Princess Connect! Re:Dive features a collection of 42 characters on its initial release. Having so many characters to choose from, team-building can be a bit confusing. Take a look at some of the highest-rated characters on tier lists from the Asian version of the game that you might want to add to your party. As new updates arrive on the game, new characters will add to the total character pool and it’ll be increasingly difficult to get the people that you want for your team.

Getting characters through the gacha system is completely random so even if you want a character on this list, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get these on your first couple pulls. However, if you’re not too attached to your current account, you might want to read our Princess Connect Rerolling Guide so that you’ll have an increased chance of assembling the perfect team. Here are some of the best units you can get in the game to start clearing all those difficult opponents. (These units are not ranked in any particular order)

1. Makoto (3*)

Makoto is one of the best units to get as an F2P player. She has one of the strongest kits as a DPS unit that significantly decreases the opponents’ defenses and softening them up for physical damage-oriented teams. Makoto can efficiently get rid of tanks or bosses that have ramped up defensive stats that make breaking through the frontline a chore. She’s really strong in PvE and might prove to be a really strong unit on certain PvP situations to melt through the team’s frontline.

Top 5 Characters on Princess Connect! Re:Dive Global

Makoto is really strong as she is but falls off in the late game because she has yet to receive a 6-star form. If you don’t have the time to grind for jewels to farm Divine Amulets or Memory Shards from Hard Mode, you might want to try out characters like these. Since Makoto is a 3-star unit, she’s not one of the easiest characters to pull from the gacha banner. Despite being a Front character, she isn’t a tank so keep her well protected behind a bulky character so she can do her job.

2. Saren (3*)

Saren is a staple character in any team. She’s one of the most powerful AoE DPS characters since 2 of her skills deal massive cleave damage to enemies within range. Once you’ve upgraded Saren to rank 7, she’d gain access to a personal boost that increases her own Physical Damage dramatically making those cleave damage abilities one-shot Middle characters. If she wasn’t powerful already by herself, she also has the ability to refills the closest ally’s TP.

Top 5 Characters on Princess Connect! Re:Dive Global

Saren is a powerhouse in the arena since she’s able to wipe off the entire frontline of the enemy team. In the case where the enemy team might penetrate the front line of your team, Saren retaliates heavy by increasing the damage of her Union Burst depending on her missing health. Saren has a powerful AoE cleave kit but her single-target combat abilities are 

fairly weak compared to other physical attackers. Like many characters, she’s only fully activated once she reaches 6-stars.

3. Rei (1*)

Rei is one of the most powerful single-target attackers in the game. Her single-target damaging abilities are absolutely devastating whether it’s on PvE or PvP. She is able to utilize a counter skill that basically will immediately take down any non-boss enemy unit directly in front of her depending on damage taken while in the counter stance. She’s also relatively bulky considering she’s a DPS unit which attributes to her need to be able to survive long enough for her counter ability.

Top 5 Characters on Princess Connect! Re:Dive Global

The most appealing part of getting Rei is that she’s only a 1-star so it’s pretty easy to get her early on the game. Being a 1-star also has its downsides since that means the base stats for this unit are relatively low. She reaches an insane powerspike once she hits 6-stars but is still pretty useful as a PvE damage-dealer as a 2-star or above unit. Once you get this unit, you’ll want to get her to 2-stars as soon as possible and place her behind a reliable tank to effectively deal damage.

4. Yukari (1*)

Now that we’ve finished discussing the ultimate DPS units, it’s time to introduce the ultimate support. Yukari is a support/healer that is everything you need to shut down certain team compositions with ease. Her Union Burst grants her allies a magic shield that basically nullifies full magic damage comps with ease. In addition, she recover HP and TP of an ally with the lowest amount of those. With Yukari on the team, magic damage comps are basically dead.

Top 5 Characters on Princess Connect! Re:Dive Global

Yukari has the same advantages and disadvantages that Rei has as a 1-star unit. Since Yukari is a dedicated support, none of her skills actually deal damage to enemies. She’s pretty much a tank unit that’s stuck in the Middle Position which is the most awkward place for her to be. She’s powerful in the arena where a lot of enemies like to use Magic Damage AoE characters. You might also want to use her on Main Quests if you don’t want to use a primary healer unit on your team.

5. Lima (1*)

This is not a meme. Lima is actually a popular unit choice in PvP and Dungeon PvE where tanks are susceptible to quick damage bursts. When it comes to tanks, Lima’s powerful defensive buffs are absolutely annoying to deal with once she survives long enough to activate them. The best part about Lima is that she enters the battle late which is important for tanks to negate most of the damage that would otherwise drop her HP down below 50% early on in the match.

Top 5 Characters on Princess Connect! Re:Dive Global

Lima is reliant on having powerful healers by her side. Support units that boost her TP regeneration would also make her job a lot easier. There’s a reason why you see most teams in the arena uses Lima as their primary tank, she’s tough if given the chance to shine.