Snipers are an integral part of PUBG Mobile. There are a lot of guns and weapons in the game and even though most players go after the assault rifles, snipers hold their own importance for the players who are keen on using them. Snipers, unlike other guns in the game, are less in number. Battle royale games like PUBG Mobile are not all about sprays and rifles. There are big maps and terrains and not every fight can be close or mid-range. Assault rifles can be useful and effective in the long-range as well, but that needs a lot of practice and recoil control which not be possible to achieve for a lot of gamers, especially casual gamers. 

Take the Head with Every Shot: BlueStacks Guide to Snipers in PUBG Mobile

Sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile are extremely underrated. These weapons have a high damage rate per bullet and can be controlled easily. The major challenge that some players might feel is the precision. Precision comes along with time, but players need to be patient for that and keep using the sniper rifles in the game as much as possible. On playing the game on the BlueStacks Emulator, we realized that it is easier to control the snipers on a PC as you are playing with a mouse and keyboard, but there are still some things that you need to keep in mind while trying to be a sniper. Another thing that players need to keep in mind is that practice is of no use unless the learnings are implemented. 

Take the Head with Every Shot: BlueStacks Guide to Snipers in PUBG Mobile

You might be putting in a lot of time and effort into practicing but unless you use a sniper in a match with your squad, your skills will not enhance, and you won’t be able to figure out your drawbacks. It is best to hit the matches once in a while in between your practice sessions to understand the parts that might need improvement. 

The Snipers in PUBG Mobile

There are 4 snipers in PUBG Mobile, namely, Kar98K, M24, Mosin Nagant, which is the newest addition to the arsenal of the game, and the AWM. Kar98K is the most basic sniper rifle. It is basically an old-school bolt action rifle, but it gives a good retro feel when using it. You can also go back to the days of playing Call of Duty while using this gun. The M24 is an advanced sniper rifle but the core of all the sniper rifles is the same.

Take the Head with Every Shot: BlueStacks Guide to Snipers in PUBG Mobile

It looks better and the reload time is slightly better. Mosin Nagant is the latest sniper rifle that PUBG Mobile has added, and it has been received warmly by the community and the player base. The gun looks retro but is powerful at the same time. The AWM is the best sniper rifle in the game. It is the strongest sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile with the highest damage. 

  • KAR98K

The Karabiner 98 Kurz is a vintage sniper rifle, as described in the game. It is highly sought after because it can deal a good amount of damage to the players wearing Level 2 helmets. It can do a good amount of damage to a Level 3 helmet too but might not be able to take it down completely if the health of the helmet is above 80 percent. It is a good weapon to engage in long range fights, and you do not need to rush to an airdrop immediately after the match starts if you can acquire this gun. The major problem that players might face with this gun is the slow reload time. Full reloads are only marginally faster than bullet reloads and this can be frustrating for a lot of players, especially the fast-paced ones. 

Take the Head with Every Shot: BlueStacks Guide to Snipers in PUBG Mobile

Another issue with the gun that the players might have to face is that it has a slow bullet velocity that is compensated by the devs with a higher damage rate. This means that engaging with distant enemies especially when they are on the move can be difficult. The gun is capable of dealing maximum damage upto a distance of 100 meters, after which the damage increases and the bullet drop also gets higher. The damage hits its lowest at 485 meters. The maximum headshot damage that this gun is capable of doing is 197.5 without any helmet and 88.8 on a Level 3 helmet. The maximum body shot damage that can be done with this gun is 102.7 and with a Level 3 vest, it decreases to 46.2. 

Attachments for Kar98K

There is not much scope for attachments on the Kar98k. Players can only attach a muzzle and a stock to the gun, apart from scopes. The ideal thing to do would be to attach a suppressor as that will increase your stealth minimizing the fire sound to a great extent. You should also add a bullet loop that will help you reduce the reload time of the weapon. Players might think that the inability to add an extended mag to increase the magazine size to be a dealbreaker, but a sniper does not need a lot of bullets to leave the desired impact. 

  • M24

The M24 can be seen as a good alternative for the Kar98k. The gun does lower damage as compared to Kar98k but comes with a higher muzzle velocity meaning that it is more effective when shooting at distant enemies than the Kar98k. If the gun is equipped with a quick draw mag, then the reload speed will be faster than that of Kar98k’s but without the magazine or with M24’s standard magazine, the reload speed might be slightly slower. 

Take the Head with Every Shot: BlueStacks Guide to Snipers in PUBG Mobile

However, it would affect your gameplay or efficiency in any way. The M24 is capable of dealing maximum damage to a distance of 120 meters after which the damage diminishes. The gun reaches its minimum damage at 580 meters. The gun does headshot damage of 197.5 without any helmet and can damage the Level 3 helmet with 88.8 damage. The maximum body shot damage that can be achieved with this gun is 102.70 and the minimum with a Level 3 vest on is 46.2.

