Top Tips for Surviving The End Game In PUBG Mobile

Top Tips for Surviving The End Game...

Playing through the early stages in PUBG Mobile can be quite easy. However, fighting your way through the last remaining 20 players is always very difficult.

The end game in PUBG Mobile is very different from the early stages of the game. You are forced to share a small area with a large number of players, and all players are usually heavily equipped by this point.

Add on the nerves and excitement from being so close to victory, and you have a very difficult situation on your hands. Fortunately, with a bit of planning ahead, you can improve your chances of victory massively.

Below, we’ve provided some top tips for surviving the end game in PUBG Mobile so that you can finally get that chicken dinner.

Don’t Use Vehicles

This might seem like common sense, but using a vehicle during the later stages of PUBG Mobile can be very dangerous.

As soon as you turn on the engine, players will be alerted and they’ll try to track you down and kill you. If the play area is very small, you’ll have little area to move in, so it won’t be hard for players to shoot you down whilst you drive.

You should also be careful when entering the safe zone if you’ve been using a vehicle to get there. Instead of driving straight into the next safe area, consider stopping your vehicle outside of the safe area and then walking in. If you take this approach, you have a smaller chance to be spotted or heard by other players.

Don’t Shoot Unless You Have To

This tip is similar to the vehicle one in many ways. If you start shooting at other players, you’ll immediately be drawing all of the attention to yourself.

Try to minimize how much you shoot during the later stages of the game. If you see a player, don’t shoot at them unless you’re confident you’ll be able to kill them, and in most cases, don’t shoot unless you absolutely have to.

To expand on this tip, it’s also wise to stop shooting and move to a location if you end up in a sustained firefight with another player. If you keep shooting back and forth for too long, other players will use this as an opportunity to sneak up on you.

Heal Up And Use Energy Drinks

During the later stage of the game, it makes sense to get your health to full. If you have full health, you’ll have a better chance at surviving fights.

You should also preemptively fill up your energy bar by using energy drinks and painkiller. With a full energy bar, you can run faster and will immediately start to heal any lost health. In the last few minutes of gameplay, having this advantage can make a world of difference.

Find A Good Spot To Take Cover


The best thing to do during the later stage of the game is to find a good place to take up cover. You could use a rock or a house, or anything that allows you to get cover from all angles. If you choose a tree, you may find that you’re exposed to too many angles at once, so larger pieces of cover are advised.

Once you have found a good piece of cover, you can survey the area to try to find out where the remaining players are.

Always Keep An Eye On The Next Play Area

You should always focus on the remaining time on the current play area and keep an eye on where the next play area will be. It’s far too easy to get caught out by this.

If you get caught up in fights or forget to keep an eye on the timer, you’ll put yourself in a very difficult situation for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the end zone circle damage is very high, so being hit by that during the last few minutes of gameplay should be avoided at all costs.

Secondly, if you work on getting into the next safe area as quickly as possible, you will have more time to safely set up behind cover and this will allow you to catch other players out.

Don’t Run Around

During the earlier stages of the game, it’s quite safe to run from tree to tree whilst going through open areas. However, in the later stages of the game, this should be avoided.

You never know where players may be hiding and at this point, players are going to be working far harder to look out for enemies to fight.

During the late stages, you should always try to hide behind good cover and you should only step out of cover when you need to move to the next safe area.

Each time you do need to move, think carefully about how you can move safely to the next area. Try to think of a route that will allow you to be as close to cover like trees or rocks at all times so that you have something to hide behind if somebody were to shoot at you.

Don’t Get Greedy With Loot

You should be very careful with looting at the end game. Every time you’re on the loot screen, you’ll be letting your guard down and making it easier for other players to attack you.

You should really only go for a person’s loot during the late stages of the game if you desperately need ammo, armor, or meds. Don’t worry about changing up weapons at this point – it’s most likely going to get you killed.

Finally, you should never loot a player as soon as you kill them. Remember, during the late game, players will be very aware of any gunshots that happen. If you run to a body as soon as you kill somebody, chances are other players will be watching the loot box very closely.

Wait a minute and survey the area after securing a kill. Don’t go for the loot until you know that it’s relatively safe.

We hope that these tips for surviving the end game in PUBG Mobile will help you to secure more wins! If you have any questions about these tips, let us know.

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