Pokémon Unite’s popularity is always on the rise, with more and more players joining every day. And, whether you just joined the game or you are here for some time, you probably want to know a bit more about this great game. We here at BlueStacks feel the same, and as gamers, we always love to talk about our favorite games and share valuable information. 

There is a lot going on in Pokémon Unite, be it choosing a good Pokémon to fight with, or going down (or up) on the best lane to face your enemies, the game also has a long list of Battle items that you can use to help you during the matches. But, do you know exactly what each one of them does and what is the best situation to pick and use those items? Well, don’t worry if you don’t know a lot about it, that’s why we decided to write this guide explaining all of the battle items, so you can enter your battles sure of what you’re doing. So prepare your Pokeballs and let’s rock!

The items in Pokémon Unite are divided into two categories: Held items and Battle items. We wrote a nice article explaining all of the Held Items, so go over there to check it after you’re done with reading this.

Different from the held items, the Battle items work more like skills that you active during the match. By default, you can press the F button on the keyboard or the Y button on the controller when playing Pokémon Unite on your PC using BlueStacks. You can also use BlueStack’s Keymapping tool to configure the button to your liking and play the game on the control scheme that you are most comfortable with.

BlueStacks Guide to Pokémon Unite Battle Items

Another thing about Battle Items is that, opposite to the Held Items, those can’t be bought on the game store, but they are acquired by leveling your account up. So, let’s stop talking and let’s go down with the items, what they do in battle and also in which situations they are worth using.

BlueStacks Guide to Pokémon Unite Battle Items

Potion – Acquired on level 4 – 30s cooldown 

The potion is a very basic Item that will slightly heal your Pokémon, but rarely will actually save your life. We recommend using this item only if you don’t have another nice survivability item available.

X Attack – Acquired on level 7 – 40s cooldown

X Attack increases the Pokémon’s Attack and Sp. Attack for a short time. This item is nice when used with a Pokémon that already has a good way of running away from tricky situations, like Greyninja or Lucario, and can help you by doing that extra damage you needed to stop your enemy.

X Speed – Acquired on level 8 – 50s cooldown

X Speed increases the Pokémon’s movement speed for a while and also prevents your Pokémon from suffering from any debuffs that decrease its speed. It’s also a very situational item best left with Pokémon that already have some sort of escape move or with melee Pokémon that struggle to reach their opponents, such as Snorlax or Garchomp.

BlueStacks Guide to Pokémon Unite Battle Items

Fluffy Tail – Acquired on level 10 – 25s cooldown

This item stuns wild Pokémon for a short time and increases the damage dealt to them. This is where things start to get interesting. This item is great for middle lane – or jungle – Pokémon, as it will greatly help with the clear speed and will make the jungle available for more frequent ganks. It also can help clearing high-value objectives, like Rotom or Drednaw. Since it has a very low cooldown, remember to use it whenever possible.

Eject Button – Acquired on level 11 – 70s cooldown

This item instantly teleports your Pokémon to the location of your movement. If you’re not sure which item to pick, this is your basic choice. It works just like League of Legends’ Flash skill, and can save your life from the worst situations or can help you give the last hit on that pesky opponent with 50 Pokeballs. It has a long cooldown, so use it with caution, or you might be taken off-guard by an enemy gank with no escape route.

Slow Smoke – Acquired on level 13 – 40s cooldown

This item creates an area with smoke for a brief time slowing down all the enemy Pokémon in the area. The safest option would be choosing the Eject Button but can be a nice choice for Pokémon that already have some form of escape, as you can also trap some enemy Pokémon with the smoke.

Full Heal – Acquired on level 14 – 40s cooldown

Remove all debuffs and lasting effects – like poison or fire – from your Pokémon while making it immune to crowd control effects for a brief time. This item is good with high mobility Pokémon as they will be untargeted by the crowd control effects in battle and will be able to hit your opponents freely for a brief time, which can be enough to cause a high amount of damage.

BlueStacks Guide to Pokémon Unite Battle Items

Goal-Getter – Acquired on level 16 – 90s cooldown

This item doubles the scoring speed for a short time. Despite its long cooldown, it’s a nice item with a nice combo with all the held items focused on scoring that the game has. This boost of time can be the difference between not losing your Score Shield when trying to Score, securing valuable points for your team, and also some good buffs from your other held items. Also a good item for Pokémon with high mobility.

And that was the last of the Battle Items. Knowing the right item to pick in the right situation can make all the difference in winning matches, so we hope that this guide, along with all the benefits you can get from playing Pokémon Unite on your PC with BlueStacks will help you and your friends on becoming better Pokémon arena masters! Remember to leave a comment saying what are your favorite items to bring in battle and feel free to share if you have any other tips. See you in the arena!