There are seven official roles in total on Princess Connect! Re:Dive. Understanding these seven roles and the character types will help players build the perfect team, whether it’s for PvE or PvP. Roles are an important feature of a character because it indicates what that unit contributes to the team. In most cases, roles limit the use of similar characters on the same team, which will maximize the overall potential of your team when it comes to survivability and damage dealt to opponents.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive - Character Types & Roles

Characters can have up to two roles: a primary role and a secondary role. The primary role often determines the team’s position on the field and is the most important aspect of their usefulness in battle. Secondary roles are bonus roles that characters have but do not specialize in. Secondary roles are still important, depending on the combination, since they’re required to make an all-around team that can do various things in battle. Since a team can only have up to five characters, players will want to round out their team comp with secondary roles.

  • Tank

A Tank is a unit that has a high Health Pool and often has very high defensive stats. Most tanks have low offensive stats and don’t have the strongest attacking abilities. A tank’s primary job is to keep the rest of the team alive by taking most of the damage from the enemy team as much as possible.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive - Character Types & Roles

Each team should have exactly one primary tank. Having more tanks means that you’ll sacrifice your offensive capabilities, which can be devastating for your team in the long run. Tanks and Healers go hand-in-hand because they keep each other alive.

  • Healer

Healers are a type of support unit that specializes in restoring an ally’s HP. Healers are an essential part of any team because they keep the team alive long enough to kill the opponent. Since Tanks can’t block all incoming damage from the enemy, Healers act as a backup by preventing enemies from killing off characters in the middle or backline.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive - Character Types & Roles

Primary healers are usually found in the backline, where they should be the last character to die. Healers usually don’t have the strongest offensive capabilities, so it’s also recommended for teams to run with just one healer.

  • Physical Attackers

Physical attackers are one of the two primary DPS units in the game. Physical attackers are most effective against enemies that have a low physical defense – such as mages – but are extremely weak against tanks. Most physical attackers specialize in single-target assassination abilities that often get rid of an enemy in the blink of an eye.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive - Character Types & Roles

Despite the shortcomings of a physical attacker, it’s still necessary for teams to run one or two of these characters since there are team compositions that specialize in shutting out mages in battle. Try to get a Physical Attacker with a strong single-target burst to help your team pick off high-priority targets.

  • Magic Attackers

Magic attacks are the other primary DPS units in the game. Magic Attackers are most effective against enemies that have a low magic defense – such as physical attackers – but are pretty useless against units that can create magic barriers. Most magic attackers specialize in massive AoE damage abilities that bypass tanks.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive - Character Types & Roles

Magic Attackers are an important part of any team since Physical Attackers will have some difficulty damaging enemies in the backline. Unfortunately, there is also a chance that enemy teams come prepared by bringing characters that can put up defensive barriers that will render your massive AoE abilities almost ineffective.

  • Support Units

Support units are one of the more underappreciated roles in the game but are actually at the top of the priority list when you’re building a team. Support units give out various buffs that can either increase their defenses or give your allies a major damage boost. Teams should have at least two support units: one as a primary support and the other as a secondary support, to give your team the best chances of winning.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive - Character Types & Roles

The most powerful support units are those that affect another ally’s TP meter. TP allows a character to use the Union Burst ability, which is their strongest skill. Support units that buff attack power and crit rate are also usually found on the top of the list.

  • Debuffers

Debuffers are the opposite of a support unit. These characters specialize in tampering with an opponent’s stat parameters by reducing their offensive capabilities or weakening their defensive stats. The strongest debuffers are those that apply status conditions such as confusion and stuns.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive - Character Types & Roles

Debuffers are usually only useful as a secondary role for units such as your Magic Attackers. While debuffers aren’t weak per se, primary support units are valued over primary debuffers for their contribution to the team. 

  • Unique Role

The Unique Role is a classification for characters that don’t specialize in any of the above roles. As of now, no character exists that has the Unique Role as their primary role. This role is reserved for characters most likely from Collaborations or NPCs with overtuned abilities.

Character Types

There are only three character types that pertain to a character’s natural position on the field. These types usually determine what strengths a character has to fit the team. It’s important to balance these characters to prevent enemies from AoE nuking a single position and catching out all of your units at once. It is generally acceptable to have a maximum of two units in one position.

Front Characters

Front Characters are usually those with high defensive stats, such as Tanks or Melee Attackers. These characters are the first to be targeted by opponents and are vulnerable to cleave attacks. These units should be facing the bulk of the damage from the enemy team.

Middle Characters

Middle Characters are those that have a balanced stat distribution and can be either Melee or Ranged. They act as a secondary line of defense when the frontline falls.

Back Characters

Back Characters are usually your strongest characters as well as your primary healers. These characters have extremely low defensive stats and will die if they are hit by single-target abilities. Backrow AoE abilities may also prove to be the bane of their existence, as their best hiding place is at the back.