Pókemon Unite, one of the hottest titles in the Pokémon franchise and a huge success both on Nintendo Switch and on mobile devices, is continually bringing in new players who not only want to enjoy a good time with their favorite Pokémon and play a fun game with their friends but also those who seek the thrills of a truly competitive game. Fortunately, the game pleases both universes with its ranked ladder and also fun quick play modes that change on a daily basis. Now, one thing that most gamers have in common, is the wish to become better in the games they like. Either to be able to climb the ladders of competitive play, or just to have a good time talking to friends who also enjoy the game, the important thing is that everyone wants to know a little bit more about the game they like. We at BlueStacks are no different. We love the games we play and we always want to share with the community the amazing things we learn about the game, so we can all improve together and play better matches in the games we love.

This guide focuses on the held items section of the game. Something a lot of people don’t understand correctly, but that can make a huge difference in the game if used correctly. So, get your Pokeballs and Pokedex ready, because we’ll cover them all!

Understanding the basics

Ok, so let’s start from the very beginning. As soon as you start leveling up your account, you will start unlocking different items to use with your Pokémon in battles. There are two possible items to use, the Battle Items — that we covered in this very nice guide about Battle Items — and the Held Items. The difference between them is that Battle items work just like your skills. You press a button to use them in battle, they active their effect and enter in cooldown for a few seconds. The Held Items are items that you use to equip your Pokémon prior to battle which will grant your Pokémon some bonus attributes points and have passive effects. These passive effects activate whenever certain conditions are met, depending on the item.

BlueStacks Guide to Everything You Need to Know about Pokémon Unite’s Held Items

Another important difference between those two types of items is that while you acquire Battle Items by leveling your account up, most of the Held Items must be bought in the game store. But, keep in mind that you don’t have to go in a shopping spree and buy all the items just because you have the points to do so. Rather, try to focus on buying the best items for the Pokémon you spend more time playing with, as it can be very expensive to level up all your items.

Talking about levels, this is the final difference between those types of items. The Held items can be leveled up to level 30, and grant more attributes and better benefits from their passive as their level increases, making a huge difference in the game. So it is very important to upgrade the items of your main Pokémon at least to level 20 because that’s the final upgrade to the items passive.

Types of Held Items

Now, talking directly about the Held Items, they are divided into 4 main categories: Score, Attack, Defense, and Other. They work and help as their name says.

Score items grant you advantages while trying to score points or after scoring them.

Attack items help you deal more damage by increasing your attack, special attack, or critical rates.

Defense items help you to stay longer in the fight, by being able to sustain better. Those are items that increase your defense, Special defense, HP, HP regeneration, and can grant you barriers.

The Other tab currently holds only three items that don’t exactly fit in any of the other categories. They can grant the player a boost in experience points during the battle, can increase the Pokémon move speed or grant shields to allies.

Now we are going to cover each of the categories with a brief explanation of each of the items and in each case, they can help in your battles. Keep in mind that we considered all the items at level 30, with their maximum passive and attribute boost.

BlueStacks Guide to Everything You Need to Know about Pokémon Unite’s Held Items

Score items

We’ll start off the list with the Score Items. Scoring as you must be aware, is the single most important thing in this game. These items grant you bonuses when scoring or after scoring, which is something you should be doing a lot of times during the game.

Score Shield – as the name says, it grants you a shield while scoring. The shield is equivalent to 10% of the Pokémon’s total life points, and your scoring timer won’t stop until your shield is depleted. This is one of the most used items in the game and you can never go wrong with this pick, as everyone should be scoring points.

Attack Weight – This item increases your Pokémon’s attack by 12 points every time you score a goal, to a maximum of 72 bonus points. It doesn’t matter how many points are scored, so you can rush a bunch of little score points to get stronger quickly in the match.

Sp. Attack Specs – This item increases your Pokémon’s special attack by 16 points every time you score a goal, to a maximum of 96 bonus points. This item is pretty similar to Attack Weight, but with the bonus focused on special attack.

Aeos Cookie – This item increases your Pokémon’s HP by 200 points every time you score a goal, to a maximum of 1200 bonus HP. This item works the same way as Attack Weight and the Sp. Attack Specs. It also combos really nicely with the Score Shield, increasing the shield strength as your HP increases.

BlueStacks Guide to Everything You Need to Know about Pokémon Unite’s Held Items

Attack Items 

Continuing with the list, we have the attack items, responsible for giving that extra boost you needed to one-shot some of the squishier characters. The items can boost your attack, special attack or critical rate.

