Pixel Starships Galaxy has a heavy emphasis on efficiently managing your resources and facilities in order to create a battle-ready vessel that can withstand any opponent. As you grow stronger in the game, you’ll realize that oftentimes you get outgunned by more experienced players in the game. However, by effectively prioritizing which facilities to upgrade and placing them in the proper positions, you can defeat enemies that have bigger guns than you.

Creating a Battle Ready Vessel in Pixel Starships

The game also features several other built-in elements that you’ll need to learn about when engaging in advanced battles. For one thing, you’ll need to find competent crew members and program their AI into functioning automatically according to the current situation of battle. Incorporating all these elements will prove to be a difficult task especially for new captains who are only beginning to learn how the combat system works in the game.

Knowing the Importance of Your Starships Elements

To effectively manage your starship, you’ll need to learn the various elements which you’ll be maintaining in the game. By having knowledge of the function of each element, you’ll be able to know their importance during battle. Here we’ll be introducing all the parts of your starship including facilities, personnel, and the AI system. Regardless of the faction you have chosen, all these elements in the game will serve uniform importance when engaging in battle.


Facilities are the primary feature in your starship which you’ll need to constantly upgrade depending on your ship’s level. The different types of facilities are the Weapon, Defense, Support, and Resource facilities which all have different purposes in battle (except the resource room). Effective prioritizing which rooms to upgrade gives you the upper hand in battle especially if your opponent doesn’t know what to target during battle. However, we’ll be only tackling the facilities necessary for battle.

  1. Reactors

Creating a Battle Ready Vessel in Pixel Starships

Reactors are your primary source of energy and are required to power all other facilities you’ll have during combat. Losing all your reactors in battle is already considered defeat especially if you aren’t able to repair it. Reactors are usually the primary targets during combat and are necessary to cripple your opponent early on in the battle. These rooms are usually heavily protected and have multiple personnel ready to repair it at any time which makes it hard to destroy.

  1. Shields

Creating a Battle Ready Vessel in Pixel Starships

Shields are as important as your reactors since they protect your ship from incoming attacks which will give time to your personnel to repair any damage done. Shields are almost always at full energy except if the opponent’s weapons are no longer functional. Not having your shield up will only cause you to take consistent amounts of damage as well as leave your crew open to attacks while they are repairing key facilities.

  1. Weapons

Creating a Battle Ready Vessel in Pixel Starships

Weapons play a big role in neutralizing enemy threats. As they say, the best defense is a strong offense so you should always make sure that your weapons are fully functional in battle. This is mostly a secondary target for other battleships since they rely on destroying the shields and reactors first. However, it’s usually easier to get rid of weapons since they’re largely undefended. Make sure to always have your weapons at max level alongside your reactors.

  1. Walls

Creating a Battle Ready Vessel in Pixel Starships

A mistake a lot of people make is that they ignore walls or leave it un-upgraded. Walls are necessary to add bonus protection to your important facilities, especially shields and reactors. Placing them adjacent to these facilities will give you a huge advantage. Don’t place walls to protect your resource facilities as they aren’t really a target that opponents usually attack. The best way to do it is to have your walls protect two or more facilities at the same time.

  1. Elevators/Vents

Creating a Battle Ready Vessel in Pixel Starships

Elevators and vents are necessary so that your personnel can access other rooms on your ship. While horizontal travel can be done just by placing facilities side-by-side, you can’t access facilities vertically without the help of these utilities. Place them strategically so that it’s easy to access Support or Weapon rooms.


Creating a Battle Ready Vessel in Pixel Starships

Hiring the best crew members is a definite plan for success. In ship-based combat, it’s better to hire crew members who have high HP and Repair stats. You should also have personnel who specialize in secondary values such as Pilot (Bridge), Science (Shields), Engineer (Engine), and Weapon (Weapons) so that each of these facilities will perform better while being manned by a member who specializes in these.

AI System

Creating a Battle Ready Vessel in Pixel Starships

Once you get the Command Center, you’ll be able to assign commands to your facilities or personnel. They will function automatically depending on the code you input into them. Programming your AI is made very basic through the [Condition + Action] system which you can learn. Knowing how to program your AI depending on the needs of your ship will prove to be a skill that you’ll rely on in advanced battles where you’ll need to control more functions.

Facility Placements

Depending on the faction you’ve joined, the layout of your ship will be made unique. However, the common way to layout your ship is to make your Support, Weapon, and Defense facilities accessible. Placing them side-by-side or accessible through the Elevator/Vent system is important for fast repairs. Also, make sure to assign small spaces so that there’s room for you to add defensive walls to protect them.

Creating a Battle Ready Vessel in Pixel Starships

Resource rooms are not important during battle so they can be placed in remote areas in the ship even if they’re inaccessible. Labs, Gyms, and other facilities which don’t have continuous use can be stored in the inventory for the meantime to make space for more facilities. The extra space will allow you to have more places to add walls or better place your battle facilities temporarily.

Crew Assignments

Your crew should be placed depending on where they specialize in but one person should always be dedicated to the Shield so that you can produce protective barriers faster. One or two of your personnel should also act as “Repair Runners” who will be manually controlled to repair broken facilities. You should place all your personnel in accessible rooms so that you don’t get caught unable to repair your rooms ASAP.