While in most MOBAs the matches consist of many different kerfuffles and struggles throughout the three lanes, there is one role that’s the most elusive and dynamic of them all: The role of the jungler. As their name implies, these characters roam the wilds in the map, defeating and farming against the neutral enemies that inhabit the area in order to obtain gold and experience, with the objective of lending assistance to their teammates via ganking.

While in many cases the most important part about getting good in Onmyoji Arena is learning how to last hit and farm minions in the lane, while avoiding engaging the enemy unless absolutely necessary, the jungler’s job is the exact opposite: They farm the jungle only for how long is strictly necessary for acquiring a few basic items, and then set out to gank the enemy in their respective lanes. The objective here is to either score eliminations, feed themselves, and carry their team to victory, or snowball their squads by earning them kills. Either way, the jungler is one of the most important pieces of a team, alongside the hard carry, for leading their comrades to victory.

With such an important responsibility, it’s understandable that the jungle is one of the toughest roles to play and one of the most significant and important, and for this same reason, it can be one of the most daunting for beginners. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that bad, especially since we’ll be sharing some basic information about this role and its responsibilities, as well as a few tips and tricks for jungling efficiently and ganking effectively.

The Jungle Basics

In contrast to any other player in the game, the jungler has no fixed lane or position. In fact, their entire dominion is the jungle on their side of the river. This means that, in order to farm for resources and experience, the jungler will need to defeat the neutral minions that spawn in the wilderness. This is dangerous since the monsters here are stronger than regular minions, though they give decent gold and lots of experience. And though a jungler will rarely level as fast as the players in mid or top, they can progress as fast as the players in bot, or perhaps a tad faster.

Onmyoji Arena - Jungling Guide

As we mentioned above, however, the objective of the jungler is not merely to farm and level up, but to power up just enough so that they can start ganking lanes and earning kills for their team. For most junglers, this means that they only need to level up enough to learn all their skills or the ones that are used for ganking. Some of these skills can include gap closers, stuns, slows, or any other type of skills that can either help you move through distances quickly or esnare the enemy.

Regardless of the simplicity of the objectives, jungling takes some finesse in order to do it effectively, especially when it comes to leveling up. Players who can clear the jungle the quickest are able to start ganking earlier, which will earn their team the upper hand. For this reason, we always recommend picking up at least the Hunting Knife, which will not only let you hit jungle monsters harder, but also heal you with every attack. Moreover, when it comes to spells, you’ll absolutely want to take Subdue, as it will let you farm much, much faster in the jungle. This spell must be paired with either Flash or Pace, which you can use when ganking to secure a kill.

Onmyoji Arena - Jungling Guide

Jungle Shikigami

In Onmyoji Arena, the best Shikigami for jungling are those who have displacement skills and lots of mobility but also paired with lots of burst damage. The idea is that they can reach their intended target with their movement skills and then destroy anyone with a powerful burst, before retreating and repeating the same play in another lane. In general, these Shikigami are usually Ninja, but they can really be anyone that fulfills the above, as long as the player is skilled. In fact, as you’ve probably noticed, the pictures we’ve been posting in this article so far are from us jungling as Momiji, a Shikigami that usually plays in the middle lane.

With that being said, here are a few recommendations of the best Shikigami for the jungle in Onmyoji Arena:

  • Kainin (Ninja)
  • Itsumade (Ninja)
  • Kosodenote (Ninja)
  • Puppeteer (Samurai)
  • Shishio (Samurai)

Onmyoji Arena - Jungling Guide

Tips for the Jungle

As one of the most nuanced roles in the game, jungling in Onmyoji Arena can be a bit daunting. In this sense, if you’re just starting out, here are a few brief tips and tricks to help you get started:

  • Plan Your Jungling Route Appropriately

A great deal of your success as a jungler stems from how efficiently you can farm the jungle, and this depends in large part on your jungling route. 

In Onmyoji Arena, the jungle monsters can hit very hard, so it’s not uncommon to begin with the smallest ones first, and work your way up as you level up. Just remember to use your Subdue on cooldown and you should be fine. If possible, and if your team is doing well, you can focus on jungling until you hit level 6, just so you can gank with your full set of skills, for maximum effectiveness.

Onmyoji Arena - Jungling Guide

  • Keep Constant Communication With Your Team

One of the most difficult aspects of being a jungler isn’t even playing the role correctly, but coordinating with your team so that you can do your job effectively. For this reason, it’s always a good habit to notify them of your movements whenever it’s necessary. This also includes pinging or letting them know when you’re about to gank their lanes, just so that they can prepare accordingly and help you to secure the kill, or even to act as bait to make the enemy move forward so you can attack from behind.

Onmyoji Arena - Jungling Guide

  • Never Push Your Teammate’s Lane

While your role is to assist your team by ganking the enemy, you must always refrain from pushing their lanes whenever possible. This is because if you stay pushing the lane after ganking, you will give the enemy the advantage by moving your own minions closer to their turret. This not only reduces your window for ganking later on, but also makes it more difficult for your team to farm.

Onmyoji Arena - Jungling Guide

  • Always Get the Hunting Knife as Your First Item

You really can’t go wrong with this, but your very first purchase as a jungler, regardless of your Shikigami, should always be the Hunting Knife. This item not only lets you deal extra continuous damage to the enemy with every basic attack, but it also heals you whenever you defeat a jungle minion and grants you extra experience and gold. Plus, you can upgrade the knife later on into powerful items.

Onmyoji Arena - Jungling Guide

And with that, we close our jungle guide for Onmyoji Arena. We hope you found it useful, and remember that you can always share your own questions or tips and tricks in the comments below!