Scope Lens – This item increases the Pokémon’s critical rate and damage. The critical deals 75% extra damage, based on the Pokémon’s base attack. It’s a pretty decent item for Pokémon with high attack speed or who depend mainly of basic attacks to deal damage.

Muscle Band – The Pokémon equipped with this item deals bonus damage equal to 3% of the opposing Pokémon’s HP. This item also increases the Pokémon’s attack speed, so it fits extremely well with the Scope Lens.

Shell Bell – Besides reducing the cooldown of the Pokémon’s skills, this item also recovers a minimum of 75 HP each time you hit a skill. The higher your Sp. The attack is, the higher the heal gets.

Wise Glasses – This is a pretty straightforward item. It increases the Pokémon Special Attack attribute. So, if you’re using a Pokémon with Special Attack attribute and want to deal more damage, this is a good item to choose.

Energy Amplifier – This item reduces the cooldown of every skill and also increases the attack damage by 21% after using Pokémon’s Unite Move.

Razor Claw – After using a move, the next attack deals 20 extra damage, also, if its’ a melee Pokémon these attacks will also have a slow effect on the opposing Pokémon. Great for Pokémon that have a hard time keeping up with the adversary’s speed.

 Choice Specs – This item increases the move’s damage by a minimum of 60 extra damage, and it’s a great combination with Shell Bell and Wise Glasses if you want to pump up your Pokémon’s Special Attacks power.

BlueStacks Guide to Everything You Need to Know about Pokémon Unite’s Held Items

Defense Items

The defense items are here to increase your Pokémon’s survivability and permanence during the fights, so it’s great for Tank characters that don’t necessarily need to deal a lot of damage but still are good to have around in fights, to disrupt and divide the attention of the opposing team.

Focus Band – Besides increasing the defense and Special Defense of the equipped Pokémon, this item also grants a huge boost of heal when the Pokémon drops too low HP, recovering 14% of HP per second during 3 seconds, to a total of 42% of HP healed. One of the most used items and you can never go wrong when picking it for your build.

Leftovers – This item recovers 2% of your Pokémon’s total HP per second when outside combat. As opposed to the Focus Band which is a great item, we can’t say the same for this one. In Pokémon Unite you are hardly ever out of combat because when you’re not fighting the opposing team, you will be surely fighting wild Pokémon to level up or gather extra Pokeballs to score.

Assault Vest – When not in combat the Pokémon receives a shield that nullifies a Special Attack up to 15% of the Pokémon’s total HP. Just as Leftovers, the problem with this item is that you are most of the time in battles, so not always the shield will be up before the actual fight and it also only protects you from the first Move the hits you.

Rocky Helmet – After receiving a certain amount of damage, the Pokémon reflects 5% of the total damage to the near opposing Pokémon. The damage is not really expressive, as it is just a small part of the damage you received, and the base stats this item provides is also not that good.

Weakness Policy – This item gives you HP and attack as base stats. Also, it increases the Pokémon’s attack by a minimum of 3% after it receives a certain amount of damage.

BlueStacks Guide to Everything You Need to Know about Pokémon Unite’s Held Items

Other Items

These items are situational and provide certain advantages the don’t necessarily fit any of the other categories.

Float Stone – Increases your attack stats and also grants a 20% boost to the movement speed when the Pokémon is not in combat. As we said earlier in this guide, being out of combat is pretty rare in this game, so you won’t see the benefit very often during your match.

Buddy Barrier – After using its Unite Move, that Pokémon and the nearby ally with the lowest HP will both receive a shield equal to 40% of their HP. This item is pretty popular among high-ranked players and teams.

Exp. Share – While the Pokémon with the item has the fewest Exp. Points on its team, it gains 4 more Exp. Points per second. And also when a teammate defeats wild Pokémon, that teammate gains slightly more Exp. Points. This is a great item to have on support Pokémon and will help your allies to raise their levels much faster.

BlueStacks Guide to Everything You Need to Know about Pokémon Unite’s Held Items

This was our extensive list of items; we hope you can make the most of it together with our great article about the list of best Pokémon for each role. With this knowledge in your head and with BlueStacks on your hands, enabling you to have the greatest lag-free experience with the game, you will surely succeed and increase your winnings in the game. Share your favorite builds and favorite items in the comment section below and lets everyone improve together!