Pixel Starships Galaxy is an 8-bit starship management game that has a heavy focus on its action-packed combat system guaranteed to blow you off the bridge of your starship. With each facility in the game tailored specifically for a specific function in battle which holds the key to your success on the outcomes of your skirmishes. Your job as a starship captain isn’t as idle as you’d think with the need to manually respond to your opponent’s actions and layout in game.

Guide to Space Warfare: Battling in Pixel Starships

Now that you’ve learned how to Build a Battle Ready Starship, you’ll need to learn how to use your superior ship design in order to win against enemies who will mostly have bigger guns than you. Knowing that ins-and-outs of your ship won’t be enough to defeat enemies who have varied setups you’ll be unfamiliar with. Learning how to battle all types of opponents who try and prioritize different things will be necessary for you to be a battle-hardened captain.

Breaking the Shield

Guide to Space Warfare: Battling in Pixel Starships

The first part of battle will begin with breaking the shield, in this case, where you hit your weapons don’t matter much but you’ll eventually need to hit priority targets once the shield is down. This is why it’s best to have your weapons targeting the enemy facilities you want to take down first. The shields will keep coming back up but as long as you have your targets locked in you can pan back to your ship to determine what your enemy wants to destroy in your ship.

Choosing Your Targets

As mentioned before, there are specific targets you’d want to destroy first when attacking an enemy starship. Generally, both the Shields & Reactors will have the same priority as the primary facilities to take down first depending on how heavily guarded they are. Destroying any one of these facilities will snowball you to victory and will let you freely take down any other facility you want since the enemy ship won’t be able to answer attack your starship.

Guide to Space Warfare: Battling in Pixel Starships

If both the Shields and Reactors are heavily protected, you can opt to destroy high-level weapons (preferably, those that are cut-off from personnel) so that it will lessen the amount of damage you take. When choosing any target facility, make sure to target the facility with the least amount of defensive structures or personnel sitting on it. This will ensure that you won’t lag behind the needed damage to slow down your opponent’s offensive threat.

Eliminating the Enemy Crew

Guide to Space Warfare: Battling in Pixel Starships

The enemy crew can be an extremely annoying element to deal with during your attack especially if they are programmed properly. The two things you can do are, eliminate them while they try to repair your target facility or target a facility which is not connected to any route they might take. However, doing the second option can only be viable if the facility you are targeting is also a Weapon, Defense, or Combat Support facility that is important to the function of the ship.

Breaking Facilities

Guide to Space Warfare: Battling in Pixel Starships

Breaking an opponent’s facility is the first step to winning the battle against an enemy starship. However, you shouldn’t settle on breaking only one facility but you should break all the opponents’ important facilities. You must aim to either break all the opponent’s reactors or destroy all the opponent’s weapons and crew. Doing either will ensure that your path to victory is clear and you can just leave your weapons free-firing at any facility on the enemy ship.

Programming Your AI for Victory

Programming AI is important when you start having too many facilities that you can’t manage all of them at the same time during battle. Additionally, AI is important if you want to have a better defense when you’re AFK so that your crew members aren’t just sitting in different rooms not being able to repair crucial facilities. Once you fully upgrade your Python Research in the Lab, you’ll have the most efficient way to use AI to your advantage.

Crew AI

Guide to Space Warfare: Battling in Pixel Starships

Crew AI is mostly used for defensive purposes and auto-battling. Programming your AI to do repairs is typically the best thing to do. The best condition an AI can do an action is at

Facility AI

Guide to Space Warfare: Battling in Pixel Starships

The facility AI is useful both when attacking or defending. Automatically setting your weapons targets will help you focus more on repairing your ship manually. Also, programming your facilities to go on max power consumption is important since some of them don’t automatically go back up after being repaired. Make sure that your weapons also proceed to another target after destroying their initial facility target if you don’t want to manually do that.

Advanced Combat in Higher Levels

Once your ship reaches a certain level, you’ll be facing more elements to battle such as teleportation, aircrafts, and other features that weren’t tackled in this guide. However, at that point, you, as the captain, will have been experienced enough to understand how you’ll need to adjust your strategy depending on the level of the opponent. Just remember that if all else fails, have bigger guns than your opponent and you’re sure to win any kind of battle that comes your way.

Guide to Space Warfare: Battling in Pixel Starships

The galaxy is filled with different kinds of threats that lurk in the far reaches of the different star systems. With BlueStacks Game Guide as your number one source of information, you’re sure to succeed no matter what other players throw your way. The important thing about being a competent starship captain is that you never get lost in your goals. Manage your ship and your crew efficiently in order to succeed in all your future endeavors. Safe journeys, captain and may your mission be successful!