any Onmyoji Arena player.

Prioritize Your Objectives

In the same vein as the above, another big mistake that players make is losing sight of the objective. And while the main goal of the game is to destroy the enemy’s inhibitor, the method in which you approach this will determine your effectiveness. As such, there are a series of short-term goals that you always need to keep in mind when it comes to farming and progressing through the match.

Onmyoji Arena on PC - Combat Tips and Tricks for Winning Teamfights and Dominating Matches

For starters, before you get the inhibitor, you must first tear down each of the towers in a lane. Furthermore, before you do that, you must first strengthen yourself by farming minions. Therefore, to optimize your progress, you mustn’t get distracted or lose sight of your goal. 

For instance, if you’re trading hits with an enemy, and they retreat to heal, it’s not worth it to chase them down the lane, when you could be staying behind to continue farming, or even to take down a turrent. The more minions you kill, the wider the power gap between you and your enemy. Similarly, if you’re easily zoning out your enemy, it’s not worth it to push the tower so early since you will lose the free-farming advantage, considering that it’s not recommended to farm too deep into the enemy’s territory so early into the match.

Onmyoji Arena on PC - Combat Tips and Tricks for Winning Teamfights and Dominating Matches

Regardless of your role and position, it’s always important to maintain map awareness, as well as to notify whenever your enemy has retreated or left the lane so that your teammates can look out for possible ganks. Remember that Onmyoji Arena is a team game, and if you’re winning in your lane but your teammates lose theirs, your advantage is nullified.

Focus on One Role First

With everything there is to see and learn in Onmyoji Arena, we realize it must be quite a bit to take in at first. For this reason, our best advice for newcomers and beginners in this game is to take it slow and focus on one role at first. In fact, we’d even go so far as to recommend focusing on a single Shikigami at first in order to learn their ins and outs, as well as the attributions of the role in question. And in the process, you can also start growing accustomed to the pace of the matches and branch out into other roles later on.

Onmyoji Arena on PC - Combat Tips and Tricks for Winning Teamfights and Dominating Matches

Regardless, this is most of what you need to know for winning matches in Onmyoji Arena. By prioritizing farming and outplaying the enemy in your lane, you’ll eventually take the victory. And the rest will come with practice and familiarizing yourself with the different Shikigami and their skill sets.