Attachments for M24

The M24, unlike the Kar98k, has a number of attachment options. You can attach a muzzle, a magazine and a cheek pad apart from the customary scope. The best option would be to go for a suppressor as a muzzle as it will enhance your stealth and keep you away from being spotted by the enemies, an extended quickdraw mag which will not only increase the magazine size but also make reloads faster along with a cheek pad that gives the gun more stability. 

  • Mosin Nagant

As stated above, Mosin Nagant is the latest gun in PUBG Mobile. It is a bolt action rifle that is exclusive to only the Erangel and Miramar maps. This weapon can be a good substitute for Kar98k on the maps. This gun has the ability to one-shot knock out an unarmed and unequipped player. 

Take the Head with Every Shot: BlueStacks Guide to Snipers in PUBG Mobile

Seen as the immediate replacement of the Kar98k, this gun does more damage and has a faster bullet speed. It shares the same amount of damage as the Kar98k and M24. The difference is in the ease of handling and bullet speed. 

Attachments for Mosin Nagant 

Mosin Nagant doesn’t allow for a lot of attachments, therefore, sticking to the basics would be a better option. You can add a scope to the gun along with a muzzle. Suppressors are always a good option for sniper rifles as they help maintain the stealth and produce a sweet sound of gunfire. 

  • AWM 

The AWM is an extremely powerful sniper rifle that is designed for long range shooting. It has the highest damage in the game and is one of the two guns in the game that can kill any enemy with a single shot to the head even if they are wearing the Level 3 helmet. It is also the only gun in the game that can kill enemies who are up to 500 meters away with a single shot to the head. It is a high risk, high reward kind of a weapon because it has long reload times and time between shots. It also has high damage and uses the unique .300 mm bullets that can only be found in airdrops along with the gun. It is the only drop-exclusive gun on this list. 

Take the Head with Every Shot: BlueStacks Guide to Snipers in PUBG Mobile

It is a monster sniper rifle, but players need to switch positions after firing it as other players might try to rush in order to take the weapon for themselves. It can deal maximum damage up to 150 meters and the minimum damage is only experienced at 679 meters. It does headshot damage of 262.5 without any helmet and 118.10 damage to the Level 3 helmet. On connecting a body shot with this gun, players can do damage of 136.50 and 61.40 on a Level 3 vest. 

Attachments for AWM

The AWM is compatible with a number of attachments. Players should try to attach a suppressor to the gun. Along with that, the gun should also have an extended quickdraw mag that reduces the reload time and adds more bullets to the magazine. There is also a slot for the stock and only a cheek pad is compatible with the gun. 

Practice Drills for Better Sniping 

Sniping is a tedious task and needs a lot of skills and patience. However, there are some drills that can help you become a better and more efficient sniper. Mastering these drills can also solidify your spot as a sniper in your squad. 

  • Trying Different Scopes 

All the players in PUBG Mobile are aware that the 8x is the ideal scope for snipers. However, there can be times when you do not find the 8x scope, and you have to settle for some other scope. The best thing to do would be to go into training mode and try all the scopes that are available there. 

Take the Head with Every Shot: BlueStacks Guide to Snipers in PUBG Mobile

Start from a red dot or holographic scope and go all the way up to the 8x scope. This will allow you to learn to handle the gun with all the scopes that are available there. 

  • Practice Without Any Attachment 

Attachments enhance any gun’s performance and that is a known fact. To have a good control of the gun, you should practice without any attachments. It might seem like the gun is hitting everywhere but at the target, and it’s okay. You will find it difficult to control the gun initially, but if you manage to control the gun without any attachments then in the match you will have better control over the gun.

  • Try All Guns 

Every player has preferences and favorite guns in the game, but not every time can you come across your favorite weapon. It is best to practice with all the guns that are there in the training ground and understand the mechanism, so you do not become a liability on your squad just because you do not have the gun of your choice. 

  • Place the Crosshair on the Head

Crosshair placement is an important thing in PUBG Mobile and the ideal crosshair placement can only be done with practicing. Players need to keep their crosshairs on the head of the targets in the training ground and try to land a headshot with every bullet you fire. You can start by targetting the heads of the still targets and then move on to the moving targets. It might seem difficult and even impossible, but the precision will only come with practice, that is the only way. 

  • Play TDM with Snipers

Before going into a battle royale, players should try to play more and more TDM. TDM is fast-paced and there is action all around. It is very difficult to place the aim and take players down with a sniper because there are players running around with assault rifles. This will enhance your chances of controlling the gun better in battle royale as you have more time to work with. 

Take the Head with Every Shot: BlueStacks Guide to Snipers in PUBG Mobile

Snipers can be extremely useful and effective weapons in PUBG Mobile and can help you elevate your game in all the modes. Try these guns out, practice with them and up your game as the sniper in the squad.